Zheng-kitar Seogharan Scandal

Seogharan Scandal

Political event


Causing a scandal all across the Kingdom of Seoghar, Jilixia either knowingly or otherwise seduces the close and beloved wife of the Jade Emperor, ruler of the Kingdom of Seoghar's son, who flees her husband, smitten with the Fleshmelting Sadist, into her arms as her new betrothed.   Enraged, the Jade Emperor's Son storms off to Jilixia's manor only to fall victim to her sadistic wiles and ends up a mere trophy or pet to the two women, now madly in love. Jilixia, deeming the son worthwhile, has a beautiful daughter with him whom she names Orielle.

In the year 4440, she causes an international scandal as she somehow seduces the wife of the Jade Emperor's son, who flees into Jilixia's arms and abandones her husband for the love of the Fleshmelting Sadist.   Taking the Jade Emperor's Son's Wife as her love, Jilixia soon takes the Jade Emperor's son as a trophy pet as he continuously demanded his wife's return - eventually tricking the furious ex-husband into meeting Jilixia in person and brutally breaking him in body and spirit by revealing how intimate her love with his former wife had become.   The incident was overlooked by the aging Jade Emperor, who knew that opposing her was fruitless, and Jilixia took the former couple as her trophies - the wife her lover, the husband her pet. She eventually had a child with the Jade Emperor's son whose bloodline she deemed worthy enough to mingle with - a gorgeous daughter she named Orielle.

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