Zheng-kitar Arrival in Seoghar

Arrival in Seoghar

Population Migration / Travel


After leaving Sakhrad, Jilixia soon makes her way to the Kingdom of Seoghar, where she stays for several decades. Upon her arrival, the Jade Emperor, well-aware of her reputation after her actions in Sakhrad and beyond the past decade and a half, and wishing to avoid a conflict that would spell death for his people, makes the wise decision to have his daughter approach her and negotitate her safe passage through his lands - and in the process, accomplishes the miraculous task and ends the Fleshmelting Sadist's decade a half spree of debauchery.   Her mind finally clear of the constant haze she had put herself under for well over a decade, Jilixiaeventually demands the right to take a husband from Seoghar's finest stock of men, a manor fit for a queen overlooking a beautiful countryside, and to be made a noble in exchange for his people's safety - a strange but welcome request to Seoghar. The Jade Emperor agreed to this demands, on the condition she spare his people from death and suffering, to which she agrees.

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