Jilixia Arrested

Civil action


On her voyage from Rhocenza to Ustana, Jilixia is stopped and captured by the Southern Migrant Fleet, who hauls her in on cruelty charges and demands her pay reparations to the sailors and families she inflicted so much suffering on. This move is backed by the Rasmanthus Guild, who had already sent adventurers to support this effort.   However, in another display of her power, she brutalizes the fleet of six ships with ease and kills every last member of the crew sent to participate save one, who is spared to spread word of her power and deeds.

In a shocking display of power, Jilixia effortlessly disarms and captures the crews of the six ships sent to capture her - she burns five of the ships to ash, and gathers the prisoners on the deck of the final ship, where she spends a week torturing them in every way imaginable.   Survivors of the account speak of wives being violated in front of their husbands, men being burned alive in twisted and unique ways, and cruel games of entertainment forced on the crews for Jilixia's amusement, after which she would leave them maimed to die slowly.   At the end of this torture, she leaves a single survivor of the incident - the weakest recruit of the Rasmanthus Guild, her glove stuffed into his mouth and seared to the skin inside, her glove alone so hot from her touch it melted his tongue and burned his mouth to cinders as he was sent back to the guild in tears, burned and mute, as a warning against such further actions.

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