Criminal at Large

Criminal Activity


Jilixia would spend the next 150-odd years repeating the cycle displayed at Shakogawa - settling down in new towns as she ventured ever further east and/or south, moving into the Shaoshu Empire and finding new small towns and villages to take refuge in, after which she would quickly depose its leaders and begin a reign of brutality as its new Lord until The Rasmanthus Guild found her new location and chased her out while trying to prevent her from burning the city or village down in her escape.   With each subsequent population center she took control of and was pushed out of, she honed her cruel policies into an artform until, by the end of the 150-odd year period she would turn the population centers she reigned over into sadistically efficient territories where men served as pets, women ruled society, and her control over the populace was masterfully excecuted through more than just fear, each time honing her policies and figuring out where it had gone wrong in the previous attempt. The towns she chose were seemingly random, though all were small-scale and out of the way locations in the Shaoshu Empire.

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