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The Husk of Air, and one of the legendary Engines of Destruction

Isfet-Ptah is classified as a Lesser Idol, and is capable of granting powers as a patron to witches and warlocks, and perhaps clerics and the like who venerate the Great Skyshark, devourer of spirits and stability alike. Consult your GM if you are interested in following or recieving power from Isfet-Ptah as described here.
  Obedience: Spend an hour sitting and watching the clouds pass, drawing any shapes you see during that hour on any available medium you have.   Effect: You can move creatures double the distance when using reposition maneuvers, and can move targets at full speed when in a grapple. You benefit from "Air Walk" as a constant SLA.


Oddly enough, the tale of Isfet-Ptah is one more commonly recalled by the Kami than most mortal species - since the first mortal records do not hint at the existence of Isfet-Ptah until over 1000 years after The Spirit Kings Vanished and all the rest of the Six Husks had been identified, all tales and myths from before this time have come from the strange beings known as Kami.   In these most ancient of stories, the Kami speak of a being known only as "The Cumulonus"('Stormeater' in their ancient tongue) that traveled the skies, killing Kaminari Kami and other sky-based Kami with reckless abandon as it spent its time devouring all sorts of creatures that dwelled in the skies above, hiding itself among the skies and feeding on mortals far below as they lay on their backs, gazing longingly up at the skies as their eyes, gazing unknowingly far up at the Isfet-Ptah in the skies above disguised as the clouds, slowly were robbed of aspects of their personality and mind by its awful power.   In these tales, the Kami speak of it as a bringer of calamity and unprecedented natural disasters, and as it devoured the Kami known as Kaminari in charge of bringing thunderstorms and storms across Zheng-Kitar it would transform them into more vicious superstorms that bordered on and frequently became natural disasters - so good was it at its job, the Kami say, that their constant warnings of mortals long past accidentally entered the beast's name into the lexicon of the beings of Zheng-Kitar as the name for storm clouds: Cumulonimbus Clouds. Otherwise, its time before mortal recording was one of terror, unleashing superstorms and calamities, and stealing away aspects of mortal minds as it dwelled amongst the skies of the world unseen.   It is said that its discover at the hands of Mortals was by complete chance at the hands of an ancient Tarthan High Lord known as Darragh(Full name Darragh O'Leary O'Houlihan) who pioneered a master-class arcane ritual designed to divinate the weather patterns of the country for the next hundred years - and accidentally ended up divining the existence of Isfet-Ptah among the skies, though doing so provoked its' wrath that nearly leveled the fledgling Tarthan Empire. In the ensuing centuries of conflict that resulted, entire swathes of ancient Tarthus had their minds altered and dimmed by Isfet-Ptah's unholy power - though its ultimate fate is not documented, it is known to have been sealed away at some point.

Historical Basis

The only remaining proof of Isfet-Ptah's existence lies in the words and most ancient carvings done at the hands of the most ancient Kami, as well as the carvings and tablets found in the Pyramid-Tomb of the High Lord Darragh who discovered it. Otherwise, information on it is incredibly scarce, and is believed to have been purposefully erased on the parts of both the Kami and the ancient Tarthan high lords for reasons unknown.


The legend of Isfet-Ptah is known only to two specific groups - the Kami, and the Tarthan people...though generally only to scholars and members of higher classes.

In Literature

Isfet-Ptah is not particularly recorded in literature - the Kami, who are not keen on keeping written records and almost exclusively work on word of mouth, do not make the soundest sources of recorded literature. Secondarily, the literature recorded on the walls of the Tarthan High Lords are both not open to the public and incredibly sparse and untrustworthy as a source, as they tended to embellish things and alter information in ways to make them look better...and, as is likely the case, the information has already been altered or deleted to hide any critical information on the beast itself.

In Art

Isfet-Ptah is recorded in very simple means in all works of art it is portrayed in, both Kami and Tarthan artwork - typically, as a shark sailing through the sky, or a shark-shaped cloud.
Date of First Recording
Initial reports on Isfet-Ptah do not conclusively appear in the historical record until 1695 ASK, over 2800 years ago.
The Skyshark, The Landeater, The Husk of Air, The Cumulonus
Unclear, but massive. Said to be able to disguise itself as cloud formations as it traveled.
Place of Imprisonment
Unknown. At one point it was believed to lie somewhere in the Tarthan Empire thousands of years ago when it stretched all across the Isle of Khyarmani, but details have long since been lost with the fall of Tarthus's empire and the chaos in the milennia that followed.


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