Fall of the Shaoshu Empire



With most of the Shaoshu Elite now broken and serving her in secret, Jilixia enacts her plan and brings utter ruination to the Shaoshu Empire after catching The Rasmanthus Guild in a cunning trap, tricking them into sending the very same Oldsoul that escaped her decades prior at Xiaori Village at the helm of the last of their elite 'S' Rank Agents to kill her before she could enact what they believed to be her plans.   Killing the S rank agents sent to destroy her and capturing the Oldsoul, Jilixia set the capital ablaze and made her nemesis watch as the country of his birth was brought to ruin - crushing the largest ally The Rasmanthus Guild had on the world stage as the empire burns around her, its nobles enslaved to her sadistic will and unable to stop the empire's collapse into bickering territories.

With Shaoshu trapped beneath her heel in secret, Jilixia made a public showing of an attempt to bring the Shaoshu Empire, chiefmost supporter of the guild at the time, to total obliteration - the Rasmanthus Guild, falling for Jilixia's bold, almost open taunts against them and mistakenly believing she intended to conquer Shaoshu for her own, sent their most powerful agents to stop her.   The party of S-Ranked adventurers, lead by the very same legendary Oldsoul widely considered the champion who not only aided in the downfall of Dahmunara but was the local hero of the Shaoshu Empire that had escaped her decades prior at Xiaori Village, arrived in Shaoshu not long after, arriving in the hall of the King and working with the King and the Shaoshu nobles(all secretely broken pets of Jilixia) to lead her into a trap.   However, the trap was quickly sprung on they themselves - Jilixia easily lured the team in and caught them in her web, facing the party head-on and ruthlessly reducing them to moaning, tortured lumps of flesh quivering at her feet. Unveiling the true extent of her plan, Jilixia finally burned the guildmembers sent to kill her to ash, keeping the oldsoul alive as she unleashed her newly increased kinetic power to send the entire capital of the empire into a blaze that would consume it utterly overnight.   With the empire's capital in ruins and its leaders and heroes slain and left on public display, Jilixia watched with sadistic pleasure as the Empire imploded practically overnight - collapsing into a host of bickering territories left utterly defenseless.   Her plan complete, Jilixia fed off the agony of the oldsoul she had captured and reduced him to ash in her grip, sending him screaming into oblivion as she plundered his oldsoul power as her own.

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