The Plan Unfolds

Life, Organisation Association


Finally stopping her cycle of attacking and conquering small towns and villages, Jilixia re-entered the public eye as a woman of significant power and renown that openly ruled over her house, her husband little more than a trained dog and puppet at her feet. This, for her, was by far the most high-profile and powerful role she had placed herself in by far, as she usually preferred smaller and more out of the way population centers.   Though she was discovered in this role early on by the Rasmanthus Guild, they decided it would lead to unacceptable loss of life if they were to openly attack her, for fear of her killing countless innocents in the conflict that would ensue - as she had previously adopted a 'scorched earth' policy of destroying her 'playthings' each time the guild found her, slaughtering tens of thousands each time.

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