The mysterious figure that rules over the city of Axiom

The Daogui (a.k.a. The Bladeghost)

The Daogui is classified as a Lesser Idol, and is capable of granting powers as a patron to witches and warlocks who venerate the legendary Bladeghost, ruler of the city of Axiom. Consult your GM if you are interested in following or recieving power from The Daogui as described here.
  Obedience: Spend an hour making a genuine and earnest plea to the Daogui for aid in a peril, dangerous situation, or other situation in your life you need assistance with. You must do so staring up at the sky unblinking for the entire hour, preferably at the moon if it is visible(Though the open sky will work fine).   Effect: You gain the ability to manifest mundane, non-masterworked simple or martial one or two handed-weapons of your choice that can be used as melee weapons or mundane iron arrows. You may bind one magic weapon to this ability at any given time - this weapon can be manifested and de-manifested as a free action. Selling or otherwise willingly relinquishing control of this weapon detaches it from this ability(GM Discretion). All weapons manifested(Excluding the magic weapon) dematerialize after twenty-four hours. Once per combat, you may launch a weapon from the same list of weapons you can manifest in a thirty-foot line attack that requires you to make a melee or ranged touch attack(Whichever is better) against each target in the path of the line attack, dealing the twice the manifested weapon's damage plus 1.5x STRmod or DEXmod(Whichever is higher) to each target it successfully hits. This Line attack gains the Critical Threat Range and Multiplier of the weapon as appropriate, but do not benefit from any critical-related feats, abilities, or weapon qualities that increase or alter crit threat or crit multiplier.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Their physical condition is difficult to ascertain, as they have a strange effect on the minds of those they interact with - causing the memories others have of them to blurred at best and torn apart and gone at worst. The only consistent details of their physical condition is that they are "large", "imposing", and "terrifying" - it is not even known what race or gender they are.

Body Features

Their body is only known to be humanoid and large - details beyond this are lost thanks to their memory-lapsing properties that makes details about them almost impossible to remember.

Facial Features

Their face is obscured at all times by an old and blood-soaked Hannya mask that seems to be custom made - so their true face is an absolute mystery.

Identifying Characteristics

The bloody Hannya mask they wear is sign enough of them, but the stench of blood that supposedly wafts from them, the guardless blades they wield and their size are all identifying features for them.

Physical quirks

Thanks to the memory-wiping properties that their presence seems to have, the only physical quick known about them is that they are noticably "large".

Special abilities

In addition to their myriad strange abilities that seemingly allow them to teleport and blink around almost unnoticed, they can also seemingly summon either the same or duplicates of their trademark blade-covered guard-less sword, which they use as both projectile and melee weapon.   Finally, they also have a well-known but poorly-documented ability that takes hold in the minds of those who they meet in person - after one has met them in person, one's memory of the encounter will immediately begin to fade such that a scant hour or so afterwards all that is left is faint glimpses, vague recollections, and impressions that were burned into their mind from the encounter. It is this property which has made them so hard to pin down, attack, or target - hardly any details exist about them, almost fourty years after their appearance - which speaks volumes of their secrecy and abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

They are only ever spotted with a form-fitting kimono, their trademark Hannya mask, and usually wielding a blood-crusted blade that lacks a crossguard. Aside from a few bits and baubles on the belt they are otherwise fairly lightly clad.

Specialized Equipment


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Most of their history is unknown - they simply appeared four decades ago when public dissatisfaction with the previous organization in charge of Axiom reached a fever pitch to butcher the entire ruling merchant family in a single night, taking their estate as their own and establishing their rule in a short, bloody coup.   Rumors abound about how exactly they came to be in Axiom, but a popular myth holds that they are not of this world - that they were summoned to Axiom by way of a pleading ritual carried out by a young child, a girl who had lost her family to the ruling merchant family's bottomless greed and desperately prayed on the night of a legendary triple full moon for a savior, to come and deliver her from the same doom that took her family. This shrine where she prayed, and was subsequently struck down moments later by that same family's goons, was a shrine known as Itsushima Shrine, and has since come to be a holy place to those who seek the aid of the Daogui - who come to pray in the hopes that, when all their other options are exhausted, a genuine prayer might just earn one the favor and aid of the city's mysterious ruler, or the secret police which pays them service and loyalty.   As to the fate of the girl who prayed there, at that shrine, it is a thing unknown - her assailants were slain in a gory, horrendous slaughter that tore their bodies limb from limb, and in the ensuing carnage of the Daogui's arrival her body was lost...though many assume it was taken by the Daogui, back to the estate they now claim as their own.




Unknown. Presumedly none.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Utterly slaughtered the previous rulers of the city in a single night, and brought peace and stability back to a city on the brink of collapse, and has held it together ever since.

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Trauma

It is not known whether their lack of speech or communication is a result of trauma, or part of their nature.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Mostly unknown, though it has become very clear that they expect others to move heaven and earth to obey their commands - they do not bend nor make allowances for others, and mete out punishments and butcherings for failure and heinous refusal to obey, betrayal, and the like respectively. They do not like to appear in public but will do anything it takes to see their job done.   However, they are also notoriously fair - they do not display bias or leniency, and will treat all the same and hold them to the same exacting standards they hold everyone else.


They have time and again demonstrated an extreme reluctance to attack or censure children - instead, they will almost always prefer to knock them out or deliver other non-lethal punishments.

Personality Characteristics


Unknown, though they do seem genuinely concerned with upholding the peace in Axiom and keeping its people safe.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Their savvies and ineptitudes are largely a mystery thanks to their secluded nature. They are almost never seen outside of business, with one sole, singular exception - once and only once, they were known to accept a challenge to a staring contest by a visiting Narixian Chieftain accompanying the Narix'ana, leader of Narixia, of the day - the events of that contest which took place behind closed doors shall likely never be known, but when the Narixian entourage left the challenge location missing the challenger from their ranks, the Narix'ana made a statement:   They were damn good at staring contests.   What happened to the missing Narixian chieftain was never made public.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Tanukis, Hannya Masks, Blades, Axiom, ???   Dislikes: Challenges, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Despite their seclusion and odd behavior, they have soundly ruled Axiom with wise policies and savvy business decisions for going on four decades now - and despite their occasional butcherings in displays of Vigilante Justice, they do not strike wantonly or without justification - in each such butchering evidence has come to light after the act that the victims did something against the city of Axiom or her people - be it traitors, sellouts, criminals, or otherwise.   So it is that despite the relative terror they inspire, they inspire equal amounts of confidence and loyalty from Axiomites who find solace in the decades of stable rule they have enjoyed beneath their command - so long as one can tolerate the strange appearances and heart-attack inducing jumpscares when they appear outside one's residence for something.

Vices & Personality flaws

They do not negotiate, speak, or bend for anyone - their way is law, and they expect all others in Axiom to bend before them, not vice-versa. They show no mercy nor understanding - if they issue a demand they expect it to be met by the deadline or else consequences will follow. Additionally, they make no effort to justify their occasional butcherings, crazy demands, comprehensive spy network, or privacy-invasive policies - their rule is absolute and they give no apologies.   This uncompromising attitude has its upsides, but does hinder them on many an occasion.

Personality Quirks

They have not once been known to utter a single spoken word, or even write - they somehow impress their will onto others with sheer supernatural force.


Almost all who meet or get close to them report a thick stench of blood wafting from them at all times.


Contacts & Relations

The Daogui, as the singular ruler of the city of Axiom that is plagued by dozens of guilds, organizations, and groups yearning for supremacy, has connections and contacts with just about all of them - who know to fear the legendary Redeye Reaper who rules that legendary city single-handedly. There is no person in the city of Axiom who doesn't know them, and even fewer who dare to refuse their rule or stiff their monthly payments or commands.   Most importantly, they are the master of the legendary Axiomi Secret Police, "The Cobblers" - the secret organization which serves them as the city's unseen eyes and ears. The Cobblers are a terrifying and omnipresent force in Axiom, and much like their master little is known about them - none who have garnered their attention have come back to speak of them.

Family Ties


Religious Views

Their personal views on religion are unknown, but they have put several laws about religion in place to restrict the faiths that are allowed in the city.

Social Aptitude

The Daogui is perhaps the direct antithesis of what a ruler should be in terms of Social Aptitude - not a single living soul has seen them speak, and they are widely believed to be mute. They do not speak, but instead let their actions do the talking for them - when they need to appear before someone, they do so alone, and those they stand before very quickly and unexplainably come to understand what they seek. They do not make public appearances outside of solo visits to singular people, and more often prefer to summon others to their mansion complex in the city's center when they have need to meet someone.


Their movements are jerky and erratic while their mannerisms are silent and imposing - they drift and jerk across across the ground like a paralyzed, twitching ghost, blinking out of existence and appearing several feet away with glowing orbs for eyes that never blink, staring forth like blazing crimson-white moons.   Needless to say, their mannerisms are enough to unnerve and offset even the strongest willed creatures, and make lesser willed ones break down and pass out from fear.

Hobbies & Pets

They are not known to have any pets, but for some reason will always stop and spend time with any Tanuki they happen to pass by.

Wealth & Financial state

Unknown. As the de-facto ruler of the city of Axiom, they are assumed to have at least some amount of personal wealth, but none can say for sure as most details about them are unknown.
Void (Primary), Earth (Secondary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Bladeghost, The Crimson Kami, Memory's Vagrant, Old King Cobbler, The Horrendous Hannya, The Hand-Nailer, The Redeye Reaper, The Bloodsmoke Yokai
Unknown. None are sure if they actually age, though gradual whitening over 40 years of their hair suggests they might be aging slowly.
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
They've been reported dead a handful of times, but always reappear a short time later.
Current Residence
Dwells in the city of Axiom, in the center of the city where their mansion complex sits.
Assumed male, but unknown.
Heterochromatic - One eye as red as a crimson sky, and one as white as fresh snow
Has long, thick white hair down to their waist
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Unknown. Conflicts reports have been given from many people.
Unknown. General consensus is 'tall'.
Unknown. Most likely very light.
Aligned Organization


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