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Kassau Matriarchy

The lands once held by a mighty empire, now ruled by barbarians


The tribes and citizens of Kassau might now be a part of civilization they made after they brutally conquered the lands of the Kingdom of Corudillo, but were only somewhat recently barbarians to the core - much of this is reflected in their societal emphasis on might and strength, and the tribal structures that still exist in the country, but moreso as pseudo-noble clans or houses. They are notoriously matriarchal in Kassau, as well - see below for more details.  

Male and Female Rights:

  In the lands of Kassau, men hold extremely few rights - they are unable to vote, own land, or inherit, and their place is almost exclusively in the home, their purpose in life giving their wife or wives children. They are not allowed to join the military, and face an overwhelming amount of discrimination when they try to make their own way in the world - facing sexism and a ruling matriarchy at every turn of their lives. Almost every aspect of a man's raising in Kassau is to prepare them for his role of producing and raising a family and is in fact designed to NOT stimulate intellectual development of any kind - making most men in Kassau quiet, unintellectual, and obedient. Men also run a much higher risk of being abandoned at birth compared to female offspring. Additionally, all men in Kassau are expected to marry - there are no provisions and no role in Kassau society for single, mature men. As such, they are often forced into frequently loveless marriages at young ages(though some luck out and may find themselves in a somewhat loving relationship).   Females, on the other hand, are almost always afforded every luxury from birth - they are often given educations covering all of basic Kassau knowledge, trained from an extremely young age in the ways of battle and warfare, and raised covering a broad depth of information as well as her role in Kassau society as the provider, conquerer, and "head" of the family. Because Kassau society seperates the notion of "Desire Love" and "Marriage Love", they are often taught to find true "love" or "attraction" outside of their future marriages or relationships. They are afforded full rights under Kassau Law, and are given leniency in matters of lawbreaking compared to men(mostly due to cultural biases). There might be different classes of Kassau Females, but on the whole they are given an infinitely better lot in life.  

Titles and Ranks

  Though they lack true nobility, the people of Kassau do maintain several notable ranks and titles in their government, which are listed below and explained:   High Valkyrion - The rank belonging to the head of the Zaragoza Dynasty, and ultimate ruler of Kassau. They hold ultimate and supreme power, and hold onto their position through a mixture of brute force and political savvy. The Title is passed on to the daughter of the ruling Valkyrion who successfully slaughters every single one of her female siblings and either slaughters or enslaves her male siblings(And optionally, distant relatives).   Ríshullae - The rank belonging to the head of the Tuatha - better known as the Elves of the Guezhan Rainforest. They hold ultimate and supreme power over the lands within the Rainforest, and act as a trusted ally and equal ruler to the High Valkyrion, though in practice most day to day operations are left to the High Valkyrion, who maintains active communication with the Ríshullae.   Valkyrie - A rank that only seven creatures in Kassau can hold at any given time, that belongs to the strongest and most trusted warriors of the land and its ruler. They are given full immunity to the law, report only to the High Valkyrion, and operate with absolute impunity - each one a tyrant in its own right. These ranks are held exclusively by females, and are given absolute obedience(and viewed with absolute terror) by the general populace. In times of war, they are each placed under command of the Grand Commandant and made the champions of the war effort alongside the High Valkyrion - taking a frontal role in most battles and wars in their jurisdiction and acting as heroines and saviors of Kassau. They are also held to notoriously high standards, and subjected to incredibly gruesome punishments should they be found in breach of their duties.  
  • Valkyrion - The highest ranking of the seven Valkyries, and right hand of the High Valkyrion. Commands the royal guard, and presides over the Council of Kassau and the House of Gravel, which act as places for members of the Native Guezhan Tribes and the Common Population respectively to air their grievences and debate on matters of law and state they think need addressed by the High Valkyrion and the government. Also handles all matters relating to the house and estate of the High Valkyrion.
  • The Somneum - The second highest ranking of the Seven Valkyries, and left hand of the High Valkyrion. Handles all matters relating to magic and the supernatural, and leads the Kassau Office of Secret Wisdom - a secretive organization whose duties are unknown. Acts as Court Mage to the High Valkyrion, as well as the High Valkyrion's most trusted advisor and "conscience". Historically drawn from the members of the Castejón Family(One of the only Corudillo Noble Families to survive the conquest and downfall of their kingdom), who have historically believed to have the gift of future-sight.
  • Tuatha Dè - A rank held exclusively by an Elven Female, and who acts as a Head of Natural Matters in the High Valkyrion's cabinet - presiding over and handling matters relating to the environment, nature(and all its beasts), as well as all matters concerning to any Indiginous People Kassau stumbles across on its expansion outwards. Also acts as the government representative of the alliance between the barbaric tribes of the Guezhan Rainforest and the Elves who allied with them - this rank has historically been taken up by a trusted advisor of the Ríshullae, or Elven Queen.
  • Grand Commandant - Presides over the Kassau military and acts as the highest authority of Kassau military strategy. Handles most matters of foreign diplomacy, and also completely controls the internal defense forces of Kassau(Such as City Guards, Conscripts, Etc).
  • Dominar de Potencia - Presides all matters of law and rules the judicial system of Kassau. Handles all matters of law, legal disputes, exiles, punishments, and similar issues across the empire, and often works with those who hold a similar position in the Elven lands of Kassau. Also oversees all matters of slavery, indentured servitude, and such in the country.
  • Dominar de Blanca - Presides over the Kassau faith, and rules over all matters of faith and clergy. Also operates as the head liason to Vhiilan Reiko and the White Lotus League. Much of the duties of this position are classified as a state secret, and thus unknown.
  • Dominar de Acuñar - Presides over the Chamber of Trade and Commerce which deliberates on financial matters of all kinds, especially trade, immigrants/emigrants, creation of maps and charters, and the handling of estates for Kassans who die outside the country. Is responsible for all finances of Kassau, the country's vaults, trade, and are also burdened with the task of handling the education of the populace and civil service matters across Kassau.
Dominar - A title given to warriors and/or citizens of Kassau who perform some incredible service to the country, or who prove themselves an incredibly powerful martial champion in its service. Those with this rank are treated as honored heroes and given tax breaks, lavish gifts, and all manner of allowances. Unlike normal knight-esque titles in other countries, this title is revoked after a time(typically several years, though this varies) unless the titleholder continues to show at least a similar level of success that earned them the title in the first place(or at least a dedication to doing so).   Sangrade - A rare title given to a citizen of Kassau that is judged to be special enough that their bloodline is declared protected by the government. Those with this title are mandated to continue their bloodline, and must abide by somewhat strict rules surrounding their children and dalliances, but in exchange are given protection by the crown. Often given to those who prove themselves mighty warriors, and show themselves in possession of genetics or blood worth passing down. A highly coveted rank, as it places one outside and above the law - only answerable to certain governmental officials. This rank is typically only given to female citizens - in the case of men who prove themselves as possessing genetics worth passing down or otherwise as worthy of this rank, they are treated as valuable prizes or trophies and given, pawned off, or otherwise acquired by certain females, who typically then receive this rank for possessing such a man and mingling his bloodline with her own.   Trofeo Alpha - A rank held by the Husband(s) of the High Valkyrion. They are treated as honored property, and to harm, hurt, harass, or unjustly impede them in their duties is considered a crime.   Trofeo - A rank given to a husband or slave that one cares for and wishes to protect in the long term. A title that holds significance similar to "eternal togetherness" with the one who issues it - often requested for favored slaves or husbands of important Kassau figures. Bestows protections upon those who hold this title and rank that forbid others from harming, hurting, harassing or impeding them unjustly.   De Mortuorio - A title bestowed upon an entire family line or tribe that classifies them as "broken" and "dead" - such a family cannot hold land of their own, and must either accept servitude as a sub-house or subordinate tribe at the hands of another family(and thus handing over all belongings, land, and the like to them) or be broken apart and have their assets siezed by the government and their members enslaved. Those belonging to a family given this title are hunted down and enslaved - they cannot be free and have no place independently in Kassau society. Given only as punishment for severe crimes, the result of battles or fights between Kassau Tribes or Families, or when an entire family earns the ire of a powerful figure in Kassau. Most notably given to the former royal family of Corudillo, who were declared De Mortuorio the day of the country's conquest and enslaved wholesale to the Zaragoza dynasty as pets and entertainment, broken to ensure the Kingdom of Corudillo could never rally around them again.   Duke - In a cruel mockery of traditional noble structure, the lowest ranking of the Titles and Ranks one can have in Kassau. More commonly called "Fake Lords" - they are afforded absolutely no real power or land, and are often openly mocked, beaten, abused, and the like. Those who hold the title of Duke are often those punished for something, and are branded with a symbol forever marking them with the rank of Duke. This often lowers them to the lowest non-slave rank of Kassau society, but does not always - especially cruel punishers may let them stay in their current societal rank to be made a mockery of and kept around for entertainment.  

Societal Ranks

  Since the country's formation after the conquest of the Kingdom of Corudillo, the society of Kassau has grown to become an amalgamation of the Corudillo way and the ways of the barbaric tribes that conquered it - these societal ranks are described below - though notably, children in Kassau are typically given to the female to raise, regardless of social status. If the female is given a child by a man from a higher societal ranking, the man will typically be lowered to the rank of the wife, who is raised to his former rank - even if the woman was the lowest possible run in society such as a slave(In which case the husband becomes property of the wife).   Bosquierda(Forest Filth): Those born to a tribe of the Guezhan Rainforest, or descendants of a tribesmen of the rainforest. Most all female elves are given this rank by default. This is the highest rank of society, and the closest thing to 'nobility' that Kassau has.   Librevina(Free Divines): The middle class of Kassau. This rank is typically held by those who prove themselves worthy of attention and capable of participation in the lower ranks of government and in society as a whole. Most females born in Kassau are given this rank by default unless they are the child of a Bosquierda - if this rank would place her above her family or parents, she is given rule over her family(or ownership, if she came from slave parents).   Xetranera(Foreigners): A special class comprised entirely of those who immigrate to Kassau from lands afar. All who come to Kassau are given this rank initially, and are required to register a residence to obtain Pseudo-Citizenship. They are afforded most all the same priviliges as full citizens, but have to have a local sponsor, pay increased taxes, and contribute to societal projects and military campaigns mandatorily. Even foreign men are given this rank initially - all are assessed according to the skills they bring with them and may find themselves sorted as neccesary(Either into higher ranks and full citizenship when they prove themselves and contribute to the common good, or into lower ranks if they prove skilless, not worthy, or a general detriment to society). They are typically the first to be expelled in times of unrest and paranoia.   Medición(Middle Men): The lower class of Kassau, to which most of its conquered peoples are relegated to. They are not slaves, but are treated with disrespect and face prejudice constantly until they rise up and prove themselves worthy of respect, time, and attention.   Grava(Gravel): The lowest rung of Kassau society - the slaves of the kingdom who are afforded absolutely no rights beneath the law. They are used and expended at the whims of their masters, and only kept healthy and alive when it is somehow beneficial to do so. Their life expectancy is short, their living conditions terrible, and though they are rarely forced into battle they are used and expended like resources. They are viewed as less valuable than cattle - such that their names means "Ground", showing how little they are valued.


For more information on the culture of Kassau, see the Kassack ethnicity page.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Kassau Matriarchy is a violent one - outward expansion through conquest, and the freeing of all indigious peoples broken and abused beneath the yoke of Imperialism and Empires.


For more information on the history of the Kassau Matriarchy, see the Kassack ethnicity page.

Demography and Population

The largest populations in Kassau are of Humans, Forest Elves, Half-Elves, Desert Elves, Jungle Elven Variant, Výtrúl, and Kobolds, with minor concentrations of Bomujeo, Guīmogoa, Goliath, and Qìtóng being present but somewhat uncommon.


The lands of Kassau once belonged to the Kingdom of Corudillo - but once the Matriarchy was formed, the country's leader known as The High Valkyrion declared a majority of the lands of the Guezhan Rainforest as the property of Kassau, despite the fact that the Rainforest had long been property of the Kingdom of Seoghar. However, with their alliance with the Elven Tribes who had ruled the Rainforest for Millennia(and had a previous agreement with the Kingdom of Seoghar to accept vassalage in exchange for autonomy in internal affairs), the Kingdom of Seoghar had little choice but capitulate the lands claimed by the tribes of Kassau - they had long relied on the Elven tribes to secure the forest for themselves, and what little troops they had were pushed out or enslaved by the Kassack people.   Later on, as the country solidified, two more cities were taken over the course of centuries - first, the the city of Najmah which had bordered the North-western edge of the Guezhan Rainforest was taken by the second High Valkyrion Soraya and renamed to Sorayyo, expanding Kassau territory slightly. However, the second conquest, this time of the northern port city of Zallam on the western edge of the Tolderan Sea by the third High Valkyrion Nadia, greatly expanded the lands of Kassau and gave them an incredibly valuable port city with access to the open ocean - expanding their lands far to the north and greatly bolstering the kingdom's economy and future prospects.   These conquests have put them on foul terms with Seoghar, who wars with them constantly attempting to reclaim their lost cities. Adding on to this the constantly changing southern borders of Kassau due to their constant wars and back-and-forth with the Danzou Theocracy, and the territory of Kassau is a thing of conquest that grew from the rainforest of Guezhan as its core and expanded outwards with no signs of stopping.


The military of Kassau is a massive and terrifying thing that rivals even the likes of other warlike nations like Narixia - with a warrior culture trained from near birth in martial perfection, the warrior-women of Kassau are some of the most powerful, domineering, and mighty in all the world, and their legions of amazonian warriors marching alongside columns of slaves made into fodder is a sight that has struck fear into the hearts of even the hardiest of warriors...for if one is captured by the forces of Kassau, only slavery and humilitation awaits.   With little exaggeration is each of their warrior-women the equal of ten normal warriors, and while they wear little actual armor they charge into battle in formations of frenzied berserkers and deadly maulers, unleashing terrifying animals tamed by the legendary Kobold beast-tamers of the rainforest into the carnage alongside frothing madwomen.   However, adding onto their excessive military power and frenzied tactics is a powerful and flexible army that excels in adaptability and terror tactics - the Kassack army has become fairly well-known for its simplistic but brutal tactics that excel at finding the weakest point in a frontline force and breaking it like a lance, scattering troops with equal parts terror tactics and brutally intelligent battle sense, always finding the weakest links and brutalizing them until the terror of their carnage spreads through enemy ranks, lowering their morale with skin ripped from skulls, bodies torn in half with bare hands, and frenzied warrior women disemboweling grown men with nothing but their nails and muscles - all sights that strike absolute terror into enemy units such that only professional infantry can withstand the sight.   And finally, the military of Kassau, though it is small in number, is mighty indeed - and has a notoriously dangerous habit of claiming the heads of an enemy army's commander to the exclusion of all else, such that it is often the first thing a Kassau battallion does when a conflict is begun, charging into enemy formations and piercing deep into their enemy's camps(even taking massive losses to do so) so they might claim the head of the enemy leader and demoralize their foes as quiclly as possible. They also are fairly well known for their habit of freeing and recruiting slaves - especially females - into their legions mid-battle, going so far as to accept entire legions of forced conscripts as citizens if they turn sides and join them in battle.   Listed below are the different factions of the Kassack Military, as well as a brief description of their duties and place of activity.  
The Tenflame Legions: The central militant force of Kassau, divided evenly into Ten Legions which stand guard over different parts of the country. Each is based out of a certain region and is charged with the defence of a certain area - as Kassau has no military reserve aside from the Penal Legions, they recruit from the ranks of the citizenry and from the ranks of those conscripted into the military from its extant territories who are charged with providing certain amounts of fresh bodies for the military at regular intervals. Their insistance on mostly willing recruitment and a lack of a military reserve means their numbers are relatively small, but their extreme power more than makes up for this difference.
  • The Imperial 1st Legion, AKA The Sundowners: The most dangerous of all the Tenflame Legions, the Sundowners are charged with guarding the Matriarchy's Capital of San Toma and enforcing the neutral zone that forbids all other standing Kassack military forces aside from the Queensguard from setting foot within the Capital. Hardened, Grizzled Veterans one and all, they proudly serve under the legendary Commander Alexandra Santana - a general who has served as the head of the Legion ever since the days of the nation's founding, where she is said to have fought alongside the country's founder Alba Zaragoza. Charged with defending San Toma from bagbeasts each night and protecting the city from constant monster attacks, they are one of the most hyperelite military units on the continent, though they rarely see service outside of San Toma.
  • The Imperial 2nd Legion, AKA The Hammer: One of the largest legions of the Matriarchy's Tenflame Legions, the 2nd is charged with guarding the immediate northern and western territories of the Matriarchy surrounding San Toma from incursion, watching over the border with the Principality and parts of the Astaran border to the north. Well-equipped, and well-staffed, they work closely with the 3rd Legion on most of their operations.
  • The Imperial 3rd Legion, AKA The Anvil: One of the largest legions of the Matriarchy's Tenflame Legions, the 3rd is charged with guarding the immediate western and southern territories of the Matriarchy surrounding San Toma from incursion, watching over other parts of the border with the Principality and the countryside west of San Toma as well as parts of the border with the Theocracy in the south. A legion charged with using its massive bulk to aid in defense where needed, it frequently swings south or north to aid the 5th or 2nd legions in times of war as a flexible support unit.
  • The Imperial 4th Legion, AKA The Jackals: Charged with guarding the furthest western reaches of the Matriarchy's territories where its lands border htat of Osneia, Shaoshu, and Olander, the Jackals once stood as the watchdogs of the west - ever vigilant but seeing little true conflict aside from constant border skirmishes with the Theocracy. With the invasion of Kassau's western reaches, the 4th was mostly destroyed in the fall of El Nisrosa, as the tactical genius of the Theocracy's commanders saw them outmaneuvered, surrounded, and slaughtered. Only a small handful managed to break the encirclement and flee east.
  • The Imperial 5th Legion, AKA The Faithless Fifth: Perhaps the most battle-tested unit of the Tenflame Legions, the 5th Legion stands charged with guarding the Matriarchy's western lands and watching for border incursions with the Danzou Theocracy to the south. Well-skilled in combating wave tactics and countering divine magic, they frequently ally with the 8th Legion when unified attacks on the Theocracy are ordained. They are well-known to take a perverse pride in competing amongst each other to claim the head of the enemy commanders at all costs.
  • The Imperial 6th Legion, AKA The Barkspitters: The first of the Legions of the Guezhan Rainforest, this legion is charged with watching over and defending the central and north-western areas of the Guezhan Rainforest and handling the monsters, bandits, and other incursions that dot the forest landscape.
  • The Imperial 7th Legion, AKA The Bloodstained 7th: The largest of the Legions of the Guezhan Rainforest, the 7th Legion has long since been tasked with protecting the Matriarchy's South-eastern border with the Blood Elves of the Rainforest who had historically refused allegiance to the Matriarchy and the Elven Queen Luthriel - a Legion of Hunters, Trackers, and Bloody Reapers of the Underbrush, the 7th Legion has recently accomplished its greatest mission and, under their Queen's leadership, took the Blood Elven capital of Ixacatl and delivered the Blood Elven to the feet of their Queen. Now having absorbed the surviving Blood Elven Legions, they have ballooned to double Legion Strength and now stand guard against the Matriarchy's southeastern border with Seoghar.
  • The Imperial 8th Legion, AKA Luthriel's Lance: The Legion charged with watching over the parts of the Guezhan Rainforest that abuts the Matriarchy's border with the Theocracy, this mostly elven unit sees almost constant combat and guerilla warfare against incursions from the Theocracy and attempts to trespass sneakily within the Rainforest by the country's enemies.
  • The Imperial 9th Legion, AKA The Jiashan Irregulars: The newest Legion alonside the 10th, the 9th Legion was formed in the wake of the matriarchy's conquest of Seoghar's westernmost territories from the ranks of Seogharan Volunteers and Kassack Soldiers who fought against them - thus forming a unified Legion that draws upon the monastic power of the Seogharan Military and the brutality of the Kassack Military. They are currently charged with peacekeeping and securing the newly conquered lands in and around the Tolderan Sea.
  • The Imperial 10th Legion, AKA The Frostmaidens: The most distant of the legions, the 10th Legion is charged with watching over the newly conquered frozen lands of the Matriarchy's furthest northern lands that once belonged to the Jugeum Union. Formed from the dregs of the armies that helped conquer the lands in the first place, the Legion makes up for the storied history it lacks with unmatched savagery. Also one of the most monster-populated of the Tenflame Legions, as the Giants of the North frequently seek to join their might with that of the Matriarchy.
  The Penal Legion: A singular grouping for the numerous military forces seconded onto proper Kassau Military operations staffed exclusively from the ranks of Kassau's criminals, exiles, slaves, prisoners, and lower ranking members of society. They are typically deployed ahead of the main legions and used to clear paths and handle the worst conditions - though provisions exist to grant members of the Penal Legion full citizenship if they survive and serve for enough consecutive years. Given little in the way of equipment beyond the bare neccessities(Weapon and armor), they are told to rely on luck and their own power to survive and often experience horrific casualties.   The Guerráfaga: An elite branch of the Kassack Military known as the "Winds of War" which is staffed by those taken from other military branches and across the Matriarchy in general that show promise in the magical arts or other unique talents. Trained in a variety of purposes from long-range magical bombardment to information networking to martial-magic blended disciplines, they are attached to the various legions as pseudo-special forces given authorization to handle special tasks as needed according to the whims of their commanders. Trained alongside the rest of the Legions wherever possible, they report to the typically Kassack military structure and have a long-standing rivalry with the Lotus Consortium, who they view as pompous windbags who take too much pride in their secrecy and who hold loyalty not to the military, but to the church and the intelligence communities.   The Lotus Consortium: The Kassack equivalent of True Special forces - the Boogeymen. Rarely seen on the frontlines outside of the Inquisitors(Charged with providing for the legions' spiritual needs and serving as small unit commanders), they operate within captured territories and behind the frontlines of battle carrying out nefarious tasks to solidify the power centers of the matriarchy. They are secretive and trained and raised wholly removed from the other branches to be as lethal and dangerous as possible. When they are deployed onto the frontlines, they are single death commandos capable of turning the entire theater of war in Kassau's favor. Of note, they report to a different organization than simply the typical Kassack Command Structure - they report as an organization to the Dominar de Blanca and to a lesser Extent the Somneum, who head up the Kassack Church and Office of Secret Wisdom respectively. Little is known about them, even to others in the Kassack Military. They have a long-standing rivalry with The Guerráfaga, who they view as incompetent has-beens who think entirely too highly of themselves and are not nearly as competent as they would like to believe they are.   The Queensguard: The personal bodyguards of the Zaragoza family and the absolute best of the best warriors the Matriarchy has to offer, charged as a whole with being the personal arm of the High Valkyrion. Each one is selected at as young an age as possible and subjected to a series of personalized and extremely rigorous mutational and bodily enhancement regimens designed to bring about enhanced muscle mass, more durable bones, larger sized bodies, and more. Each one a legion unto themselves, they are a feared military force the world over that is rarely deployed to the frontlines and is instead charged with protected the High Valkyrion and the other high ranking members of the Government.


Kassau, like most other countries on Zheng-Kitar is devoted to the worship of the Spirit Kings - though unlike other countries and peoples, they are not very inclined towards the worship of Elemental Saints, instead embracing a simpler and more shamanistic approach to spiritualism.   However, rather uniquely, they are first among most all the nations of Zheng-Kitar with the fervor with which they hunt the followers of the Yema(Foreign Gods) - killing and butching them with such zealotry that even diehard faithful in other countries or lands find it a bit unsettling.

Foreign Relations

Kassau's foreign relations with its neighbors are notoriously awful - it has ever had a policy of expansion through military force, and as such has been at almost near-constant tension with all of its neighbors since its creation. However, a few of its neighbors have since made a tentative non-aggression pact with them, leaving them in a constant state of war with the lands of the Kingdom of Seoghar, whom they have conquered two cities and taken most of the Guezhan Rainforest from, and the Danzou Theocracy, who they have been locked in a constant bloody war with for centuries all across their southern border.   The only position relation they have is with the Astaran Republic whom they share one tiny border with in the far north(only after conquering the distant Seogharan City of Zalam) - the people of Astara, who have had a long and bloody history of oppression by Imperialistic Powers, have found kinship with the Matriarchal Tribes of Kassau in their shared hatred of oppression and have formed a loose alliance and mutual assistance pact that promises both lands aid from the other should they be invaded - an incredible feat considering the disparate and scattered state of the Highland Clans of Astara and how notoriously anarchic they tend to be.   To all others, however, Kassau is a brutal, slave taking nation of matriarchal tyrants who brutally butchers their people in the thousands - which is not a reputation they will be shedding anytime soon.

Agriculture & Industry

With an entire slave caste devoted and forced into servitude, the agriculture of Kassau is a monstrously successful industry thanks to the lands they hold both in and around the Guezhan Rainforest, whose Elven Tribes hold the secrets to drastically improving crop yields far beyond the norm, giving the country an almost supernatural agriculture industry that produces far in excess of its needs. Otherwise, its main industries are manpower, slavery, forestry, and some minor mining here and there - taking the valuable materials found in the rainforest and the lands they hold in moderation for their own gain.   Additionally, with the recently conquered port city that now gives them access to the open ocean, they now have access to the sea and its resources, and fish and pearls have become a slowly growing industry in Kassau.

Trade & Transport

Trade and transport has become a larger and larger part of Kassau in recent years - with entire slave labor forces made to overhaul road systems and the country's recent acquisition of a port city with access to the ocean, Kassau's roads are better than ever and they cemented themselves as a trade hub of central Zheng-Kitar.


Education is different depending on gender in Kassau - Women are given a full education from around birth that trains them in martial combat, basic history and life skills, and teaches them a variety of skills needed to open life's doors to them - men, on the other hand, are given educations that are "educations" in name only. They are taught of their role as providers of children and those who stay in the house to care for children, and are purposefully raised to stimulate their intellects as much as possible so as to keep them simple, docile, and obedient.   Additionally, institutions such as libraries and learning centers are generally exclusive to women, and are lined with the knowledge of the land and tutors to help one learn a new profession or give life advice.

Take what we are owed.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Matriarchy, Kassau, The Land of Butchers, Realm of the She-Beasts, The Kingdom of Corudillo(Formerly), Nibeth'lir(Traitor's Wood)
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Kassau commonly used both the Narixian credit as its currency, but also takes Saltsheets as an acceptable currency.
Major Exports
Grain, Animals, Tamed Beasts, Slaves, Manpower, Warriors/Mercenaries, Wood/Lumber
Major Imports
Precious Metals, Silks, Spices, Stone
Legislative Body
All power rests with the ruler of the country, the High Valkyrion. While there is technically a senate for commoners and nobles alike to debate and think up laws and policies, these are mere suggestions to the High Valkyrion, and are moreso a place for the country's citizens to voice their issues than a true legislative body.
Judicial Body
The High Valkyrion and the Dominar de Potencia(Whom the High Valkyrion elects to office) handles all matters of Judiciary business alongside the governmental organizations they run.
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Related Items
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Pact of Mutual Assistance, Friendly

In a surprising feat of political skill by the current High Valkyrion of Kassau, the Matriarchy has earned the goodwill of the Highland Clans of the Astaran Republic - the two nations have bonded over their mutual distate for imperialism and the trappings of empires, and have forged a strong relationship thanks in large part to Naiara Zaragoza, the acting ruler of Kassau.   The normally chaotic and anarchic Highland Clans that govern the Republic of Astara have thrown their promises of support behind the Kassau Government, making an alliance and promising mutual assistance should either country come under attack in force. The two countries have thus enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship in trade, politics, war, and more as fellow "brute cultures" that, despite enjoying and coming from a simpler lifestyle, have made a foray into the world of politics on the world stage.

Peaceful and Friendly

Though they do not quite share a border, the barbarians of Kassau have formed a tense bond with the lands of Raoulin - the two lands quickly bonded over their female-centric societies(Though Raoulin is much less so), and thanks to Raoulin's progressive culture and dislike for imperialism and expansion, the two powers agreed to non-interference and made a peace agreement that has lasted ever since it was forged a century ago.   Additionally, though unconfirmed, it is believed that since both countries hold an immense dislike for the Danzou Theocracy, there have been talks of an alliance to crush them, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Neutral but Amicable

In a surprising turn of events for the usually neutral Olander, they have made peace with Kassau despite the Matriarchy's recent attempted invasion of their lands, proving the strength of their convictions and of their volunteer armies to the mighty warrior women of the Guezhan Rainforest.
  What many thought would devolve into a world war across the continent was instead prevented by the generosity and quick thinking of Olander's Prince, who instead forgave the Matriarchy and cultivated a healthy, neutral but amicable relationship based on the results of the attempted invasion.


An unusual occurance for the normally hostile Matriarchy, the Coalition has gotten on just fine with them - though not sharing a border is considered to be a part of this relationship. The countries have met on a few occasions for mundane talks of politics, but thankfully nothing dramatic has ever come of them. The most recent High Valkyrion of Kassau, Naiara Zaragoza, has yet to make a journey to the Coalition but plans to do so to reaffirm long-standing pacts of neutrality with the Coalition and its mysterious mage leaders...

Non-Aggression Pact, Incredibly Tense Relations

While the two nations have never gotten along fully, the Kingdom of Osneia, unlike its neighbor the Danzou Theocracy, have long understood the value of discretion when dealing with the barbarians of Kassau - not to be mistaken with cowardice, they simply judged that the best way to deal with the brutes on their northeastern border was to not provoke them and simply "live and let live".   Tensions have rose recently between the two nations as Kassau's High Valkyrion maimed and brutalized the Kaiser of Osneia in a political conference, nearly killing the aging ruler and slaughtering his royal guards to a man. It was only thanks to the wisdom of the Kaiser's Son that all-out war was prevented and the standing pacts were upheld between the two nations after Kassau paid retributions to the Osneian crown.

Openly hostile but not at war

While not at open war, the Matriarchy and Seoghar are enemies in all but official diplomatic name. Ever since the Matriarchy took one of the cities of Seoghar and convinced their Forest Elven allies to secede and join their cause of Female Supremacy, Seoghar has been eerliy quiet, but almost all assume that they are simply plotting their revenge in a foolproof way sure to reclaim their lost land.

At War

Nearly since the Matriarchy was founded, the Theocracy and the Matriarchy have been bitter, sworn enemies of each other - both sides have been locked in constant war for centuries with no end in sight. The infinite armies of the Theocracy, making up for what they lack in training with sheer force of numbers, war constantly with the numerically lesser armies of Kassau that have the leg-up in terms of expert training - each side has committed crimes against the other as leaders have been assassinated, schemes have unfolded, and both sides constantly fight and struggle.   The borders of the two nations have been a constantly changing thing since they came into conflict, and they are sworn, hated enemies of each other on levels that go to the core of many issues - the Theocracy, being largely Patriarchal, dislikes the Matriarchal nature of Kassau, while both sides think the other is weak and pathetic and undeserving of land and power. Kassau hates the Theocracy's oppressive and totalitarian nature that sees its people live in absolute poverty and terrible living conditions, and their brutal treatment of foreigners and indiginous peoples, while the Theocracy detests the chaotic, unwashed, barbaric nature of Kassau and sees them as "Savages playing at politics".


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
19 Apr, 2021 06:28

Woah. Nice role reversal here, though you do far more than just take gender roles from history and flip them around. My favorite bit here, while the entire article is awesome, is this: I love the detail and thought put into these titles and rankings. I think the title of duke is unique, although a little brutal. I'm not sure, but you even seem to reserve ranks for specific species, such as the Tuatha De for female elves. I realllllly like that. it shows a hsitory there. Very well done.

Luca Poddighe
26 Apr, 2021 16:05

Great level of detail, very effective in describing this nation. I am a bit confused by the Sangrade as, I think, that in a country where men are possession devoted to reproductive use the ones valuable from a genetic perspective will be prized possessions to acquire. I have spotted this typo: unrest and parnaoia.