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Kyra Aenai

The towering god-queen of the High Lamia, last of her line

God-Queen Kyra Loscivia Aenai (a.k.a. Kyra the Redeemed)

You think yourself some great hero. Some great, pious martyr whose actions are excused because you hold faith in your heart - because the Spirit Kings you treasure will forgive you, you think you have carte blanche to do as you please free of guilt.   Vile, disgusting creature. Perhaps they will forgive you - but I never shall. Not you, and not any of those like you.   Your kind - no. Our kind - they are a stain upon this world. Tyrants and Warmongers who catch ourselves in the tangles of their lives and twist them towards the paths we think are best.   Do not forget this, wretched thing - you brought this upon your people. It was you who roused me from my torpor and bid me break my oaths I swore to uphold until my dying days; oaths I swore would bind me until the end of time...oaths which I can never reforge, even as my heart bleeds. Now, you face the sleeping giant which your actions stirred to motion, and filled with a terrible resolve.   And that sleeping giant shall grant you the same fate which all of our kind deserve - a painful death churning away within me, long enough to witness your legend erased from history and memory.
— Kyra Aenai to Thorgrom Blackgranite, moments before their final duel deep in the Saintbuster Silo far beneath Kal-Dûlhral
Kyra Aenai is classified as a Lesser Idol, and is capable of granting powers as a patron to witches and warlocks, and perhaps clerics and the like who venerate the Queen of the High Lamia. Consult your GM if you are interested in following or recieving power from Kyra Aenai as described here.
  Obedience: Begin an hour of quiet, meditative introspection by consuming an herbal concoction designed to stimulate hunger. Endure the resulting hunger pangs for the duration of the hour as you vow to never seek out violence yet also to never be helpless against it. Once the hour is up, drink some liquids to satiate yourself and tie a prayer strip inscribed with the name of something you wish to protect around the sheath and crossguard of one weapon you possess, such that it will only be broken once the weapon is drawn.   Effect: Your stomach counts as a handy haversack accessible by swallowing and regurgitating the items which you wish to deposit or retrieve from it, as you carve out a part of the great Lamia God-Queen's Demiplane Body for your own usage. Once per round as an immediate action, you may take up to your HD in damage to heal an ally within 30ft by the same amount.   1st Boon: Sanctuary 3/day, Adhesive Blood 2/day, or Greater Peacebond 1/day   2nd Boon: The healing done by your immediate action from the obedience is empowered if the target is below 0HP. By focusing on a swallowed or charmed creature within 60ft as a standard action, you can channel the power of The Aenorian Outcast to grant the creature an immediate attempt to escape the swallow(Either by Grapple or by Attack) or allow the creature to attempt the save to resist the charm once more at a +5; success means they resist the effect as if they had succeeded on the first attempt.   3rd Boon: The healing done by your immediate action from the obedience is doubled if the target is below 0HP, and empowered under all other circumstances. You are affected by a haste spell at the beginning of each combat that ends automatically after the first turn you commit an act of violence against another creature(Defined as anything that would break an invisibility spell). Once per combat, you may automatically confirm a critical hit as an immediate action similar to the Mighty Swing barbarian rage power.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a divine woman, her physical condition is the ideal which all others strive towards. She knows no disease nor ailment, and her body is perpetually in the top condition it can be - with powerful muscles that lurk just beneath her soft silver skin, she has enough physical power to flatten mountains, though she does not look it - she is fit and attractive, though slender with just the slightest bit of fat around the edges.   Somewhat frustratingly, many might add - especially for one so slovenly who dedicates so frustratingly little time to self-care yet remains so utterly perfect beyond compare.

Body Features

Due to her divine heritage as last living descendant of the Royal Bloodline and her nature as a High Lamia, Kyra is incomprably massive in her true form - she constantly keeps herself shrunken down for obvious reasons, but were she ever to release such a limiter, she would likely be as a tall as small mountains.   Aside from her size, her most distinguishing feature is her gorgeous tail, which stretches for dozens of feet from her waist with steely muscle fibers, and her beautiful scales which glitter a beautiful rainbow of color as proof of her nature as a High Lamia. She has patches of scales on her upper torso as well, in various places, as signs of her royal heritage.

Facial Features

Her face is slender and delicate, and at odds with her power - she seems soft and pale, with an air of indescribable, faint sadness about her always, as if a depression cannot help but surround her. Her face, to many who see it, is "Melancholic, but beautiful" - like a doll that would break if you touched it.

Identifying Characteristics

Her scaly tail, beautiful glittering rainbow scales, and serpentine or almost draconic features are her most identifying features, though her unique silver skin is also quite recognizable.

Physical quirks

As a High Lamia and last of the species' divine bloodline, she constantly emits an invisible cloud of pheremones that worms their way into the minds of all who come near her, trying to break down their minds to make them pliant to her will. As a divine being and High Lamia royalty, these pheremones are unfathomably potent, and when she stops limiting them and they are at full power they could easily strip the free will and sentience from even the strongest of living creatures on the continent, making them pliant, soulless dolls slaved to her will.

Special abilities

Her stomach is rumored to contain an entire demiplane - another quirk of her High Lamia nature that allows her to swallow as many beings as she desires, and keep them imprisoned or begin devouring them at her leisure. She has a suite of abilities that come from her High Lamia nature, as well - from teleporting other creatures directly into her stomach, literally squeezing other creatures until they burst, shrinking or enlarging others, deadly poison that renders the body paralyzed and the mind blank, and more.   Many of her most powerful abilities are yet undocumented, as she keeps many hidden.

Apparel & Accessories

As a princess, she is naturally beholden to dress fancily, which stands at odds with her nature as a High Lamia - who typically find highly covering clothing restrictive as it limits the dispersion of their pheremones(Which they use for communication) - however, for a multitude of reasons, she seems to enjoy dressing herself up in all manner of fancy dresses and beautiful adornments as if she relishes smothering her own pheremones.   Little wonder, perhaps - considering how even at their lowest intensity her pheremones as so unfathomably potent as to permanently cripple and even kill others with weak wills with repeated or prolonged exposure.

Specialized Equipment

She is not a fighter - she does not carry weapons or armor, though she may have magical abilities yet unused or hidden, no evidence of this has been supported or found, as she has not been forced into a situation dangerous enough to use such abilities - not even when faced with the best heroes the continent had to offer...which speaks volumes of her apparent power. It is thus assumed that she fights either bare-handed or with her natural weapons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of her personal history from before she arrived on Zheng-Kitar is a mystery to all but her closest subjects - what is known is that she was born as one of, if not THE youngest sibling of the High Lamia Royal Family of their ancient, now-collapsed empire - her mother was the legendary High Lamia Queen turned Risen Goddess who conquered most of the known world and ascended into godhood before her ultimate death.   Though the why of it is still debated, she was sent away from her far-off homeland to Zheng-Kitar by her mother with a contingent of High Lamia - whether for the exclusive purpose of taking the tyrant Cao Lu up on his offer of invitation or for some other nefarious reason, is unknown, but what is known is that she arrived without struggle on Zheng-Kitar thanks solely to the grace of Cao Lu, whose grip on the continent was so firm he could squelch any attempt from the faithful to expel the agents of the Yema that they were.   She served as the leader of Cao Lu's personal bodyguard unit, leading the High Lamia on the continent in his service until his eventual death, whereupon she took up the throne left empty by his death - becoming a new breed of tyrant that would rule over the continent. And rule over it she did, directing her high lamia legions to ruthlessly herd the people of the land into concentration camps where they were devoured, tortured, and beaten by their overlords for mere entertainment. Eventually, countless bands of heroes rose up against her and her people, but all were devoured - only one party managed to even get her personally, though they too failed and provided nothing but nourishment to the tyrannical young princess.   However, thanks to a unique facet of High Lamia biology, she absorbed the memories and thoughts of the heroes as she devoured them - seeing their faith and devotion to the Spirit Kings and gods of this continent, she soon had a change of heart and, in the ensuing civil war, saw those who rebelled against her slaughtered as she lead her people into a new age of peace and co-existence with the people they once tyrannized.


Kyra is believed to have once been open and carfree in regards to sexuality - cavorting with men as easily as with women back during her time serving Cao Lu and the centuries of her own reign afterwards. In the current day, however, her sexuality seems to have dimmed or at least become more subtle or secretive - with her shift towards pacifism indulging in such desires has become dangerous for her, as prolonged proximity to her can easily cripple the minds of the weak-willed and even kill them.


As a princess of one of the formerly most powerful families in the world, she was afforded every luxury from birth - her knowledge and education is overwhelmingly vast and deep, and she is wise beyond her years. Her education is assumed to cover topics that the people of the present can scarcely fathom - from the secrets of technology to mathmatics, history, architecture, proper ruling tactics, combat, leadership, and more.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Legendarily, she survived the extinction of her family line and species, and managed to lead her people through the collapse of their long-distant empire to found a new colony on Zheng-Kitar, where they might slowly rebuild and live a better life.   She also successfully fended off and devoured one of her sisters centuries after her change of heart, when said sister came to Zheng-Kitar and demanded Kyra and her colony help her re-establish their people's ancestral empire - which served as incontrovertible proof of her dedication to Zheng-Kitar and peace.

Failures & Embarrassments

She sees her time as a tyrant as her biggest embarrassment - not as a failure, though. It was a learning experience, and she was naive, so she looks upon it with sorrow.

Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

True to her nature as a Void-aligned creature, she is quiet and introverted by nature - not well suited to the grand theatrics of other rulers or the grandiose speeches of others. She leads by example, prefers to avoid the public eye, and tends to keep to herself. She comes off as quiet, sleepy, and slovenly by many who see or meet her.

Morality & Philosophy

In the current day, she believes in peace, pacifism, and a live lived in pursuit of her passions - placing kindness and openness as greater values than violence or aggression. She believes in "protecting her pack" above all else, however, and though she may be quiet and reserved, she will fiercely protect her own if stirred to action - she works towards her people's benefit before her own to an almost suicidal degree, and believes that her and her people owe a great debt to the people of Zheng-Kitar, one that she can never quite fully pay back. She is also known to be fairly humble - she dislikes placing herself above others, but will not shy away from her duty as a queen - she takes her job very seriously, but despises using her racial powers as a High Lamia to get her way. Unfortunately, she cannot "turn off" some of her nature as a High Lamia, so she quickly comes to detest creatures too weak to resist even the weakest pheremones she produces, and who thus fall helplessly under her sway and quickly become mentally crippled or even killed by her mere presence - she sees these creatures as "barely sentient" despite herself and affords them little respect.   She does not believe in landing the first blow of any confrontation, but when provoked, will go straight for the throat - she has no qualms about using all her destructive power for the pettiest or most vile things if she believes she is justified in doing so, such as if someone attacks her or her people first. She is a proponent for action over words, and is not one for motivational speeches. Thanks to her time as a princess of her people's ancient empire, she has a penchant for systems of law, but now believes that it is the behest of the ruler to serve her people - not vice-versa. She cares deeply for her citizens, but has little regard for anything else - making her a merciless politician and diplomat.


Wanton violence is a big taboo for her - her time as a tyrannical princess did much to sour her on acts of selfishness and evil, as well as violence. She dislikes using her high lamia powers to lord over others, as well.

Personality Characteristics


To protect the homeland she has founded for herself and her people to have a fresh start in.   To ensure neither her nor her people regress to their old ways.   To turn over a new life and redeem herself for her past mistakes.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at cooking, cleaning, Painting, Sculpting, Behind-the-scenes rulership(Paperwork, Finances, Etc), Reading other people, Strategy, Politics, Magic(?), Torture, Mental Torture, Psychology, Beautifying other creatures   Bad at public speaking, motivational speaking, dealing with her siblings or family, dealing with incredibly assertive people, gardening, physical confrontation, leaving her room

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Staying inside, not dealing with people, Reading, Cold and/or Rainy Days, Peace, Cooking, Cleaning, Art, Painting, Sculpting, Being able to decide her own fate, Strong-Willed Creatures, Zheng-Kitar, The Spirit Kings, Doing hair and nails, Making things pretty, People who don't judge others, Children   Dislikes: Going Outside, Public Speaking, Using her skill at torture or psychology, her family, wanton violence, weak-willed creatures, creatures who can't resist her powers, people who obsess over her physical beauty or appearance, herself, any who force their beliefs or goals onto others

Virtues & Personality perks

Greatest among the virtues of Kyra Aenai is her dedication to pacifism, peace, and prosperity - she is a woman whose pure-hearted earnestness and seeming "naivete" often engenders loyalty from her subjects far in excess of the norm, as her unshakeable resolve and overwhelming confidence project an air of such reassuring mastery that even in seclusion her subjects hold absolute faith in their eternal queen. She is well-regarded across all of Zheng-Kitar for her dedication to her ideals of peace and pacifistic prosperity as well as "turning the other cheek", and this is easily one of her greatest strengths - almost impossible to rouse to anger or stir to violence, she is a fantastically patient woman whose diplomatic and peacetime skills are superb in every sense of the word.   One of the best diplomats and empaths in all the world, few can soothe others nor put them at ease through words alone as effectively as she can - able to read the emotions and body language of others at a glance, she can and has helped countless others through their traumas and their tough times through both in-person mentorships or the numerous books or classes she has published or created on the subject of knowing onesself and working through one's pains and heartaches.   The last to jump to violence in any scenario, she is also the first to be prepared for it and stands as one of the most foreword thinking minds on all of Zheng-Kitar - such that many leaders study the movements of her nation, the Kingdom of Raoulin, to look for signs of hostile action during times of peace. Rather famously, she is also a fantastic patron and appreciator of the arts of all kinds.

Vices & Personality flaws

For all her dedication to peace, she is the perhaps the fiercest and most violent when she is stirred to rouse from her torpor - a feat which has only been achieved in recent memory once before by the work of Thorgrom Blackgranite. Far from helpless despite her dedication to pacifism, she is perhaps legendarily, infamously brutal when moved to the warpath herself - unable to fully hide the brutality of who she once was, she will happily enact any manner of horrific cruelties or brutalities onto others if it means accomplishing her goals; giving her a "mean streak" that is fairly infamous amongst the people of Zheng-Kitar, leading others to often deride her in quiet corners as "The Sleeping She-Beast" that all should take care to not awake if they wish their plans to succeed.   Beyond this brutality, she is an intensely introverted woman at heart and has a difficult time giving her people the "Charismatic Ruler" that they so dearly wish her to be; no matter how much she tries, she finds it difficult to be the person that they think she is and want to be, and often suffers beneath the onus that she believes she is unworthy of, but accepts nonetheless. Beyond this internal struggle to find the "ideal version" of herself that her people want from her and living up to her expectations, she is also exceedingly, overwhelming lazy and not at all assertive in her everyday life - meaning she often has a tough time dealing with others with extreme force of personality or those who are extremely assertive - she can find it hard to get a word in edgewise or interrupt them.   Finally, as many have observed about her, she is perhaps most deeply flawed in the depths of her own self-loathing - she seems to have made up her mind regarding her own worthiness of the love and admiration her people have placed upon her, and has seemingly resigned herself to an eternal life lived in defence of those she wronged so dearly so long ago, meaning those around her often have to encourage her to care for herself when her mood becomes especially dour.

Personality Quirks

Aspects of her High Lamia biology, most notably signs of her Divine Bloodline, are among her most outstanding quirks - seemingly unable to reduce herself any smaller than 54ft(16.45m), she is outstandingly massive in her true form in a way that only The Wanderer outstrips.   In this same vein, her unique High Lamia biology alongside her bloodline that stands as the last surviving member of the High Lamia queen turned Goddess has given her a most onerous curse - her Pheremone aura remains so powerful even as far as she can surpress it that prolonged exposure to it can not only prove harmful to one's mental health(Snuffing out the intelligence and mental energies of those nearby in minutes until they resemble little more than gibbering animals), but even lethal after prolonged exposure(lulling the mind into such a fugue state that one's bodily functions simply "stop"). Only an immense strength of mind and body both can allow one to withstand these effects her body enacts upon them - and is thus partially the reason why she is so reclusive and isolated.   For reasons not fully understood or known, she seems excessively drowsy or sleepy at all hours of her waking life - far in excess of the norm for what might be expected for a slovenly and lackadaisacal Queen. Whether this is a side-effect of her making herself so small, of holding back her pheremone aura so much, or for some other reason, is not known.


She maintains the visage of perfectly beautiful, charismatic, and hygienic princess, but rumors abound that the dear silver-skinned princess can be quite slovenly at times - if true, her army of carefully selected and specially-trained palace staff have a truly herculean task to make her presentable each day.



Kyra's reign has been a notoriously long one - beginning over 2,600 years ago when she took over the crumbling empire of Cao Lu after the Alabaster Tyrant died of natural causes in the year 2072 ASK. In that time, graduating from the role of leader of Cao Lu's bodyguards and the High Lamia he had under his command to leader of the entire empire, and proved to be just as effective of a tyrant as her predecessor was - continuing the empire's reign of terror for hundreds more years and bleeding the people of Zheng-Kitar dry until the infamous Six Hero Slaughter where she, contrary to all expectations, brutally put down the last hopes of the continent by devouring the heroes sent to stand against her and digesting them after a fairy unimpressive battle.   Afterwards, however, thanks to her unique High Lamia physiology, she experienced those very same heroes' memories and learned of their struggles firsthand in a way no one but a High Lamia ever could; feeling their pain and suffering and, above all, learning how Cao Lu had tricked her and her people long ago, and lied to them ever since their arrival. From this victory, she emerged a changed woman - and would soon go on to lead the forces of the continent she had once oppressed in throwing off the shackles of her own empire, whereafter she established her Kingdom of Raoulin after the Fall of the Final Holdouts where she has ruled as its singular Queen ever since.

Contacts & Relations

As a reclusive, introverted woman ever since the days of yore which saw her found the Kingdom of Raoulin, Kyra has mostly vanished from the world stage and thus has severed most all contacts and relations she has had since - maintaining only a handful of close personal friends who come and go about her famously isolated palace as they please yet otherwise remaining aloof and isolated from the world as her friends have, historically, grown old and perished one by one until only those with exceptionally long lifespans or who are immune to time's ravages like herself have remained.   As she so rarely is believed to go outside of her famously isolated palace(And when she does, simply stays at her slightly less isolated Palatial Estate in the Raoulish countryside), she is believed to have truly, truly few contacts and relations in the modern day indeed.

Family Ties

Rather famously, she has no remaining familal ties or connections - her blood family perished long ago during the collapse of the far-distant Empire of the High Lamia, and the few remaining siblings she is known to have had either perished or vanished in the centuries following their empire's collapse, or more recently were executed by Kyra herself after they arrived on the shores of Zheng-Kitar seeking their estranged sister's aid in the conquest of the land and the re-establishment of their ancient empire.

Religious Views

Having found religion in the wake of The Six Hero Slaughter in which she devoured the team of heroes sent to stop her reign of terror, Kyra now holds faith in The Spirit Kings and them alone; however, in the years since her redemption she has seemingly become quietly interested in the faith of Saint Iroh the Dragon.

Social Aptitude

Kyra's social aptitude has always been something of a paradox - blessed with great innate charisma that has ever given her the ability to naturally attract the loyalty and following of large throngs of people, she herself has always been a bit too reticent and reclusive to properly use or wield it, instead preferring to remain indoors and allowing her people to decide their own fates rather than giving grandiose speeches to sway the minds of others.   Indeed, her social aptitude when put to its fullest potential, completely blows even the likes of Dahmunara Worldthrone, a being who has long been derided as having social aptitude bordering on mind-control, completely out of the water and enters not only the realm of mental alteration but complete and total mental subjugation and domination; yet this is largely and somewhat tragically due to her unique High Lamia biology as the sole surviving descendant of the ancient High Lamia Queen's Divine Bloodline, which grants her words so much supernatural charisma that they cannot help but crush and control the minds of others on a scale best measured in countries.   A social aptitude of her level, many say, is nothing but a curse - to live a life so utterly powerful where your merest of words could force they who hear it to carry it out unto death; it is then little wonder she stays so isolated from the world, if the merest comment offered in passing could be burned into the minds of others as utter gospel to be obeyed unto and beyond death itself.


In most all of her dealings, Kyra's mannerisms are reserved and quiet - and even somewhat slovenly and morose. When forced into official meetings or gatherings(Or when placed under extreme pressure from those close to her), she can muster a fragment of her ancient glory and present a masterful, flawless appearance and performance - but rather dislikes doing so. Typically, she prefers speaking simply and with no great formality - to the point of mumbling and slurring her words together lazily when not beholden to carry a certain standard as Queen.

Hobbies & Pets

Unfortunately, she is incapable of keeping pets - her unique High Lamia biology prevents her from having such creatures in close proximity to her for long, as simply breathing the same air that her body exists in can prove toxic to others for too long; especially animalistic beings.


She is often cited as having a somewhat tired and slurred method of speech as well as a voice that shows little sign of the immense grandeur and drive she once had - only when forced into more formal gatherings or, even more rarely, when she is roused to furious action, do her words become clear and concise and return to a fragment of her former grandeur akin to a long-slumbering beast awakening from slumber.   She tends to use crude, commoner like language as her preferred method of speaking, with a distinctly rural dialect that goes a long way towards making her seem slovenly and low-brow. Additionally, the slurring of her speech seems to likely be a strange manifestation of her unique High Lamia biology, as it causes her hang for longer than usual on 's' sounds and similar sounds such as 'sh' - and often causes her speech to "lisp" and mix between the two 's' and 'sh' sounds in a distinct way.


Cao Lu

Patron (Important)

Towards Kyra Aenai



Kyra Aenai

Bodyguard (Vital)

Towards Cao Lu




As the singular man who was responsible for allowing Kyra Aenai and her High Lamia to gain a foothold on Zheng-Kitar, Cao Lu's relationship to the God-Queen of the High Lamia is something of an unknown element - though she was known to be his right hand woman and chief bodyguard, their working relationship is mostly unknown.   They were believed to be quite friendly, and from the few times she has spoken of him, Kyra Aenai speak of him as a twisted man, but one who taught her valuable lessons about the world and about Zheng-Kitar...and, if she is to be believed, about the nature of life and one's path in it.   At the least, the two were close enough that, after his death, Kyra took over his seat and ruled his empire in his place for centuries after his death...only disbanding it when she defeated a group of heroes sent to end her reign of cruelty and had a change of heart after devouring and digesting them, and seeing their years of memories and thoughts.

Shou Ozawa

Terrifying Hunter (Vital)

Towards Kyra Aenai



Kyra Aenai

Worthy Foe (Important)

Towards Shou Ozawa




Though the two have never met, Shou wishes nothing more than to meet and fight Kyra Aenai - the being whom he yearns to engage in the hopes she could deal him a final death.   Kyra, however, has staunchly avoided the brute - her pacifistic nature means she cannot and will not give in to his challenges.

Wealth & Financial state

In a point of contention that remains to this day, Kyra seemingly kept large portions of the wealth gained during her time serving Cao Lu and later as the Empress of his unified continental empire even into the modern day - where even now she remains rich beyond measure to such a degree that some say she remains wealthier than the country over which she rules. Whatever the truth may be, she is indepentently wealthy enough that she sustains herself without involving her country's coffers much at all.
Hate me if you so choose. Scream my name in spite, wish me harm, and lay curses at my feet.   That too, is familiar to me - even moreso than all the world's kindness.
— Kyra Aenai, at the end of the War of Boiling Skies
Divine Classification
Lessor Idol
Void and Earth . Her Oldsoul Element is believed to be exclusively Void, however.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Kyra the Redeemed, Kyra the Coldhearted, God-Queen of Raoulin, The Peaceseeker, The Silver-Haired Slaughterer, The Tyrant's Hand, The Aenorian Outcast, Last of the Aenai, The Slumbering She-Beast
Her exact age is unknown - but is known to be easily in excess of 3000+ years.
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown. Born as one of the youngest daughters of an ancient High Lamia Queen turned risen Goddess.
Born in a land far, far away from the shores of Zheng-Kitar, once the seat of power of an ancient globe-spanning empire of High Lamia .
Current Residence
The Grand Palace of Raoulin
Light Blue, Tired
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Silver. Her scales shine a gorgeous rainbow hue, dulled by age and time.
54ft(16.45m) reduced. 1198ft(365.15m) true form.
Unknown. She dislikes inquiries into her weight.
Venerates The Spirit Kings, but is believed to personally hold at least some faith in Iroh the Dragon.
Aligned Organization


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