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Sinh, Saintbuster Zero

The first and only completed prototype of the Six Saintbuster Chassis, Ezdhulian godmachines crafted to house the Spirit Kings themselves

You are proof of all we achieved. In you, flies our hopes, and our dreams.   Fly, little sparrow. Return home. And tell them of us: Of our short, glorious existence.   And of the beautiful dream we all shared.
Thorgrom Blackgranite's dying words, moments after his defeat at the hands of Kyra Aenai in the Saintbuster Silo deep within Kal-Dûlhral.

Power Generation

According to the state-of-the-art design specifications laid out by the greatest scientific minds of the ancient Ezdhulian Alliance during the War of the Boiling Skies, the prototype Saintbuster Zero warsuit better known as Sinh was equipped with a unique method of generating power - based on the ancient Wraithwind energy that was discovered and tested in the Landown Reactor Complex, Sinh was equipped with unique Wraithwind Reactors designed to function based off the continuous intake of Goldbolt energy.   In the heart of Sinh's divine gears and cogitation machines, its screaming heart lay awaiting the furious spark of Goldboltto ignite its reactors and fuse the fissile material placed within its core - thanks to the cutting-edge science only possible in the wondrous Manufactorums of the ancient Ezdhulian Empire, the properties of Goldbolt were revealed to them and allowed them to design the wondrously innovative reactors that were designed to be operable only by its intended master...none less than the Spirit King of Air Ziyouqi themselves.   When properly ignited, the goldbolt's searing power would channel so much energy through the fissile material and unique metals that made up Saintbuster Zero's reactor core that they would all fuse together - setting off a chain reaction that would "Ignite" the slumbering godmachine and allow it to continue functioning so long as goldbolt was channeled through its divinity circuits - another miraculous invention of the ancient Ezdhûl which allowed the energy of The Spirit Kings to thunder through mechanical circuits without shredding them into ribbons over time as had happened with the mortal vessels provided to them long ago by The Six Great Ancestors - an attempt by the ancient Ezdhûl to improve where mortal flesh had failed.


The method of Saintbuster Zero's propulsion was a thing of utmost wonder, even to the brilliant scholars of Zunairah the Hundred Mind and the ancient engineering teams of Thorgrom Blackgranite, long ago - equipped with powerful magical stones salvaged from ancient Sapphire Elven Skycities, these crystals allowed for powerful anti-gravity energy to be generated when exposed to titanic amounts of elemental energy. Normally, the energy requirements of these stones alone made them unusable in the modern day(As none could match the kinetic mastery of the Sapphire Elves who had once wielded all six elements as easily as breathing), but with the Saintbuster Zero in the hands of its intended owner Ziyouqi, an infinite amount of roaring Goldbolt would, in theory, allow for enough elemental energy to coarse through these unique Skystones to allow Saintbuster Zero to entirely defy gravity and soar through the sky.

Weapons & Armament

The Saintbuster Zero suit was equipped with a vast array of lethal weaponry during its initial construction - most notable of which was the legendary Cloudburst Engine that dwelled within its right hand, which allowed for the supermassive Saintbuster Warsuit to, when properly powered by Ziyouqi's golden lightning, wield total and masterful control over the weather through a series of moisture-releasing generators to seed the skies, enchanting pylons to force lightning generation, and powerful crystals to wield the Spirit King's power to control air and and lightning as easily as breathing.   However, as the Saintbuster Chassis was designed to house the essence of The Spirit King of Air, Ziyouqi, it contained a host of air-aligned elemental weaponry such as intricate lightning pylons designed for the accumulation and firing of lightning, magical crystals embedded in the chassis designed to scatter incoming Atlen and render it into harmless energy, and powerful turbines designed to generate enormous amounts of hurricane-force winds.   In addition to these weapons, the divinity circuits designed to withstand the full brunt of a Spirit King's power that ran throughout Sinh's Saintbuster Chassis would, in theory, allow for the The Spirit King of Air Ziyouqi to fully wield their enormous and awesome power to its fullest extent as it had long ago after gaining a mortal form thanks to the sacrifice of The Six Great Ancestors - a far more deadly and terrifying weapon than any of its other armaments.   Finally, in true ancient Ezdhûl fashion, the Saintbuster Zero chassis was equipped with an enormous array of their damnable gunpowder weaponry - from enormous artillery cannons, point defense guns, to even normal slug-throws, railguns, flame launchers, and more. None, however, were as deadly or as lethal as the legendary Skyeye Spear - a wholly unique weapon designed by the greatest Ezdhûl minds to utilize Ziyouqi's roaring Goldbolt to power an enormous mass-accelerator cannon that would utilize Goldbolt and electromagnetism to hurl an enormous metallic slug at speeds approaching the speed of sound. This enormous gun, built with absolutely no consideration for ever being fired by mortal hands, is by far Saintbuster Zero's most terrifying weapon - capable of generating so much kinetic energy when the slug squashes on impact that it may well be capable of flattening entire countrysides. In truth, it is in every way a crowning achievment of ancient Ezdhûl engineering - a weapon worthy of the gods themselves, unable to be fired by mortal hands.

Armor and defense

As its Chassis was constructed of the finest, most durable, and most electrically conductive metals, the Saintbuster Zero Chassis is without exaggeration one of the most durable objects in all the world even before its ignition and awakening after Thorgrom Blackgranite's death - simply in metals and arcane wards alone, it may well come close to rivalling the defensive power of the Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier that sits as capital of the migrant fleet.   After its awakening, however, with the full power of the The Spirit King of Air, Ziyouqi, now slumbering within its chassis, its defensive power is now considered immeasurable and unfathomable - only able to be pierced by the mightiest of godslayers such as The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Saintbuster Zero chassis was equipped with ancient, state-of-the-art Ezdhûl radio transmitters and receivers, as well as a host of speakers designed to play audio to allow the mighty Spirit King of Air Ziyouqi to speak once it had fully inhabited the chassis. In addition, the Saintbuster Chassis was said to be equipped with a tightbeam communications system capable of directly communicating into the personal warsuit of Thorgrom Blackgranite, but with his death such a system has become useless.


As befitting a mechanical godmachine designed to serve as the "throne" and body to The Spirit King of Air Ziyouqi, the Saintbuster Zero Chassis was equipped with a full suite of Atmospheric Sensor Arrays designed to flawlessly record, monitor, and predict air movements and weather patterns across the entire globe, alongside a host of flawless Atlen Sensors that allowed the Chassis to monitor the use of atlen in its surrounding area as well as normal audiovisual sensors that sat within highly armored housings to allow for more "mundane" sight.   In truth, the Chassis was equipped with such an advanced sensory suite that there are believed to be very few, if any, things that the legendary Saintbuster Chassis could not percieve.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Perhaps most notable among the Saintbuster Chassis' other systems was the legendary divinity circuit - mechanical pathways said to be a flawlessly perfect blend of ancient Ezdhûl engineering and ancient divine power, allowing for the mechanical channeling of the raw, divine potential of The Spirit Kings to roar through what was planned to be six seperate Saintbuster Chassis, each designed to support a different Spirit King. These Divinity Circuits allowed the ancient Ezdhûl engineering teams to plan for and harness the immense, overwhelming power of the The Spirit Kings within their great godmachines and, in theory, allow The Spirit Kings to operate them as they would their own old mortal bodies...and some say, even better than their mortal flesh as the circuits would, in theory, prevent the degredation that had occured in the mortal shells of The Spirit Kings long ago due to the overwhelming power contained within, an attempt to fix the failings of flesh with hardened steel.   While the divinity circuit had terrifying potential as a weapon if used improperly, they were only ever utilized on the Saintbuster Project, installed into the resplendent hulls of the great godmachines designed to serve as bodies for The Spirit Kings - a testament to the immense, genuine faith of the Ezdhûl and of their High Thane Thorgrom Blackgranite, who was said to specifically veto the use of the divinity circuit in other warmachines so as to not sully the power of The Spirit Kings.

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Saintbuster Zero, S.I.N.H, The Skyeye Sparrow
None. As the prototype and only completed suit among the Six Saintbuster Chassis, it never received an official designation.
"Godhood lies within gilded gears" - Motto of the old Ezdhûlian Engineering Teams under Thorgrom Blackgranite.
Creation Date
Construction Finished in 3699 ASK
Owning Organization
One of a kind
At full-size, stood nearly 138 meters tall(124ft)
Fluctuated. Easily upwards of 90 tonnes (100 Tons)
Unknown. Under the full control of its intended master Ziyouqi, its speed would be incalculable.
Complement / Crew
None. It was designed to be impossible to operate by mortal hands - movable only by the divine.

A Slumbering Godmachine

Built within the deepest reaches of the Ezdhûlian Mountain Citadel Kal-Dûlhral during the latter stages of The War of Boiling Skies, the Saintbuster Project was initially put forth by Thorgrom Blackgranite as a way to prove their faith to The Spirit Kings even in the midst of the continent's most bloody war it had ever seen - a way to "prove our faith to those whom it truly mattered", in Thorgrom's own words. Constructed over a half-decade using the finest platinum, silver, gold, and steel all altered to be as electrically conductive as possible, Saintbuster Zero was crafted as the prototype of the Saintbuster Project - the first in what was to be a line of six unique supermassive chassis each designed to support The Spirit Kings.   In truth, much of the reasoning for this decision has been lost - many of Thorgrom's detractors claim that, in his arrogance, he wished to subvert the Starfall Prophecy which foretold of the return of The Spirit Kings only when the Demon Blade Starfall found a true and proper wielder and force the return of The Spirit Kings before their true and proper time. Others still among his benefactors claim that, in his eternal piety, he wished to construct something that would outlast even his great empire - an eternal offering to his beloved gods that would serve as monuments to all the Ezdhûl had achieved in their name, even after their enemies had won and wiped their records and achievments from history.   Whatever the truth may be, what is known that the Saintbuster Project was canned and canceled shortly after the completion of the initial prototype - the Saintbuster Zero warsuit that would come to be known as Sinh. The problem, from what records remain, laid in "igniting" the machine - the Ezdhûl had planned on calling The Spirit Kings into the suits using similar ritualistic sacrifice of willing creatures similar to how The Six Great Ancestors had called them long ago to save the continent from obliteration at the hands of The Yema. However, for whatever reason, this "ignition" refused to take hold - Ziyouqi refused to accept the provided sacrifice and inhabit the Saintbuster Chassis. As such, the project lay dormant until the final days of the ancient Ezdhulian Alliance - when Thorgrom Blackgranite faced Kyra Aenai in single combat in the Saintbuster Silo far below Kal-Dûlhral. As Thorgrom Blackgranite lay slain by his foe, the great godmachine was said to roar to life in such a violently sudden outburst, Goldbolt sparking from its frame as its reactors screamed to life, that its initial movements and attacks on Kyra Aenai as she sought to destroy Thorgrom Blackgranite's body were so great that even the great Lamia God-queen was almost atomized on the spot. Cradling the body of its creator, the great godmachine spoke its first and only recorded words - after which it burst free from its housing and flew into the skies at supersonic speeds, never to be seen again.  
Dream well, Dhamusa. Your offering is accepted.


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