The Bhorsis Blades

The six most powerful weapons on Zheng-Kitar, legendary artifacts of unrivaled power


  Also known as the Six Demon Blades, the Bhorsis Blades are six of the most terrifying and awe-inspiringly powerful weapons to exist on the continent of Zheng-Kitar - though despite their somewhat misleading moniker, they have not been conclusively proven to be linked to The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl, and are instead believed to have been incorrectly attributed to them at some point during the past by those who feared their power, the malign intelligences that dwell within the weapons, and the often cursed nature of the blades themselves that either kill those they deem 'unworthy' of wielding them', or even those who simply wield them too abundantly...   Contrary to what many believe, they do not share a single united history - they have come from many places(some known and some unknown), and were forged by multiple different people.   Below are the six blades, descriptions of their appearances, histories, and abilities, as well as current locations if such a thing is known.  

The Six Blades

  • Name: The Meteor Blade   Description: Also known as the Demon Blade Starfall, the first and mightiest of the Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades", this colossal blade is nearly sixteen feet long with a rough-hewn blade forged from a meteorite, with countless craters and pockmarks adorning the flat of the blade as if asteroids and meteorites strike it frequently. Little is known about it, as it has not left the possession of Shou Ozawa in thousands of years - but it is supposedly only able to be wielded by one who is worthy of its power, spoken of in some legends as being sentient such that it might well choose its wielder, or alter fate itself to ensure its fated wielder will one day encounter it. On the fated day when it finds its true wielder and finds its true purpose, it will supposedly cause the stars themselves to fall from the sky with its thunderous, star-shaking power.   Known Abilities: Nearly None Confirmed. The only confirmed power of the blade is a property that will cause the death of the wielder if the wielder is judged by the blade to be unworthy of wielding it. Rumored to be a blade of immense, overwhelming power such that it's one recorded use led to the formation of a crater a thousand feet wide. Rumored to be the key to the return of the Spirit Kings themselves. True to its alternate name Starfall, rumored to be able to strike with the force of a falling star, or cause the stars themselves to fall. Its intelligence, if it has one, is likely a thing of towering, godlike ego - a thing so powerful only the mightiest of wills could even hope to avoid being controlled by it.   Current Location: Owned and worn on the back of Shou Ozawa, the Fatal Blade. Was created by him when he was a mortal Samurai in a fit of rapturous inspiration after bearing personal witness to and recovering part of a falling star and has not left his possession in thousands of years.
  • Name: Întuneraas(Een-tuner-ahs)   Description: The second of the Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades", also known by its nickname "The Prismatic Blade". Depicted as an alien object with the handle of a cutlass complete with handguard and a tube-like blade seemingly constructed of gorgeous crystal divided into several segments that spin about seemingly at random, its crystal interior described as giving off a constant glow of rainbow light. Well-known as an unusually excellent conductor of Atlen and Magical Power, it is a blade capable of unfathomable destruction on a truly titanic scale unmatched by possibly any of its sibling blades save Starfall itself, as through means not entirely understood, it somehow is able to act as a conduit to the source of all magic and to the elemental planes themselves at the same time. Its length varies but is commonly described as about the length of a longsword, though more unwieldy.   Known Abilities: Most notably, Întuneraas is said to have the ability to act as none other than a potentially infinite source of Atlen, or magical energy - its kaleidoscopic crystal "blade" is said to contain reflections and gateways within to not only the source of all magic, but to the elemental planes themselves - this energy that it can accumulate seemingly infinitely can thus be released from the blade in a blinding stream of magical or elemental energy of seemingly limitless power such that almost nothing is beyond its ability to obliterate through sheer, overwhelming force. Though hinted at and never confirmed, it supposedly also grants the ability to travel into different worlds, planes, and even entire alternate realities or cosmologies - however, for all of its power, its usage is said to cause an incredibly heavy toll on the bodies of those who wield it, with extremely rare exceptions. It is unknown what exactly the intelligence that dwells within the crystal tube-like "Blade" is like, if it even exists - those who have wielded the Prismatic Blade either do not survive its usage, are unwilling to speak of it, or are crippled so severely in mind and body they cannot even think or respond to questions. As such, while it is highly desirable to most all who pursue the ways of magic, it is considered a cursed weapon for the unfathomable knowledge and power it brings to bear on its wielder, very much akin to the myth of the "Monkey's Paw" which grants its wielders utmost desires in horrible ways that often lead to death or severe misfortune.   Current Location: Unknown.
  • Name: Elsantiliax   Description: The third of the Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades", of which the least is known amongst all its peers. It has no single identifiable epithet, but is spoken of as a weapon of terrifying scale and lethality - a blade supposedly able to strike on the scale of towns and cities rather than individuals or groups. Its existence has only been confirmed indirectly by a former wielder of the Demon Blade Blackout who referred to a rival wielding a blade they referred to as "That damned needle he calls Elsantiliax" - its wielder thus has been confirmed to engage with the wielder of Blackout on at least one occasion, and has been described by the same being as "like fighting an entire swarm of gnats, if the gnats were made of metal and the size of your arm". The appearance of the blade, its sentience, or anything else is unknown at this time.   Known Abilities: None definitively known - many theorized that the description given by a former wielder of the demon blade Blackout of "like fighting an entire swarm of gnats" might indicate the blade could split off or duplicate itself thousands of times, or could possibly transform it some way. It is believed to have memory-altering properties or perhaps simply be secretive by nature. What or why exactly it is described as a weapon of such massive scope and scale is not known at this time.   Current Location: Unknown.
  • Name: Kilikreuz(Kill-ih-kroytz)   Description: Better known by its nickname "The God Shattering Sunhammer", Kilikreuz is one of the legendary Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades" - though it itself is a hammer rather than a sword for reasons many assume include a reforging at some point in its history - that takes on the form of a colossal two-handed maul made of pure white metal inlaid with gold, the image of a glorious sun set on the head of the maul as the metal of the maul itself is constantly warm to the touch. It is said to sear the hands of the unworthy, and cannot be held by those without a pure spirit - any others who try will find themselves horribly burnt or possibly even killed if they do not relent in their attempts to wield it. Long spoken of as a weapon born as the bane of the divines themselves, the legendary weapon Kilikreuz exists solely to seek out and smite those who attain divinity, those with godhood, or even to a lesser degree servants of gods or divine/holy objects or locations - it has earned many epithets over its millenia of service(Most notably "Saintkiller"), and has been wielded by dozens of valiant warriors who have used its unfathomable might to crush aspiring and fully powered Elemental Saints, to slay demigods or those powerful beings who attain a shard of godhood, or even in an especially notable occasion to smash down the gates of Elysium in one terrible, all-powerful swing that was said to have been heard across the planescape. Though it prefers wielders with pure hearts, many have noted that it's definition of "pure" is not strictly limited to good...   Known Abilities: Most notable among the abilities of Kilikreuz, the God Shattering Sunhammer, is its very nature which makes it anathema to all divine beings - Kilikreuz is an unfathomably lethal weapon against those with divinity or those creatures or objects who in some way serve or embody divinity, capable of untold destruction when wielded for such a purpose. It ignores all known conventional laws of divinity and exposes gods to true and terrible mortal injuries, anchoring them and rendering them wholly mortal with each bone-crunching swing of its mighty weight - no divine defenses are known to work against the unfathomable might of Kilikreuz. It is known to be able to freely alter its weight and density at will, to set itself alight with raging godfire, to project rays of sunlight from its hilt and hammer, and is said to grant its wearer nigh-invulnerability so long as it remains in their grasp. It is also rumored to be able of turning night into day, but such a power has not been confirmed. Like many of the other Bhorsis Blades, Kilikreuz is believed to be an intelligent item that chooses its wielders to some degree.   Current Location: Unknown. It was believed to have been wielded last by the Elemental Saint Radoslav the Redeemed not once but twice(Once as a pure evil man and once as a pure good man), where it was known as "The Cross of Tsepsha" during the time he wielded it. Appeared to have shattered during his fight with Osmantha the Indomitable, but this is demonstratably false - high-level divination magic has confirmed its continued existence, location unknown. Many theorize it perhaps appeared to shatter as a way to leave and find another wielder, its task complete.
  • Name: Blackout   Description: As one of the Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades", Blackout is infamous even amongst its sibling weapons as a Demon Blade - taking the form of a massive two-handed weapon whose monolithic triangular blade is as black as pitch and twinkles with motes of starlight, Blackout is a blade of incredible power and incredible corruption. The mere act of holding it is said to invite its darkness into ones' soul, and to wield it would require a being of unfathomable good to wield it properly without risking corruption. Many call it the sibling blade of Kilikreuz, as it embodies absolute darkness and bottomless brutality - its mastery over darkness and its seemingly endless appetite for mortal souls and slaughter make it the perfect opposite to the holy hammer of the sun, Kilikreuz. It delights in blood and death, and unless faced with a similarly ruthless wielder will attempt to take control of those who grasp it to make such bloody dreams a reality.   Known Abilities: Able to darken the skies and blot out sunlight, unleash massive waves of darkness that snuff out the lives and souls of creatures with terrifying effectiveness, empower its wielder in a plethora of ways, carve open rifts to the abyss to summon demons and more, the Demon Blade Blackout has a suite of terrifying and unholy abilities that have seen unfortunately detailed use over its eons of existence. It is especially skilled in the murder of mortal souls - those killed by Blackout have their souls snuff out eternally, sucked into and greedily absorbed into the evil intelligence that dwells within the blade itself. Rumored though never confirmed is its power over the undead, ability to wield curses, and many other abilities spoken of but never confirmed to have been used.   Current Location: Embedded in the second throne of The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl, hidden away somewhere in the Xiaosha Sands.
  • Name: Pedalavaar   Description: The last of the Six Demon Swords known as "The Bhorsis Blades", Pedalavaar is better known by its nicknames "The Fairy Blade" and "Oberon's Razor" - as possibly the only truly "good" member of the Six Demon Swords, Pedalavaar is a weapon that embodies and stands in defence of the natural world. A blade described as having a hilt made of roots and bark and a blade formed from folded leaves and sharpened vines, it is said to be able to freely alter its size and shape at will and can appear to be whatever it wishes to be. It is also widely regarded as a holy blade of the Kami, as it was largely thanks to them that its previous and original form as a blade that served as a poisonous anathema to nature was purified and turned into a holy blade of good.   Known Abilities: Able to alter its size and shape freely, to give its wielder the ability to freely manipulate trees/vines/natural plantlife, to detect and heal and influence the animals and beasts of the natural world, to reinforce its wielder and allow them to discorporate and merge with surrounding natural terrain, and with the terrifying ability to become many times more deadly when facing metallic or otherwise manufactured items or beings make Pedalavaar a terrifying weapon to face on equal footing - as a natural attractor of Nature Atlen, it can accumulate magical power at an alarming rate from the world's forests and natural terrain, allowing for large-scale terraforming, the animating of entire forests, and for single swings of its blade to snuff out the lives of its foes and instantly reincarnate them back into the cycle. It was an intelligent blade even before its purification at the hands of the Kami - and now its intelligence serves to ensure only the most noble and naturally-minded creatures are capable of wielding it. It is also rumored to give its wielder power and absolute control over Kami, but this has never been confirmed.   Current Location: Wielded by the Archdruid Yonnigan Leafwarden, head of the Druid Circle in charge of the Yudao Rainforest.


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