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Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier

The gigantic floating gigaship once forged for evil, now the capital city of the Migrant Fleet

Power Generation

The HGV Iron Tyrant, renamed to the Bushūbunáo after its salvaging and reclamation by the Migrant Fleet, when it was originally comissioned, was given prototype and state-of-the-art Numiastran Luminos Reactors - a suite of four titanic marvels of Numiastran Engineering which combined the power of hydrodynamic power, solar energy, and a unique artifact known only as the "Starcradle" - a shard of incredible power said to be a hyper-dense fragment of the God of the Sun's heart which emits light so bright as to vaporize living matter.   This suite of four reactors combines a masterful system known as the L-System to harness the infinite solar power of the Starcradle, combining it with the natural power gained from sunlight and from the water the Iron Tyrant scoops up as it sails, using the water to shoot through the ship's pumping systems to keep it cooled enough for normal function to counteract the extreme, divine heat the Starcradle produces - all contained within a twisted, writhing heart of smog, cogs, wires, and raw mechanical power churning away at all hours of the day like a mechanical devilheart.   This system is designed to be self-repairing and self-sustaining, but in emergencies the HGV Iron Tyrant was equipped with the systems to run at minimal power using hydrodynamic power from the water it sat upon normally.


The means of the Bushūbunáo's propulsion was a state secret of the Iron Empire where it was originally created - a ship of its raw tonnage and power would not be able to float nor propel itself under normal circumstances, so the means of the ship's propulsion remain unknown beyond several intricate, impossibly advanced magical circles carved into the ship's back, sides, underbelly, and front of its hull which serve to manipulate the water around the ship to both keep it bouyant and propel it forward, backward, turn it, or sideways depending on which magical array is activated and fed power from the Luminos Reactors thundering away deep within the belly of this iron monstrosity.   Thankfully, these circles remained undamaged by its sinking - once the Migrant Fleet restarted its screaming heart, the Bushūbunáo could float once more with little effort.

Weapons & Armament

The Bushūbunáo, back before it was sunk, boasted a full compliment of terrifying weaponry that was the primary reason for its rapid sinking by the forces of good - it has nearly two dozen titanic swivel-mounted Clement-class slug-launchers designed by the Iron Empire to take in a lump of metallic matter, smelt it using the immense heat of the ship's Luminos Reactors, and then launch the resulting hyperdense slug in the span of milliseconds at hypersonic velocities to wreak carnage on its foes.   In addition to these massive slug-launcher cannons which are nearly 90ft long in the barrels alone, the ship comes equipped with dozens of smaller catapults, ballistae, trebuchets, and other forms of artillery as well as archer-slits for more close-range or small-scale point defense.   Perhaps most impressively, however, was the series of magically powered launchers stationed all over the ship's hull - these were designed to be fired autonomously, and when coupled with the Ship's Luminos Reactor and hardened defenses, provided an invincible barrier that almost none could pierce.   The crowning part of the Bushūbunáo's wicked arsenal, however, is the legendary cannon known only as the "Tavruth" - a gigantic giga-cannon nearly 250ft long in the barrel that was designed to fire prototype, state of the art Numiastran ammunition named "Devastation Shot" - gigantic shells filled with an abhorrent magical concoction that, when fired, would detonate in the air above the target zone and release a sickly black-green cloud that would see to the absolute deconstruction and destruction of all organic life in the target area - as well as the complete and total unraveling of all magic in the area, usually leading to a total ecological and magical collapse in the firing zone for centuries afterwards. This weapon, capable of targeting areas miles away and hitting target zones hundreds of feet across and sometimes thousands of feet depending on favorable wind conditions, only fired once before the Bushūbunáo's(Formerly the HGV Iron Tyrant's) subsequent sinking - and since its salvaging by the Migrant Fleet, the Tavruth's mechanisms have remained far beyond the ability of the Migrant Fleet Engineers' ability to fix.   However, now, most of its weapons sit unusable and broken after its sinking. Only a scant few of its smallest remain operational.

Armor and defense

The Bushūbunáo, formerly the HGV Iron Tyrant, was completely and totally invincible - its thick metallic hull meant it was totally and wholly invulnerable to mundane metallic weaponry such as swords and arrows, and its magical wards - a series of interlocking magical glyphs laid down by Numiastran Archmages before they were subsequently executed to ensure the system's secrecy - provide almost total defense against magical assault. If there is one chink in the invincible armor of the Bushūbunáo, it was that its magical wards had to be dropped each time its fearsome main cannon, the Tavruth, fired - the enormous amounts of energy required to fire the ship's main weapon could not sustain its magical wards while doing so, but rebooted a tear-jerkingly long hour later.

Communication Tools & Systems

The communication systems of the Bushūbunáo are unknown - these systems were destroyed when it was sunk, and after it was hauled back up from the deep by the Migrant Fleet, they have yet to be repaired.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Unique to the Bushūbunáo, to compliment its massive size, is an entire steam-powered rail system designed to ferry those who dwell within and atop the massive supercarrier around its iron guts with speed - this rail system was broken after its sinking, but was repaired some time after it was salvaged by the migrant fleet with urgency - walking the literal mile of ship that is the Bushūbunáo is no easy feat, even for the physically fit, so emphasis was placed on solving that issue - though crew fitness spiked drastically in the years before the rail system's repair.

Hangars & docked vessels

So titanic is the Bushūbunáo that it can serve as a mobile repair and refueling station - it is capable of supporting dozens of smaller ships docked across various hardpoints on its hull, both wooden and metallic, and can even take such ships into its inner belly to protect them for later deployment.
The Iron Tyrant, The Ashbringer, The Obliteration Engine, The Floating City, The Emperor's Blade
One of a kind
60 mph Cruising Speed. 120 mph top speed.
Complement / Crew
10,000 Crewmates(Including Officers, Engineers, Etc) needed to keep it running at all times at full capacity. In its current, damaged state, required compliment is assumed to be less than half this.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Functions as an entire capital city, and can hold around 50,000 people comfortably - though its population hovers anywhere between 50 - 75 thousand, sometimes more when it accepts refugees.

The Tyrant's First and Last Voyage

Initially constructed in the iron dockyards of the Iron Empire of Numiastra, the HGV Iron Tyrant was built in absolute secrecy as the weapon to ensure Numiastra's complete and total dominance over its enemies, and a weapon that would completely and utterly flatten the rebellion that was, at the time, rocking Numiastra to its core. However, towards the end of this damnable iron demon's construction, its existence was leaked by a brave and valiant insider who alerted the rebels of this behemoth's imminent awakening, though he died in the process.   So it came to be that, thanks to the efforts of a few brave men sounding the alert, the Iron Tyrant's First Voyage was also its last - the beast sailed out into the open seas, bound for the headquarters of the resistance which opposed the Iron Emperor, and encountered a massive fleet of resistance vessels which had come to take it down. And mighty did this beast fight and struggle - its cannons thundered and wards quaked as it sailed through the waters of hell itself, cracking dozens of rebel ships in half on its maddening journey towards its final destination - and it quickly became apparent that the Iron Tyrant was seemingly, invincible. No weapon could harm its hull - and no spell could mar its surface. However, in a legendary maneuver, the Admiral of the Rebel Fleets refused to back down and charged headlong towards the Tyrant, discovering as a result that its wards would drop during the firing of its main cannon.   And though the main cannon fired, completely destroying the rebel HQ, the rebel fleet was able to land a killing blow to the Iron Tyrant during the hour the ship's wards dropped - sinking the ship forever after a long hunt to deal it the final blow as it attempted to flee...until, many centuries later the Gangtao Migrant Fleet stumbled upon the lost wreckage of the Tyrant and spent the next decade hauling it back up from the ocean's depths - though most of the ship was nonfunctional, they got its power system back online and got it floating again, turning the once mighty dreadnaught of evil into the lifeship and beating heart of the free-spirited Migrant Fleet, where it remains to this day.


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