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Bushūbunáo, Capital of the Migrant Fleet

The proud capital of the Migrant Fleet, built atop the biggest ship on the seas


Due to the nature of the migrant fleet, all manner of races and ethnicities can be found here - the ship-city's population is at least 1/5 engineers and crewmen which are neccesary to run the ship and keep it operational, but otherwise almost any profession can be found here - from the lowly dockworker, cooks, admirals, beggars, and more - as a literal and titanic city floating on the water, all manner of people and professions can be found here, of all manner of wealths and professions. Sailor is the most obvious profession found here, however - as well as any profession used to or built around or on the water, such as fishermen.


The Bushūbunáo is ruled solely by the High Admiral, lord of the Migrant Fleets and master of the fleet's armadas. It is run similar to a naval vessel, with all helmsmen and crewmen reporting to their superior officers in a military-style command up the chain to the High Admiral, who captains the Bushūbunáo and rules it with an iron hand.   He rules with his authority and power alone, and all taxes, laws, and regulations are laid down by him and his cabinet to keep the Bushūbunáo running - a blanket tax on all trade and ships coming and going, laws like any other city, and the military organization all serve to keep the ship running like clockwork.


Though much of the Bushūbunáo's original defences were destroyed during its time sunken at the ocean's bottom, many have come back online once it was salvaged and during the intervening centuries since its reclamation by the Migrant Fleet - its magical arrays both Forward, Rear, and Lateral were one of the first and most miraculous to come back online, providing the Bushūbunáo near-total protection from magical attacks as well as a host of lethal short-range and long-range magical bombardment attacks and defensive maneuvers.   In the years since its reclamation, the Migrant Fleet's engineers have added their own unique defences to customize the Bushūbunáo's original arsenal, and much of its original point-defense weaponry - the veritable horde of ballistae, catapults, trebuchets, and spear launchers were repaired in short order and provide the Bushūbunáo enough firepower to wage a conventional siege war without issue. Archer slits, pallisades, castle-like walls, and countless traps dot the inside and outside of the Bushūbunáo's hull, most built by the Migrant Fleet's engineers - though some remain from the ship's original voyage from its original owners, and are incomparably more dangerous.   For a full list of the Bushūbunáo's original defensive compliment, see the page for the actual ship, Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier.

Industry & Trade

The Bushūbunáo is the beating heart of the Gangtao Migrant Fleet, shining capital of the seas, and it is no exaggeration to call it the center of commerce and trade in all the world's oceans - as one of the wonders of the world, sailors journey from all over the world to see it, and it hosts trade for countless nations and freemen alike. The taxes it charges on repair and refueling, trade, residence, commerce and more keep the ship afloat and profitable, and provide the funds the crew needs to feed the iron beast the fuel it needs to stay afloat.   As a sailing vessel, it is a highly mobile city, and often makes it way around the continent and sometimes the world, traveling to different ports to pick up and unload its goods - doing trade and business with all who it encounters equally.


The infrastructure of Bushūbunáo is, at its base, the superstructure of the actual ship itself, the Ship named the Bushūbunáo - so much of the city's infrastructure is the miles upon miles of coolant pipes, reactor lines, interior metal catwalks, furnaces, gun batteries, and more built in the ship's depths by its creators - but on top of all that lies the layers and layers of buildings, jerry-rigged power lines, and scrap-lean houses and city blocks rigged together on the Bushūbunáo's top deck and all throughout its interior. A veritable city of scrap has been built atop and within the ship, and the top deck has been transformed into a landscape of scrap-towers and scrap-houses, built by the thousands who call the Bushūbunáo home.   Within the sprawling, serpentine iron corridors of the Bushūbunáo, one can find a veritble plethora of various structures built on top of its existing structure and hull - the settlers who salvaged the mighty vessel have had centuries to slowly build up the exterior and interior of the mighty city-ship, and now one can barely see the original hull in some places, covered by graffiti, painting, scrap houses, shops, or such as it may be now. It is a living, floating piece of history, one whose history is built in literal layers from its lowest engine room to the highest command tower.   See the page for the actual ship, Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier, for more info on the ship's actual infrastructure.


Due to the overwhelming size of the Bushūbunáo, its assets are known to none but the High Admiral in charge of the ship himself - the mere act of taking a census and appraising the total headcount of the ship-city's residents and equipment is a herculean one that often takes months of work to completely pull off.   But at any given time, at least a half dozen smaller wooden sailing vessels sit inside the Bushūbunáo's interior dry-docks, with a handful of smaller iron ships - mothballed relics of the Bushūbunáo's original purpose as the flagship of the Iron Empire's Steel Fleets. These iron ships are mostly unable to be moved or activated, save a handful - and the ship has countless warehouses and storage bays scattered around its hull - so many that rumor has it that the engineers in charge of the ship have yet to uncover them all.   See the page for the actual ship, Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier, for more info on the ship's assets.

Guilds and Factions

Though countless salvage guilds, businesses, and factions are scattered within the byzantine corridors of the Bushūbunáo, the ship is governed solely by the High Admiral and the command crew of the Migrant Fleet. The rest of the minor guilds and factions may squabble, but ultimately answer to the High Admiral.


See the page for the actual ship, Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier, for more info on the history of the actual ship.   For the history of the Bushūbunáo, once it was salvaged a short time after the Migrant Fleet's official founding as a nation, it quickly became the crown jewel of the Migrant Fleet's armadas - so powerful and invincible was the aging iron beast that even crippled it was a tyrant of the seas, unbreakable and unsinkable in every regard. Though the Migrant Fleet's engineers may not and still don't understand many facets of its construction, it has served as an iron bulwark for the Migrant Fleet ever since its founding - countless trade disputes and potential wars that would have destroyed the Migrant Fleet were averted once the Bushūbunáo loomed on the horizon - a screaming demon of damnation built on an ocean of metal and cogwheels, that no nation wished to provoke the wrath of - though rumor had and still has that many of its weapons remain offline, none wish to be the first to test that theory, and have their homeland pulverized by the earth-quaking power of the Bushūbunáo's advanced weaponry.   Notably, the Bushūbunáo's original creators, the Iron Empire of Numiastra, an empire from a distant continent far across the seas, have come to reclaim it on multiple occasions, but have been driven back each time - a victom of the overwhelming power of their own creation.


As one of the most talked about legends of the high seas, the Bushūbunáo is one of the most sought after tourist destinations on the sea today. Every sailor holds the belief that all men of the sea should see the legendary ship once before they die, and that is no exaggeration - it is a popular place of pilgrimage for many, and countless make the journey to the Bushūbunáo to have their ship taken into the Bushūbunáo's voluminous interior dry-docks, where its vast hangers can hold entire smaller fleets of sailing vessels while their crew tour the ship's monolithic interior - so vast that the ship has an advanced rail system to move those around inside.   A popular saying of the Bushūbunáo holds that it would take a grown adult nearly an entire day to run from one side of the ship to another and back again - and while obvious over-exaggeration, to fully explore the depths and heights of the Bushūbunáo is an endeavor that takes many sailors years untold, exploring each time they come to port. Even to its residents, it is no small task to explore every nook and cranny - so big it is, people can get lost and venture into depths where monsters might lurk, forgotten and lost to time...


As a creation of the Iron Empire of Numiastra, the Bushūbunáo's architecture is a steampunk nightmare - halls upon halls of whirling cogs, blasting steam, and solid iron define the Bushūbunáo's makeup, and bulkhead upon bulkhead serve as the barriers and foundation on which it rests.
Founding Date
4103 ASK
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Iron, The Floating Fortress, The Iron Tyrant
50,000 Allegedly. Real pop. count is most likely closer to 75,000 - 100,000+.
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

The Ship of Legend

Few can fathom the immense size of the Bushūbunáo until they lay eyes upon it - just as few can fathom the notion of a sailing ship so entirely enormous that one could become lost for weeks within its iron interior with no sight of another living creature. A marvel of Numiastran Engineering, the Bushūbunáo, once named the HGV Iron Tyrant by its original creators, is a thing of legend and awe - it is so big even the biggest triple-masted man-o-war Galleon seems no more than an ant beside it. It is so enormous that within its myriad interior lies several massive dry-docks linked to the exterior hull by ship-sized elevators which ferry ships up from the ocean into the ship's interior - hangars so enormous that they can harbor dozens of smaller ships for repairs and resupplying.   For good reason, countless Sailors claim that "all who sail these seas should make the trip to see the Bushūbunáo once" - once they lay eyes upon it, many sailors happily take up residence there and spend years exploring its depths without ever repeating an exploration. Though many of its original weaponry and equipment no longer operates since its sinking, it remains as one of the most fearsome vessels ever to sail the oceans - over a mile long and unfathomably tall, it is a thing that has sailed for hundreds of years that shows no signs of wear or tear.

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