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Kishiji Kawamura

The cunning commander of the Migrant Fleet, wise beyond his years

High Admiral KIshiji Kawamura (a.k.a. The One-Eyed Wolf)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though he is into middle age, he remains the very picture of physical fitness - he is as hale and hearty as a horse, though he is rumored to have a weak heart, that is no more than an unsubstantiated rumor.

Body Features

He is tall, well-built, and muscular - but his mannerisms make it so he has little overall presence. He has a huge number of tattoos all across his body, but they are almost always hidden by his military fatigues and dress uniform.

Facial Features

His face is chiseled and well built, giving him a suave and handsome appearance.

Identifying Characteristics

Aside from his height, he lacks many identifying features aside from, perhaps, his violent gaze - he constantly seems to hold a murderous stare regardless of his actual feelings.

Special abilities

None. He is simply a man of raw, impressive talent.

Apparel & Accessories

He is almost always seen in full military dress complete with dress-cape and medals - as well as a blade at his hip. He wears a smart military cap and thick combat boots. His personal attire, if it even exists, is unknown to all but his inner circle. Many claim he sleeps in his commander's fatigues.

Specialized Equipment

He has a magical eyepatch that allows him to forgo a telescope and use it for the same purpose - he does not actually lack an eye, but wears it to keep one eye accomodated to darkness, and to use its divinitation enchantments - not to mention how synonymous it has become with him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Picked up as a baby from a floating basket near the coast, he was adopted into the fleet from near birth and grew up a hard-working member of the fleet. He rapidly rose to prominance after moving to the Bushūbunáo, Capital of the Migrant Fleet as a young adult, quickly getting the attention of the High Admiral at the time thanks to his talent and dedication such that he was given a position as his bodyguard.   From there, he served faithfully for several years until the High Admiral died of old age, at which point he served in the next High Admiral's Admiralty Board as a security advisor until he would eventually succeed his first bid for High Admiralty when the next position opened up.

Gender Identity





He had no education besides the rough and tumble education he was given on the fleet.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has led the Migrant Fleet to several impressive victories both foreign and domestic - he has fended off several assaults by the Iron Empire who came to reclaim the Bushūbunáo, The Salvaged Supercarrier, and has proven his tactical mastery time and again during the wars to defend the Migrant Fleet's capital from them. He has led them wisely and with cunning for the better part of ten years now.

Failures & Embarrassments

None notable.

Morality & Philosophy

He does not believe that the ends justify the means - he is a man who believes that the means are just as, if not more important than, the ends they achieve. He believes in diligently examining every nook and cranny of a plan and every aspect of one's life, and believes in always finding the way that will benefit all parties the most among them all.   He places profit and survival above all else, but has no room for capitulation or mindgames with his foes - when he feels he needs to strike, he does so without mercy, and aims to end a given fight before it begins - though he believes that the battle in which no strike need be launched is the best kind, so he often wields displays of force quite liberally to strike fear into his foes.


None known

Personality Characteristics


To protect the Migrant Fleet from all threats external and internal.   To serve his people and uphold the mantle of High Admiral with dignity and respect.   To serve the interests of the Fleet, and keep it profitable and afloat.   To see the citizens of the Fleet kept safe and shielded from harm.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

An excellent commander, animal handler, tactician, gardener, swordsman, sculptor, woodworker, and Model Ship Builder.   Inept at showing detailed emotion, taking a break, relaxing, sitting still, and delegating.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes work, sailing, working with his hands, battle, dogs, tight spaces, mechanical noise, his children, the ocean, board and strategy games   Dislikes taking breaks, his birth parents, cats, silence, hedonists, those without ambition

Virtues & Personality perks

Very Hardworking and Dedicated to his Job. Enjoys every aspect of what he does, even the boring and banal - he will diligently carry out his tasks to the end. He enjoys taking a personal hand in his commanding, and will personally get involved with his men and subordinates. He is very aware of his flaws, and purposefully surrounds himself with people capable of offsetting them.   Very driven, very charismatic - a natural leader who naturally gathers others around him just by the way he lives and carries himself. He won't complain about what is required of him, and will gladly shoulder another's burdens if it means lightening their load.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is incredibly hardworking, and will not stop working even if it would kill him. Has to be torn away from his work. Bad at showing true, deep emotion to others - he comes off as cold and uncaring to many. He also is bad at delegating and giving up control of things to others, and keeps his Admiralty Board with him for just such a purpose.   He is a notorious walkabout, and is hard to keep still - a bad trait for a commander. He despises being made to sit still, and often sneaks out of his office to wander the halls of his ship - and as a result is hard to locate.

Personality Quirks

He will always stop and pet a dog he sees. He cannot stand the sight of stray animals, and has been reprimanded by his subordinates for collecting insane amounts of strays.


Contacts & Relations

As High Admiral of The Gāngtao Migrant Fleet, he has contacts and relations all across the continent and beyond, from the lowly dockmasters of the world to the kings and queens who run the nations he trades with.

Family Ties

He has two children - a son and a daughter. His wife died during childbirth, so they are his sole family as his birth parents were never known to him.

Religious Views

He is not the type of man to make his personal views known, but is believed to be a quietly devout man who follows the Patron Saint of the Migrant Fleet, Asad the Patient.

Social Aptitude

He is known to be a steely-eyed commander who is known for his "No-nonsense" attitude. He is gruff, to the point, and cares little for theatrics or displays of grandeur or power - and though he is reticent and reserved, he is a capable public speaker, whose iron confidence and powerful demeanor command him great respect among his peers and subordinates - he is polite to a fault, even to those below him, and is strict and rigid as iron in his mannerisms - no one ever sees him "relaxed" or "at-ease".   The most one can hope for from The One-Eyed Wolf is a wry smile or knowing nod, or the rare grin of satisfaction at a job well done - he is not the type to express his emotions externally very well. For good reason, his subordinates joke that "He even shits in moderation" - meaning that he is not a man prone to extremes on either spectrum. He does things and acts quietly, carefully, and without great noise or quiet. He simply "exists" - which lends him the ability to move around relatively unnoticed, which he often uses to sneak up on his subordinates and conduct surprise inspections.


He is not one for extreme mannerisms - the most outward sign of his emotions one will see is a wry smile or grin, or a knowing nod or shake of the head. He enjoys smoking, and often smokes in conversations unless asked not to - which he politely abides. He otherwise makes few movements during his speech or behavior.

Hobbies & Pets

He has two pet dogs - though some more daring crewmates call the wild mutts wolves behind his back. They are two loyal canines named Helm and Sarge who have been with him his entire career as High Admiral.

Wealth & Financial state

Despite his vaunted status, he is a frugal man who does not make that big a salary due to the uniqueness of wages in the Migrant Fleet - the higher up one goes in its ranks, the less of an actual wage one recieves, meaning only the truly patriotic seek power. He places more value on wisdom and experience than actual physical wealth, and has stated on more than one occasion his desire to die a penniless man.   He is a careful and frugal man who spends and invests his meagre assets wisely, and is the type of man to kneel down and pick up a copper piece no matter the time, place, or his personal wealth. He prefers to save over spending, but has nonetheless accrued quite the sizable collection of non-monetary wealth - namely weapons, armor, outfits, and other random trinkets found during his time as High Admiral. More importanly, it could be said his most valuable assets are his connections - as high admiral of The Gāngtao Migrant Fleet, he has personal connections to people all across Zheng-Kitar.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The One-Eyed Wolf, Coldheart Kishiji, The Hero of Hon-gi, The Migrant Shadow, Master of the Iron Labryinth, High Admiral Upchuck, Little Wolf
Year of Birth
4526 ASK 37 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
He was a stray child rescued at birth from a passing migrant fleet ship. His birth parents had pushed him out to sea in a basket.
Unknown - he was abandoned by his birth -parents as a baby.
Current Residence
As commander of the Migrant Fleet, he is stationed onboard its floating capital at all times.
Heterochromatic(One Silver, One Blue), Violent-Looking
Extremely short, Whitish-Silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6'11 (2.1m)
253 lbs (114 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
You can pick out a fool by how much he boasts. Such it is that those who are the loudest are often the most foolish.
Aligned Organization


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