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Tomb of the Warenders

The ruined halls that hold the Ezdhûlian Alliance's greatest secrets, forgotten and left to rust

...repeat, come in Command! Damn...! Communication's down.......ll fronts....'ts going on out there?!   We've lost...ntact......power's going wild! Wha....oing on in Landown?   The Warenders........lly ready........ady to turn the key! Gi......s the order! Anyone!   Blast doors a.....ealed! All hands...........ority one........are for battle....this is not a drill. Repeat....
— Garbled, indistinct phrases heard echoing within the tomb's halls

Purpose / Function

Created under the top-secret orders of the Ezdhûlian Alliance's High Thane Thorgrom Blackgranite, the Tomb of the Warenders(Originally given the name the Ekkansbröm Silo) was created for a purpose that, even now, is not entirely clear to those of the current day nearly 800 years later. What IS clear, though, is that the Tomb was created to house the legendary Ezdhûlian Alliance's greatest secrets and most dangerous weapons - the objects or weapons known only as the "Warenders"...though whether that distinction refers to a weapon, an object, a person, one thing or multiple, is unknown. What IS known, is that these "Warenders" were so prized by the Alliance that they ardently believed that releasing or firing them would end The War of Boiling Skies practically overnight.


Any alterations made to the building since its creation are unknown - the secret construction of the facility has ensured that any alterations since are likely merely the natural ruin and rust of the facility at the hands of the Rainforest it is built beneath.


The architecture of the facility formerly known as the Ekkansbröm Silo is typical of the Ezdhulian Alliance during its peak during The War of Boiling Skies - halls of gleaming steel lined with rusted veins of silver and gold alongside thick metallic cabling with precious metals that aided in the strange and poorly understood Ezdhulian technology of "Thinmetal" that somehow carried the magical energies that powered their strange metallic facilities across great distances.   Additionally, true to Ezdhûl sensibilities, the halls and cielings of the Tomb are utterly enormous - as if designed for the largest of giants to stride through unhindered. Countless strange metallic disks and sparking cabling can be seen dangling from the walls marred by scorching marks and small holes, signs of damage during its final moments.


Altogether, the defenses of the Tomb are formidable - its metallic golem guardians, clockwork defenders, and automated defensive systems are capable of smashing even the hardest of warriors, shutting down magic and air itself in certain parts of the facility in response to invasion. These defensive systems alone have stymied all manner of invaders and explorers looking to punder its depths, but most notoriously are the strange, unexplainable phenomena that occur in the tomb's halls - ghosts that emerge to strangle the living, strange noises coming from nowhere, claws dragging across one's back, the air vanishing to strangle those who breathe, and possessions by wicked specters are all horrific events that attack and upend any who dare intrude upon the facility.


Built in a top-secret location over the course of years and presumably linked to the legendary Landown Reactor Complex(Drawing power from the facility's massive reactors to sustain itself off the books of the Alliance's records), the facility formerly known as the Ekkansbröm Silo was a victim of the unluckiest of happenstances - built to presumably unleash its terrible cargo when given the orders from the extremely select group of creatures who knew of its existence, the Silo was never discovered by Kyra Aenai and her forces that strove to destroy the Ezdhulian Alliance because of how incredibly secret it was.   Instead, it was left to rot - because of what can only be assumed to be a flaw in the facility's design, it could not be opened from the outside once it had gone into lockdown, reliant on a signal from Ezdhulian High Command or someone on the outside to release the massive Gravitic Pressure-Locks on the Silo's Doors...though many also speculate the sealing of the facility was due to faulty construction that saw its Blast Doors malfunction after its self-imposed lockdown, preventing itself from being opened from inside once it had broken.   Afterwards, the history of the Silo, eventually refound and named The Tomb of the Warenders by the Rasmanthus Guild-Sponsored Exploration team that found and plumbed its depths in 4309 ASK, was lost - whatever secrets the explorers claimed on their ill-fated journey were never returned, as the team themselves never returned from the facility's depths, only a magically-enchanting fallback bag that teleported back to the Guild after set amount of time.


Only one expedition has successfully breached the Tomb's outer defenses and gotten into its depths - though even then, they never returned in the end. Many adventurers, explorers, workers, and more desperately try to locate and pierce the defenses of the Tomb to get to its riches for themselves, but so far none have reached its depths and returned alive...though many who try speak of a powerful thrumming noise resonating through the halls, cutting through the haunting, indistinct voices to vibrate their heads and bodies with uncomfortable frequencies.
3706 ASK
Founding Date
Sometime around 3690 ASK.
Alternative Names
Megasite 0, Ekkansbröm Silo, The Warender Facility
Storage house / Silo
Parent Location
Owning Organization
This is Major General Khelmen Daas.   As of 11:09 this morning, I am the sole remaining commander of the Ezdhûlian Alliance.   The allied forces have taken High Command. High Thane Thorgrom Blackgranite lies dead at the hands of the serpent queen.   Even the great Fatalia Factoris lies executed at the hands of brutish monsters who now no doubt force our hands into a twisted treaty.   There is no longer any hope of our survival. We are forgotten, here. There is no exit. Landown has fallen, though the power lines remain active, for now.   The mighty Warenders will never be launched. They will rust here forever in their silos, awaiting the touch of their mother, to end the war to end all wars.   All we wanted to was to change the world. To bring the wonders of technology into the homes of the everyman, and brighten the world.   And we will all burn because of it.   I am father to two children, Husband to a loving wife, Commander of my loyal men, now Ruler of the Alliance -   and if you're hearing this, I am trapped and cannot die.
— Extremely rare phrase heard exclusively in the tomb's deepest reaches, Source Unknown. Heard only once by an ill-fated Guild-Sponsored Exploration Team.

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