Fall of Worldthrone Castle

Military action


Worldthrone Castle, home of Dahmunara Worldthrone and her daughters, is sieged and conquered by the Rasmanthus Guild. All of Dahmunara's daughters are killed, her generals lay slain or fleeing, and Dahmunara herself lies sealed away and her ritual stopped. Only Jilixia, her granddaughter, survives the destruction thanks to the sacrifice of Lysotha, nine-tailed kitsune general of Dahmunara and second mother to her children.

Falling under assault by the forces of The Rasmanthus Guild, multiple national armies and mercenaries from across the continent, Worldthrone Castle was besieged by a force of unfathomable strength and size led by the most powerful adventurers in the world at the time. These 'S' Rank Adventurers of The Rasmanthus Guild led the charge deep into the bowels of Worldthrone Castle, defeated the generals of Dahmunara and eventually sealed away the Demon Queen herself.   With the castle nearly conquered, these heroes turned to brutally butchering Jilixia's sisters as they adopted a policy of purging all remnants of Dahmunara Worldthrone's legacy from the world - Jilixia was forced to watch as her sisters were executed and impaled, some no older than 20, while she herself was only spared while the last of Dahmunara's generals, the nine-tailed Kitsune known as Lysotha, let herself be killed without resistance to buy Jilixia time to flee the castle through an exit passage deep in its depths. Faced with this genocide, Jilixia's dislike for men warped even further from sadistic enjoyment to downright cruelty - her previous restraint in killing them vanished and was replaced by a burning desire to brutally and painfully execute them where possible...especially to repay those who participated in the assault on her family.   However, unbeknownst to her, only one of the heroes who led the assault on Worldthrone Castle returned - an oldsoul renowned for his power who had led the assault and siege to begin with. Every last member of the invading army and the adventurers who had joined were slain or corrupted within the depths of the castle, and abandoned as the surving hero led those stationed outside in retreat, their objective accomplished as he returned to the world at large a hero beyond measure who defeated the demon queen and her children.

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