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753 years ago, this world was nearly destroyed during the War of Fate. Since then, the influence of the Gods has been mostly gone, and the Mortals have been rebuilding what they lost during this war. But recently, the otherworldly influence has seeped back into this world, and amazing discoveries have been made. The world is on the brim of a massive change. If that's for the better or worse, only the future will tell.

What is Lothrea?

Lothrea is a dangerous, but fantastical world. It pulls inspiration from many fantasy settings and mixes them with elements of steam- and mage punk. Traditional views of faith and magic clash with modern thinking of technology and progress. It's undeniable that gods and other powerful entities shaped this world, but it's also certain that Mortals have always found ways to live without them.  

Culture & People

After the War of Fate, everbody had to rebuild. This caused most species to work together and form cities and countries for all of them. Today it's incredibly rare to find cultures, which only include a single species. In many eras, not your nature, but the place you grow up, defines who you are.  


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