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New Champions Protocol

A Champions game In the world of New Champions
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  • Map of Millennium City
Supporting Cast
  • Samuel “Bones” Larsen
    Quiet, but calculatingly deadly. Industrious and entrepreneurial “middle man” for the criminal organizations in Millennium City — now an aspiring VIPER Satellite Nest Leader.
    Resurrected Champions AI, still rebuilding himself (healing). Friendly and helpful, speaks with an "over-educated", somewhat British accent.


Scheduled Sessions

Sun 17th January 2021 19:00

Entering the Tower of the VIPER: and yes, Algorithm said he invented the Internet (Part 2)


Sessions Archive

20th Jan 2021

American Courage: Session Three - A Make-Shift Morgue and Entering the Tunnel Room

The team continues their journey into the depths of the Underground Compound, attempting to discover the cause of the mysterious molten-metal transformations.

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13th Jan 2021

American Courage: Session Two - Navigating the Underground Base

The New Champions make their way into and through the facility under the main entrance of the Zug Island Industrial Complex.

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6th Jan 2021

American Courage: Session One - Reconnaissance and an Underground Compound

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4th Jan 2021

A Walk in the Park

Trying to meet up with a potential new team member, the heroes find things once again going sideways.

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29th Nov 2020

Overton Shift

Forces are at play, and the Heroes have to get to the bottom of it. Or maybe the top.

22nd Nov 2020

Higher Learning

Socrates has discovered something very disturbing going on at MCU.

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25th Jul 2020

"Ogre"at! Boomslang is still up to no good!

The heroes track weapons shipments to the warehouse district and also meet a new potential member of the team.

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2nd Jul 2020

Tin 'n' Lint

Drinks were drank. Words were exchanged. Mothers were insulted. The gloves came off.

20th Jun 2020

The Fifth Piller

A small group of heroes plan an infiltration of a power station to plant a fifth device, and hopefully reveal the mystery of SCRT.

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24th May 2020

Darkscapes and Desdroids

A few heroes have been singled out and whisked away to a strange landscape only to be attacked by a powerful robot.

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