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World Ember 2023

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The Pledge

150,000 words?

Yeah, I know. It's a ridiculous number. But I have my reasons. Many people like setting realistic goals, staying nice and low so they can reach what they set for themselves....Yeah, I'm not those people. I prefer to shoot for the stars, aim for the moon, and be satisfied when I hit the sky.

Also, I have 20 days off in December this year, with no chance for Overtime. Compared to the last two years where I had mandatory overtime the entire month, I'm going to be pretty bored by comparison! The chances of me hitting the 100,000 word mark (Achieved in 2021) is pretty high. 150,000 words is in the realm of possibility. I also have 720 planned articles as of right now.


Lots and lots of foreplanning that didn't occur until the last week or two. I have a journal that is starting to fill up with short article ideas, that will be expanded into full articles here on World Anvil next month.

Also, as I said in This Journal Entry, I am going to be making the single largest expansion of my world ever, with hundreds of individual smaller articles covering a variety of subjects. Normally I would throw everything of a particular type of thing in a single article, but several people wanted more shorter articles, so more shorter articles they will get! I also gave several examples of what those shorter articles would look like. The most common templates I am going to use next month are shown to the right.

Due to the sheer number of articles being added, I need to add a new way to navigate my world. In order to do that, I am creating wikipedia style tables for each article (examples are also in the articles to the right and below). the tables do need to be adjusted slightly for some categories, or it might accidentally be a stupidly long list. Thankfully most of this can be automated by tagging articles and using variables.

But Chrispy_0, tables take up a lot of the word count! Copy/Pasting the table that many times...

I get what you're trying to say, conviently placed strawman, but I have more integrity than that. I'd be foolish not to considering I complained about glorified stub articles two years ago and it's pretty well known among some people here that I hate this sort of stuff. Half the reason I am making my article count and word count so high this year is so I can point out the absurdity of stub articles to a few friends later on.

Do you recall the last section where I mentioned tagged lists and variables? Well, that's how I am going to avoid adding 50K words to my World Ember articles on the tables alone. I went through some effort to tag every single one of my articles I have published so far, and every single article during World Ember will also be tagged. This allows me to create a list with only three words of code instead of several hundred.

Then there are variables. There is a type of variable on World Anvil called Rendered Fragments. These will display the full formatting of anything you put in it, including tables. So with that look at the two navigation tables to the right. The one on top uses tagged lists but also has all the table code on this article, and takes up 64 words (would be closer to 100 if I didn't use tagged lists either). The one on the bottom uses a variable, and only adds 2 words to the article's word count. This won't cut out all of the wordcount due to formatting, but will cut out the vast majority of it.

I know, you can't actually tell which one has fewer words just by looking at it, but the WA staff will know, which is the important part. Now that you know how I plan to reach 150k words and how I plan to get to that number with just worldbuilding and no formatting tricks, let's move on to the homework and what I am focusing on!
(Example 1: 64 words. Tables are empty right now, but will fill up automatically as I tag new articles. Since I hate stub articles, these don't exist yet.)

(Example 2: 2 words)

Homework: Week 1

Week 1: Areas of Focus


There are hundreds of locations I still haven't described yet. During the story I am planning, the main characters visit roughly 30 of the 151 baronies of Cassel, as well as all the surface kingdoms at least once. I don't need to go in depth for the majority of them, but they all need at least a small description.

Kingdoms of Cassel

  • 7 Kingdoms
  • North Cassel
  • Alternate names: Marsan, Rogaterre/Rubiland, Verdina
  • South Cassel
  • Alternate names: Wrethas, Zafiterra/Sapphirland, Aluviane
  • West Cassel
  • Alternate names: Mataro, Diamoterre/Diamonland, Baileoni
  • Elf Kingdom of Lyonne
  • Alternate name: Argenovus
  • Elf Kingdom of Ledo
  • Alternate name: Suatela
  • Sea-Elf Kingdom of Atlatta
  • Sea-Elf Kingdom of Nereite
  • 21 Counties
  • 151 Baronies (Not necessarily all 'baronies')
  • ((I finally managed to come up with a name for all of them, but the list is too long to put here))

  • Geographic Locations (Cassel)
  • 45 Major Locations
  • 21 Major Rivers
  • Major Settlements (Cassel and Yurrimkil)
  • 10 cities
  • 15 large towns

  • Kingdom of Yurria (Small island nation northeast of Cassel)
  • 6 Counties
  • 24 Baronies (Not necessarily all 'baronies')

    The "Seven" kingdoms of Cassel.

    All 151 smaller political divisions of Cassel, not including the sea kingdoms.

    Magic System

    The main event for my worldbuilding next month. I am going to dive deep into the world's magic system, describe how it works in much greater detail than before, show what its limitations are, and create a few hundred items of various types to help me with that. I do need to rewrite multiple articles this month dealing with Vreathe's magic system and delete all of the out of date info.

  • Finish individual articles on the Chemical Elements (I still have 65 or so individual articles to write....)
  • Elemental Magic (6)
  • Esoteric Magic (7)
  • Time Magic (Doesn't count as elemental or esoteric magic....)
  • Magic Scrolls - Useless curiosities.
  • Working Words of Power ("To Know the Truth is to Know Absolute Terror")
  • Magic Wands (Also Staves, Foci, etc.)
  • Books of Magic (6) - Description of a spellbook from the world of Vreathe. Each book contains several sample pages with instructions for casting specific types of spells.
  • Bloodpacts - The method for how someone becomes linked with a powerful being.
  • Godtouched - What is actually means to be a descendant of the Gods
  • Types of Godtouched
  • Silverblood (Descendants of Nora, Elder Goddess of Time)
  • Aether and Mana-circuits - Technology similar to electrical circuits, has a power source, a powered device, and wires connecting them.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Traps and defensive systems
  • Fire Suppression
  • Lighting systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Potions/Drinks

    These I figured would be easy to make a lot of and also help to explain the limitations of my magic system.. There are multiple distinct Apothecary companies from across Eastern Vreathe and each of them make their own distinct bottles and potions/drinks. I have around 100 total planned.

    ((these galleries will all grow as I create/edit/add more images over the next few weeks))
    Old Anxi's (11)
    An apothecary based out of South Cassel. They make several different types of healing potions as well as refreshing carbonated drinks that also have some mild effects when used. Their containers are small 100ml bottles with a cork.
    Aetherial Brewing Company (14)
    An old Elven brewer from Faeon. they make various alcohols inspired by the Dragon Lords. The water they use in their brews come from a Scale of Senget which creates mana charged water out of nothing. Their containers are 500ml bottles with a cork.
    Alchemiche De Irrelith (54)
    Makes Standardized potions for military use. Makes a number of resist/amplify/negate potions for every magical element as well as a few others. Containers are small 50ml vials with a metal seal covered in wax. A large tab is attached for quick removal.

    Mercure Elixers (12)
    Every bottle of Mercure Elixer comes with a free counter-potion that removes the harmful effects of mercury, lead, radiation posioning, among other things. Their potions are unbelievably powerful, but they also use very toxic ingredients. Snake oil salesmen these guys are not, but their products aren't exactly safe either.
    Bottiglia De Rune (12)
    Based out of West Cassel, this company makes potions that enhance senses and physical attributes. They also make the best potions for restoring mana. Their containers are 250ml metal bottles with a screwcap. Their potions are meant to have multiple charges, so a glass window is present so you can see how much is left.
    Abyssal Air (8)
    Based out of Yurrimkil, Abyssal Air makes potions that generates mana fields around the drinker. These mana fields have unique effects, usually converting breathable air in some way. Their containers are in small glass vials with openings on both sides to allow consumption underwater.

    Other Items

    Arrows (50)
    Bombs (64)
    Misc Magic Items
  • Poisons (30)
  • Other ammunition (50)
  • Aethercite Crystals (50)
  • Ingredients (150)
  • Glass Types for Potions and Bombs (10)
  • Mana Glass
  • Aether Glass
  • Fulgerite
  • Impactite
  • Obsidian
  • Compression
  • Radiation Glass
  • Gravity Glass
  • Shatter Glass
  • Berylium Glass

  • ((I'll add more here if I come up with anything else))

    Other Articles

  • Fairy Queens of Cassel
  • Azura
  • Xana
  • Lirienne
  • Belladonna
  • ((Actually kind of surprised that as much as I mention Xana in various articles, I haven't written one about her yet...))

    Vreathe's Solar System
  • Nodan - the Lesser Moon of Vreathe
  • Kalbeth - The Greater Moon of Vreathe
  • Enzia - Unknown Domain (Mercury)
  • Yikonis - Vikuon's domain (Venus)
  • Rosia - Flora's domain (Mars)
  • Tarsuros - Tarcur's domain (Jupiter)
  • Aros - Moon of Tarsuros and Lithane's domain (Callisto)
  • Izi - Moon of Tarsuros and Beirunes's domain (Io)
  • Lazulia - Moon of Tarsuros and Ibora's domain (Europa)
  • Alomis - Alom's domain (Saturn)
  • Vanethia - Yanneth's Domain (Titan)
  • Planned Species
    ((Longer species articles that aren't being written solely as an ingredient source))
  • Drakes - Can be as large as classical dragons or as small as crows, which also just about describes their intelligence. Larger drakes function as flying mounts for some orders of knights.
  • Blink Lynxes - Cats with a little bit of the Corruption of Maeos. They phase in and out of reality as they hunt their prey. They are also popular pets.
  • Sky Trees - Trees with the height of Mountains. The last known groves are in the kingdoms of Lyonne and Ledo.
  • Marsan Shepherds - A breed of dog that would fight off a god if it meant protecting their herd and their family.

  • Gods of Vreathe
  • Silnos, the Creator
  • Elder Gods (4)
  • Tarcur
  • Alom
  • Yanneth
  • Nora
  • Lesser Gods (18)
  • Vikuon
  • Ibora
  • Beirunes
  • Altus
  • Nivema
  • Dragon Lords (14)
  • Other Gods (6)
  • Knightly Orders
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Order of the Light
  • Order of the Abyss
  • Order of Leviathan
  • Order of the Stag
  • Order of the Doe
  • Order of the Drake
  • Order of the Wolf
  • Order of the Lion
  • Order of the World Tree
  • Order of the Oryx
  • Random one-off Articles

  • Airships
  • Steam Engines
  • Atlas of Cassel (lots of nation scale maps if I finish in time)

  • ((I'll add more here if I come up with anything else))


    Homework: Week 2

    Mini Meta

    On the Magic System

    The magic system in Vreathe can be considered almost entirely a Hard Magic system. This is because Mana interacts with matter and energy and it strictly bound by the laws of physics in specific ways. The act of Channeling mana is always the same. The act of conjuring and manipulating the chemical elements and related compounds is always the same, requiring familiar knowledge of how the sciences work. Yeah magic still happens, but it has rules. Handwaving things isn't much of a thing here....except for...

    Aether, the primordial energy of the gods. This substance can break the laws of physics as well as a good many other things. The issue there isn't much of it left. Sure There are many, many different types of Aethercite crystals still around, certain beings still create aether just by existing, and regular humans can summon a little of the god's aether by knowing the right words of power. It is still gradually running out and eventually it will all be gone.

    The closest comparison to aether with a real world substance would be that of oil, and the current situation Vreathe is in with aether isn't actually much different then Earth is with oil right now. It's a little scarce sure, but there's still plenty of it if you know where to look. It's used in an incomphrensibly absurd number of products that governs almost every aspect of our lives. We do not appreciate just how much oil dominates our lives. Eventually though, it will run out, and we will have to adapt.

    The supply of Aether eventually running out is not a major plot point of my world, for now. Similar to oil, it's mostly a problem for the (near) future. This is a roundabout way of saying that I have to treat mana and aether more or less equally when describing the magic system in my world, from how different elements interact with each one, to how different magic items are made.

    So...I need an ordered system of assigning magic properties to each and every single one of the chemical elements, and then build my magic system out from there. For this I am going to use an element I worked on this week as an example: Beryllium. See the chart template to the left and the example to the right::

    Element Name

  • researched aspect of element 1 (Primary aspect)
  • researched aspect of element 2 (Secondary aspect)
  • ((Some elements have more.))

  • Effect when Charged with Mana.
  • Effect when Charged with Aether.

  • Unexpected interactions.

  • Compound/Crystal/Alloy 1
  • Compound/Crystal/Alloy 2
  • Compound/Crystal/Alloy 3
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

  • This is just a rough guideline for how I worldbuild the chemical elements. Some elements like Carbon and Iron will obviously get way more focus, and others will get much less.

    These guidelines can and will be broken. Not every element needs to have three different items described, and not every element has to have a specific effect when charged with mana or aether. Magic items don't need an association with any element to have a function either.


  • Metallic Beryllium is invisible to X-rays and Gamma Rays.
  • Toxic inside the Human body.
  • Strengthens some metals.

  • Completely invisible to Mana. Doesn't interact at all.
  • Doesn't interact with Aether in any meaningful way.

  • Overcharging Beryls with Aether cause the crystals to start 'eating' visible light, creating a gradually growing area of darkness.
  • Buildup of Beryllium in the human body will completely shut off the ability to cast magic.

  • Goshenite (Colorless Beryl Crystal), doesn't interact with Mana or Aether, great for filling with Neon Gas for use as a magic detector.
  • Other Beryls unexpectedly strengthen magic of specific elements (Emeralds power up Air magic for example).
  • Beryls - Silver coins with a beryl gem in the center. ((needs a name change))
  • Mana Detectors - Can detect mana or aether with glowing neon gas.
  • Beryllium Arrows/Bullets - Anti-Magic weapons.

  • On the Kingdoms and locations

    Even though I did mention it first in the week one homework, describing all the Kingdoms of Cassel is a lower priority. That said, if I am going to do it, I want to be thorough. Cassel is a large area, with an area of 750,000 km2. This is larger than any country in real Europe except Russia. For a country this size, and considering the time period and technology level I want to go for (late 1600's to early 1700's) it should have a population of around 10 million people. In order for the politics to make sense, there needs to be a lot of territorial divisions. A few dozen baronies won't do. I settled on 150 even though that technically isn't enough. As I said previously, most of these will have very basic descriptions. Cassel is inspired by Spain, France, and Italy.

    I am also going to be describing another kingdom if I have time: yurrimkil, or the Kingdom of Yurria. This nation is completely inspired by England. I guess it's human England, because the Kingdom of Faeon is also inspired by England...but Elvish England I guess?, I'll sort it out later.

    Category structure...

    Unchanged. Reason is that no change is necessary. I might need to add a few more item categories as I make an absurd number of different itesm for my magic system next month, but I'll get to those as I get to them. I did put some effort into tagging all of my articles and I am making navigation tables for many of my articles to make world navigation much easier.

    World Inspiration

    If I were to list a few worlds I like and regularly read, these would be it. They don't directly inspire the content of my worldbuilding, but their apporach to worldbuilding does give me some inspiration. Also I just admire the frequency that they put out well written, well formatted content:


    Homework: Week 3 and 4

    Week 3

    I am not the greatest at designing my homepages, but I did finally write a proper introduction to my world. For the last two years, it simply said "Current rewriting the entire world" which was kind of a lie as I've been working on this world Vreathe specifically for the better part of a year. That has changed. The introduction might be too long in setting up the story of the world, and I do need to rework this world's CSS.

    My sci fi world, Cairn Sector had a major CSS revamp just last month and the homepage is much more condensed and easier to read. I'll need to make Vreathe like this in the future...But speaking of my sci fi world, I went over it and decided there are a few things I can do for it, but I am restricted it to new sapient species and anything related to the town of Redsrei and the Starship Void Chaser and its Crew. Most of this world is still filed under the "Old" Category, mostly because I need to finish reformatting and rewriting everything.

    Week 4

    After I finished what I think is my most impressive map yet (Kingdoms of Cassel), I took a week off of worldbuilding to prevent burnout, but really I just felt like I had my brain idling all week (which is run by approximately 4,000,000 little hamsters running on wheels. At any given time, most of them are sleeping.)

    After that short break, the last two days has been a scramble to get additional images made...and it's still not enough! I was hoping to avoid editing images during December itself as it is time consuming (and prevents me from writing!) but....I'll make it work.

    So with that, homework is done! Bring it on!



    Author's Notes

  • I don't like Stub articles and I don't like creating them...but I ended up doing it this year due to the number of articles I have planned....This is about to get absurd...
  • Number of Stubs so far: 10.

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