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The Starship Void Chaser is a mercenary scout ship owned by a venerable Maorian named Sul. Over the last century the crew of the ship has performed numerous contracts for multiple powers in the Cairn Sector including the Vusinor and Maorian Empires, the Regalti Allied Navy, and the Colony Alliance. The crew has fought off space pirates, destroyed void hives, stood between various factions on the verge of war, and transported various people and items of special importance.

Name Meaning

Zha se Ahran
The full and proper designation of the ship by the RAN is the 'Tarlen Lekon', which translates to "Chaser of the Void". In Sul's Maorian language, the ship would best be translated to "Zja se Ahran" which means "Darkness Skimmer".

The Ship originally got its name from one of the ship's first crew members, who suggested using the Regalti word 'Lekon' because depending on the Regalti language the word has different meanings, and can mean 'Void', 'Unknown', or 'Knowledge'.

One of the human passengers on the ship named it the 'Vansail'. The name is completely meaningless. Asha just started calling it that because it annoys Sarah. The humans used the word so much that several members of the crew call it Vansail now.
Tarlen Lekon

Notable Missions (Main Article)

Saving the Tree of Life (270 A.E.)
As the Void Chaser was still newly built it was one of the faster ships in the system. The trees of the Nor Li Valla valley on the planet Collena were hit by an invasive fungus that was killing a sacred grove of trees. The Vusinor had to deal with this on other systems in the past and already had a fungicide made. The problem was that they were in another star system. Due to the position of the Black Gate and the planets at the time, it would have taken most ships a month to get there and back. The Void Chaser accomplished this in a week. It also completely destroyed its antimatter engines to do so, which took six months to rebuild.

Defeating the Pirates of the Revael System (301 A.E.)
Due to how the black gates work, a lot of Maorian space pirates have been able to hide in uninhabited systems away from civilization in between raids. When it was discovered that they had a massive force holed up in the Revael system, it was determined that it would be best to bomb the black gate from their side and cut them off from the rest of the Cairn Sector forever, and the Void Chaser was contracted to deliver that bomb. When Sul arrived in that system, he learned that there were more than pirates living there. There was an entire unknown Maorian colony, forced there due to various circumstances. Sul rigged a fake dead man's switch to the bomb, landed in the middle of the colony, and negotiated an end to hostilities. The Revael Colony dismantled its attack ships and is now part of the Maorian Colony Alliance.

A Mission to Earth (384 A.E.) (About 2015A.D.)
Sul used to be a mercenary working for a Vusinor exploration group, and has visited Earth in the past. He used his dark ash colored skin to pass himself off as an unusually tall man from an equatorial land and interacted with a good many humans over several centuries. It was for this reason that he and his crew were chosen to go to Earth and gather humans. The Vusinor decided it was long past time for Humans to join the Galactic community but they have other reasons for wanting the humans...


Starship Vansail Map
Map of the Star Ship Vansail (or Void Chaser).

Power Systems

Primary: Antimatter Fusion Reactor
The Fusion reactor in the Void Chaser is capable of generating 200 Mega Watts of power. It works by fusing Helium-3 into Helium-4 and releasing 2 protons and a massive amount of energy. The nuclear reaction is started by injecting several anti-deuterium atoms which obliterates some of the Helium-3, releasing massive amounts of energy, heating the fuel enough to cause fusion. Nearly all of the released heat energy is converted to electricity and stored in several large capacitors. The Helium-4 is sent to be stored for later use by the ship's several dozen smaller thrusters.
Antimatter Injected Fusion Reactors

Secondary: Solar Sails
The ship has several large solar sails in its wings and tail for gathering energy from nearby stars and can generate 25MW of power on its own. Most of the ship's outer skin is actually photovoltaic in nature, and while it can collect minimal amounts of starlight, it's primary use is to absorb light based weaponry.
Solar Sail detail

Secondary: Kerosene Turbine
In emergencies, the ship also has around 20,000 liters of kerosene fuel for running a turbine engine that provides additional thrust and power. The 50MW of power it generates can be routed to the ships electric turbo fans to provide the rest of the thrust required for flight.

Propulsion Systems

Deep Space Travel: Antimatter Pulse Engine

The Void Chaser's primary engine for getting between planets at great speed utilizes the antimatter reactor. It works by taking the Helium-4 created from the fusion reactor (Several other types of fuel on the ship are also usable) and injecting several nanograms of antimatter in it, causing a miniature nuclear explosion and providing great amounts of thrust.
Rear Ship View
This reactor can output power in the Terawatt range and can keep the ship accelerating and decelerating at a constant speed between 5-20 meters per second. The ship uses that acceleration and deceleration to simulate gravity utilizing Vusinor technology, an Inertia Converter.

The ship can move at a maximum of 3% the speed of light and takes roughly a month to accelerate to that speed. In the vast majority of star systems, the ship rarely reaches 0.5% the speed of light as it spends half of the trip accelerating and half of the trip decelerating to properly simulate gravity.

Space: Ion Engines and Thrusters
For orienting and positioning the ship, the Void Chaser has 3 Ion-Engines and several dozen thrusters. It's propellant is the Helium-4 that is produced from the Fusion reactors. These engines work by using electricity and magnetic fields to ionize and compress the helium gas, then expelling it out the exhaust, giving the ship small bursts of acceleration.
Atmosphere: Electric Turbofans
When in an atmosphere, the ship uses two large electric turbofan engines that keeps the ship flying. The ship can keep itself flying in an atmosphere almost indefinitely off of the power supply. If for some reason the ship is floating in water, it can use the turbofans to provide forward and reverse thrust but this isn't that efficient.


The Void Chaser is equipped with a Shield generator. It works by generating a field of charged particles with a strong magnetic field. It's primary purpose is to neutralize micrometeorites and other debris when traveling through space, but it's capacity can be greatly increased in combat. It can vastly slow the speed of metallic projectiles. Plasma projectiles are absorbed and can temporarily make the shield stronger. The effect of light based weaponry can be reduced by up to 90%, and Solar panels on the ship can absorb the rest to a point. The fast moving charged particles can burn up other projectiles as well as micro-meteorites.

Attached Star Fighters

The Void Chaser has 4 attached Star Fighter Craft. Their engines can be quickly swapped out so they can fly in atmospheres instead. Each of these fighters is equipped with a 12.5mm auto cannon that fires a 50g projectile at 1km/s, outputting 25000 joules of energy with each shot. They are also equipped with an EMP generator. They have attachment points for missiles.

If the Void Chaser ever finds itself in combat with another ship, the job of these fighters is to destroy other fighter craft of the same size, and also to disable the enemy ship's shield generators. They can do this easily by flying to the other ship and setting off the EMP blast.

Fighter Craft Detail by Chrispy_0

Medical Rooms

The Void Chaser is equipped with a pretty standard Medical bay, with a genetic analyzer, operating tables, surgical equipment, and a small selection of medicine.

There are also two side rooms with considerably more advanced tech. Each room contains a Nanite Bed, which utilizes nanomachines to repair and rebuild badly damaged tissue. Advanced organ repair like replacing an entire heart is not possible, though the Nanite Beds systems can keep a patient alive until transfer to a more advanced medical facility can happen.
Medical Rooms

3D Food Printer

On the Command Deck, attached to the lunch room is a large machine that will create food from raw materials. In the next room over is storage for the three macro nutrients (Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein), many dozens of vitamins and minerals, flavor and color compounds. It primarily uses cellulose harvested from algae to create the texture of the food. It can Print and then heat up almost any food that can be sucessfully programmed into it. It has an attached oven for manual cooking too.

Meditation Room

As designed, this room is an overflow sleeping area, with foldout beds from the walls, able to sleep as many as 24 people. Uul doesn't often transport passengers, so Kaline Serna convinced Uul to let her use the otherwise empty room. From her home country, Kaline brought a table, mats, cushions, and several other furniture items.

Meditation Room
All of the Regalti Crew members often come to this room to relax and drink tea in a nearly technology free area. The room is almost entirely quiet except the sounds of flowing liquid from the molecular converter and the quiet humming of the ship's capacitors in the next room over, and whatever music Kaline has playing. Kaline allows any crew member in there, though she has yet to sucessfully convince any of the Yil or Vusinor to relax and have a cup of tea with her, with the exception of Sharla Anri. To the Fevarik Regalti onboard, it feels just a little bit like home.


Full Designation
T.N. Tarlen Lekon
(Naval Scout Ship Chaser of the Void)
Ship Class
Mercenary Scout Ship
Landimium Launch Alliance
Year Built
254 A.E. (After Exodus)

One of a Kind
81 meters
60 meters (wings open)
30 meters (wings closed)
19 meters (35 with landing gear down and solar sails fully extended)
200,000 kilograms (Empty)
450,000 Kilograms (Fully Loaded)
Mach 1 (Atmosphere)
3% Lightspeed (Space)
16 to 20
250,000 kilograms

Notable Crew Members

A full list, and a description of each crew members can be found in the Main Article
Sul se Corvil
A 2,000 year old Maorian from the planet Vanuitia. He has spent more time living among the Regalti and Vusinor, and even Humans than he has his own species.
He's worked as a mercenary with a Vusinor Science division for over a thousand years and spent most of that time exploring the Pleiades Sector, including Earth. While he's had a commission with the RAN for nearly 600 years, he still does mainly mercenary work.He is quite well known and respected by the Regalti and certain Vusinor factions, but his own people don't care.

Kaline Serna
A 43 year old Fevarik Regalti from the planet Collena. She's been the pilot of the Void Chaser for nearly 25 years and is described by Sul as being one of the best pilots he's ever worked with out of the hundreds he's known over the millennia.
Kaline has flown mainly medium scout ships like the Void Chaser as well as several different models of fighter craft. She is so adept at flying some starships that she regularly flies without the assistance of autopilot. She regularly gets offers to fly for other mercenary captains or accept a proper commission by the RAN, but she has an attachment to the Void Chaser.

Elya Sarai
A 22 year old Fevarik Regalti from the planet Collena. She works as the medical officer aboard the Void Chaser and has a commission with the RAN. She learned English playing a Vusinor recruitment tool disguised as a video game, and that got her recruited for a mission to Earth.
She had her reasons for joining the crew of the Void Chaser, but she would really rather have her feet firmly planted on the ground of her homeworld.


Weapon Room
Primary: 240mm Dymium Railgun
The ship's original cargo bay was refitted to house a large railgun that fires with amazing destructive power. It is capable of firing a 120kg sabot at speeds of 120km/s, outputting 860 billion joules of energy in a single shot. It can take up to 30 minutes to charge enough energy for that shot, diverting power away from other systems. To add to this, firing the cannon requires the ship's thrusters to be in operation at the time it fires to negate the recoil, or serious injury can occur. The design of the Vusinor Inertia converter can't account for this movement.
Secondary: 6 25mm Lanthatech Gauss Cannons
The Void Chaser has 4 smaller cannons, 2 of them also placed within the original cargo bay. Two open in hatches on the top of the ship and two on the bottom of the ship. These cannons fire a 184g projectile at 5km/s, outputting 2.3 million joules of energy with each shot. As long as the Void Chaser has ammunition and the fusion reactor is running, these cannons can fire without needing to charge first, but have minimal force compared to the main cannon.
Last Resort: Overloading the Antimatter reactor
As a last resort, the Void Chaser's antimatter reactor can be overloaded by injecting as much antimatter into the fusion process as can safely be maintained. The ship can aim its thrusters directly at a threat, and the resulting antimatter explosion obliterates everything in a 10km cone behind the ship. The other method is by overloading the shields with as much energy as possible by feeding as much antimatter into the reactor as can safely be handled, sending out an EMP shockwave that disables all electronics in a 100km radius. The Void Chaser's system are EM shielded, but are still shut down from the pulse and require restarting.


Molecular Harvester

Molecular Conversion Room
The Void Chaser has an onboard harvester to collect and convert matter in nearly any atmosphere. It is usually calibrated to collect its major fuel sources, Kerosene and Helium-3. It does not have antimatter conversion capability. The Void Chaser can also fly into thicker atmospheres of gas giants to collect both fuel sources much faster. This can also collect Water, Oxygen, and nearly any other liquid or gas once calibrated.

Algae Bioreactor

Algae Bioreactor and Water Storage
The Vansail is equipped with a single Algae Bioreactor with several attached machines to filter water. It can convert up to 25,000 gallons of waste water per day into reuseable water for cleaning and drinking. The reactor can also supply additional food and oxygen for the crew and gives the Void Chaser the ability to stay out in space or hostile environments for longer periods of time.
As a last resort if the molecular converter is malfuntioning, the bioreactor can be used to make hydrogen, which can then be used for thruster propellant or used for fuel in the ship's fusion reactor.

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