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Age: 2077 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Corvil, Anaui
Homeworld: Vanuitia
Homesystem: Aquron

Military Rank: Commander
(Technically still holds Admiral Rank)

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Despite towering above the rest of his crew at 2.2m, Sul is actually rather short for a 2000 year old Maorian and should be over 3m tall. It is thought that this greatly contributed to him leaving the Maorian Navy early in his life. Sul started doing mercenary work for a Vusinor Exploration group where he spent over a thousand years exploring worlds in the Pleiades Sector. His favorite world in this sector was Earth.

Around 600 years ago, Sul was asked to join the newly formed Bevarian Royal Navy as an advisor. His shorter height was a factor in this as a 3~4m tall Maorian would not possibly fit on a Regalti ship. Through the centuries Sul acted as a neutral party between various Regalti space Factions and is pretty well known among them for preventing wars.

Sul commissioned the Construction of the Void Chaser around 100 years ago from the Regalti based Lanthium Launch Alliance, and is one of a dozen ships in his collection. He has continuously upgraded the ship over the decades, adding Vusinor based Antimatter pulse engines once they approved the Regalti to start using the technology, installing Maorian based communication arrays, and more. The ship hardly has any original parts other than its frame.

While still technically part of the Bevarian Navy (now the Regalti Allied Navy), Sul still does mercenary work for the Vusinor and any other alien race that can afford him. His latest job is gathering specimens from Earth. Living human specimens.

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Aran Noll

Age: 109 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Oraya, Latano
Homeworld: Vanuitia
Homesystem: Aquron

Military Rank: Lieutenant

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Aran is the second oldest member of the Void Chaser crew and has been learning from Sul about being a ship captain for nearly 50 years. He is also second in command. Aran is one of many starry eyed Maorians that grew up on the hellscape that is their world and wanted to leave to better worlds the first chance they got. He didn't expect to be living in space for as long as he has. Aran feels that he's found his purpose in life. Sul has had Maorian lieutenants before that spent a century or two under his command, only to move on in life and do something different, and he thinks that Aran will be no different.

Aran has spent the entirely of his experience in space aboard the Void Chaser. If Sul does a mission that requires a different ship, he leaves the ship under Aran's command. Because of this, Aran knows the ship almost as well as Sul does, and has had a part in many of the ship's upgrades. Some of the ship's crew don't like his command style compared to Sul, but the current third in command, Kaline, trusts his judgement.

Abold Lorvitor

Age: 74 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kunwold Megacity
Homeworld: Kunwold
Homesystem: Venjint

Military Rank: Lieutenant (mercenary)

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Abold is the leader of an 8 man Vusinor mercenary group that is currently working for Sul and the crew of the Void Chaser. His job is to keep the ship safe and operate the ships weaponry. He is one of the ship's four primary pilots of the ship's fighter craft. While his rank is that of a lieutenant, he is not in any command position on the Void Chaser. His job is strictly defense.

Abold has spent most of his life doing strictly mercenary work and has never actually served in any military. Sul hired Abold and his crew because of that reason. In the relatively peaceful state of the Cairn Sector, mercenaries have seen more combat and action than actual soldiers.

Kaline Serna

Age: 43 years
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Barun-Deth, Vefaria
Homeworld: Collena
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Master Pilot

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Kaline is the primary pilot of the Void Chaser and has flow combat and exploration missions for Sul continuously for nearly two decades and has 25 total years of piloting experience. She's flown mainly medium scout ships like the Void Chaser as well as several different models of fighter craft. She is so adept at flying some starships that she could fly them between city buildings and in large caverns without the assistance of autopilot.

She is third in command of the Void Chaser and has the highest non-comissioned rank on the ship. She tends to act motherly to the younger members of the crew, giving them guidance, making sure they are following orders, and keeping tabs on their well being. Raini tells her at least once a day to retire, start a family, and stop annoying her. The other younger crew members don't mind as much and like having someone they can talk to.

Cordir Kragan

Age: 59 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Barun-Deth, Vefaria
Homeworld: Collena
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Senior Pilot

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Cordir is the scondary pilot of the Void Chaser. He's only piloted the ship for a handful of missions but has just over 4 decades of experience flying on numerous other ships of almost every size, working for Mercenary groups and the Regalti Allied Navy. He is almost as decorated a veteran as Sul is with forty times less time in the service and is one of the only crew members to have served in military conflict. Time served is relative, as 40 years a pilot is an incredibly long time to Regalti, but barely a blink to Maorians.

Cordir is rather talkative at times, trailing on for hours telling stories about his many missions he's been on. He claims to have flown on 1,728 missions in his life and has a story for every single one. Many of the stories are based on his long career, but many are obviously embellished with details that do not seem possible. At least half of them involve himself as the hero in the story.

Elya Sarai

Main Article
Age: 22 years
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Emnil-Wreth, Vefaria
Homeworld: Collena
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Medical Ensign

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The way Elya found herself in the military and aboard the Void Chaser was enitrely based on her ability to speak English, that she learned from playing a video game that was secretly a Vusinor recruitment tool. Elya was able to learn it rather easily because the structure of the Vevari language she speaks has some similarities. The Vusinor wanted to pay her well to do this mission to Earth. Elya agreed but also wanted the Vusinor to use their superior technology to cure her parent's 'surface sickness' condition.

Elya grew up on a dying planet that the Regalti are slowly abandoning to live in space. She went to school for archaeology to learn about her world's past, but, that's not really a job for a mission to another world. On joining the military, she spent several years learning about medicine and is now a Medical Officer instead. She would much rather be on her homeworld again than in space though.

Raini For

Age: 20 years
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Carna-Ven, Lathin
Homeworld: Collena
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Medical Ensign

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Raini learned medicine incredibly quickly. She knows how to treat conditions on a number of alien species including Regalti, Vusinor, Maorians, Yil, Zarni, and Humans. Unlike Elya who only knows Regalti and Human biology, Raini didn't learn it in a virtual world with sped up time either.

She can also learn languages and other skills with ease. She knows how to pilot the Void Chaser, as well as the ship's fighter craft. She can operate the ship's turrets and communication array. She ven knows a little about how the fusion reactor works. She also learned English mostly by listening to Elya practice it.

Raini is rather cocky and immature. She questions everything she is told until reality hits her and then she listens. It isn't that she hates authority, she just likes being annoying.

Wyorin Zipk

Age: 33 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Zhorabirvyren
Homeworld: New Yil
Homesystem: Ilfillar

Military Rank: Senior Mechanic

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Toring Qerjan

Age: 69 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ouliae, Trika
Homeworld: Silbran
Homesystem: Varrold

Military Rank: Senior Mechanic

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Shara Anri

Age: 20 years
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Karnil-Veth, Vefaria
Homeworld: Collena
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Communications Specialist

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Shara is a Vusinor that was born on the Regalti planet Collena. Being a completely different species, she never really fit in growing up. While her personality seems somewhat blank now, that's because of a revelation she learned about herself a few years ago. She used to be much more open. Now she always has large headphones over her ears and barely talks to anyone directly.

Shara's actual surname is "Marn". She is the daughter-clone of Zilda Marn, one of the original crew members of the Void Chaser. Zilda was a somewhat prolific scientist of the Vusinor Research Corps, carrying out various research contracts to worlds like Collena. She claimed to have even visited Earth with Sul hundreds of years ago.

Leni Iyani

Age: 22 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Korsta, Kronde
Homeworld: Sephar
Homesystem: Delvi

Military Rank: Radar Specialist

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Author's Notes

Note to self: Put a pronounciation helper under each crew member's name.   Also note to self: Explain somewhere that the different panel colors designate different alien races (Maorian: Black, Vusinor: Green, Regalti: Red, Yil: Yellow, Humans: Blue)

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