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Cairn Sector

Year 354 After Exodus

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The Cairn Sector is located about 33,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is just one of tens of thousands of similar sectors across the galaxy and is notable as a large area of star formation. Though far away, humans on Earth can look up in the night sky and easily see this nebula on moonless nights. Humans have as many names for it as the myths they created around it, from Sah, to Shen, to Nataraja and Orion.

Many star systems in this area of the galaxy have life-giving worlds, The beings that live here have numerous names for it: Cairn, Firion, Zefalna, Sepalla, and more.

In one of the many star systems here, there is a world that is amazingly and uncomfortably Earth-like. This world is called Collena, and is populated by a species of intelligent alien called the Regalti. Compared to the vastness of the universe and the assortment of life in its infinite combinations, the Regalti are the most human-like.

While other species like the amphibian Vusinor and the rocky Maorians live in the Cairn sector as well, much of the focus here will be on the Regalti and their homeworld, and how they are very similar but also very different from humans on Earth.