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Author's Note
Author's Note: This article is a super early work in progress, but will be my primary focus for the majority of the year. It is a hub article of sorts, and most sections have empty spaces for future article blocks. Redsrei is one of the primary settings in my story and roughly six months of time is spent here while the humans live with the very human-like Regalti and the not very human-like Vusinor, so there is going to be a lot of worldbuilding going on in this little section of my universe.


Redsrei is a small town of a few thousand Regalti and a handful of Vusinor. It sits on the coast to the south of the Kitskri mountains. The town itself isn't that important, and being far away from any large city, it is actually quite out of the way. The town is notable as one of the last vestiges of the city of Emnil-Wreth, once the largest city in the world, now reduced to several tiny towns and thousands of square kilometers of decaying ruins and open farmland in between.

The town primarily produces wood products and traditional clothing for export. There is an outpost for the VRC that studies the local flora and fauna. The town is also the base of operations for a number of organizations of explorers, archaeologists, and scavengers, who venture into the expanive ruins of Emnil-Wreth, looking for excitement, knowledge, fortune. One example of these organization is the Collena Preservation Society.

Lastly, the town the primary stopping point for Regalti traveling to the Temple of Sevi at the top of Mt. Blue Moon a dozen kilometers to the north. That temple is one of the Seven Grand Temples of Vefaria, and every year, thousands of Fevarik Regalti make a pilgrimage to these temples.

Redsrei (current town name)
Emnil-Wreth (Old Name)

Established: 2,400 Before Exodus
Founded by: Karlen Zordi

Area: 3.15 km2
Elevation: 0-5m
Climate Type: Warm Oceanic   Temperature Ranges:
Summer: 22-30°C (72-86°F)
Winter: -1-10°C (30-50°F)

4,500 Regalti
250 Vusinor

Redsrei Town
A Map of the Town of Redsrei.
Author's Notes: Map is a work in progress. Map contains multiple marker groups, all are enabled by default.


In the year 2794 Before Exodus or 3,148 years ago, a couple fled to a secluded hilltop, fleeing the traditions of their families. This was said to be Karlen Zori and Viri Orifan. Zori is an ancient word for the modern Zhorai family and Orifan is an ancient word for the modern Alven family. Here they planted a Veil Tree and started a farm. Other families with no love for older traditions also came to the hill to start farms of their own. From here the village of Zoredi (blue hill) was started.

Nothing much of note happened to the village over the next few hundred years. When the lands started to rapidly sink into the sea and multiple volcanoes were erupting in the lands around them, Zoredi was spared. It was separated from the mainland, but was otherwise safe. While it was the geology of the region that saved the area, the locals actually attributed it to the original Veiltree planted several hundred years ago. Even as volcanic ash blackened the sky, the tree was said to glow. The Forest spirit named Neria was said to inhabit the tree and used her power to save the land. Because of this a shrine was built around the tree in 2420 B.E., named the Shrine fo the Moonveil, and the tree became known as Neria's Tree.
Shrine of the Moonveil

The village's name was changed several times. It went from Zoredi to Redsrei. The Island is hardly mentioned again in history for nearly 2000 years. More important larger cities were growing on the mainland such as Emnil-Wreth and Amnuashor. The Island started to be used as a defensive position, with a fort being built on the island's eastern side to protect the larger cities.

During the War of Purges, around 220 years before exodus, the nation of Tevari took control of the island for a short time. Very little of this nation's influence remains other than the ruins of a shrine (Shrine of the False). After the war, Redsrei grew as a suburb of Emnil-Wreth, reaching a population of over 100,000 people at one point. There was a point where there wasn't a single tree on the island except Neria's Tree.

Then about 354 years ago, the Exodus started and most regalti went into space. Regalti left the world in large numbers and the population of redsrei shrank to its currentl number of around 4500 people. Most of the larger buildings were disassembled for materials which were then used in far away cities like Argen.

The Regalti who stayed behind did so for several reasons. In the case of the Zhorai clan and their branch families, their livelihoods depended on Veil Trees. Others had a religious opposition to living in space amongst their gods and continued to live on the surface.

Most of the planet Collena became an empty place as a result of this, but Redsrei stayed populated. The town survives because of its proximity to several large religious structures, and its many traditional crafters.

Climate and Geography

Redsrei was once on a tall hill over 3000 years ago, reaching an elevation of over 300 meters, but now it is on an island, with an elevation of only 5 meters. The reason for this is due to plate tectonics of the area. The The Sunken Lands goes through periods of being at higher elevations and below sea level, occuring in cycles of several tens of millions of years. Currently the land is in a sunken state, but will rise again, eventually.

Map of the Sunken Lands. The original coastline is clearly visible in this satellite view. The town of Redsrei is represented by a red dot on the western edge of the area.
The Climate of Redsrei is considered to be Humid Subtropical, with hot summers and cool winters. Snow is not uncommon in the spring and winter months. The autumn months are notably drier than the rest of the year. While hurricanes are quite common across the sunken lands, Redsrei is rarely hit directly by these storms due to how far west the storm has to travel without turning north. Rarely these storms will form just off shore.

Notable Buildings and Landmarks

Vusinor Research Outpost

The Vusinor have several research outposts on the planet Collena to study the life there. The outpost in Redsrei is small, employing around a hundred Vusinor. It is still equipped with more advanced scientific equipment than almost any regalti will ever see in their life. the building is massive and can be seen from several miles away.

Train Station

Redsrei is just one of several dozen stops on the Argen-Vevari Line between the city of Argen and the city of Barun Deth. People who get off the train here are explorers going to the ruins of Emnil-Wreth, or pilgrims on their way to the temple of Sevi. When a resident of Redsrei leaves, usually it is to Argen and then into space. It is extremely rare that they return.

Argen-Vevari Line
Vehicle | Jul 9, 2022

The Argen-Vevari Line is a High Speed Mag Lev train that runs 8600 kilometers between the city of Barun-Deth, Vefaria, and Argen, the Silver City...

Old Fort

Like many costal settlements in Vefaria, this one had a fort built several hundred years before the exodus. The fort is located to the southeast of the town. It is made of fossilized shells and limestone, making it somewhat resistant to the cannon fire of the time. Most of it is sunken beneath the waves, with just the top of the walls and tower sticking out.
The Old Fort
Building / Landmark | Apr 18, 2023

Constructed 400 years before Exodus (754 years ago), this old fortress was built during Collena's age of muskets and cannons, and is still standing after all this time.....

Is this it? So boring!!!
- Asha
Seems kind of normal to me. The town I grew up in had a hospital, a light house, plantation ruins, farms, and not much else.
- Juan
That's why it's boring! Where's the Alien stuff!?!
- Asha
Define "Alien Stuff"? Were you expecting the Regalti to live in houses made of, I don't know, the shells of giant space snails or something?
- Juan
N-no. I just wasn't expecting to end up in a small town that... It kind of reminds me of home.
- Asha

Religious Structures

Redsrei has three Vennek temples dedicated to the god Kellentar and the goddesses Vala and Sevi. The temple of Kellentar is somewhat impressive but is nowhere near the size of the temple on the island of Edagatsra. The two temples to Vala and Sevi are both considered rather small. These temples are used for major religious cermonies, dependent on the god the temple is dedicated to.

In addition to these three temples, there are a dozen smaller shrines located all over the island. Ten of these were built by the original families that lived on the island and two were built later. Of all of these shrines, seven are abandoned and five are still maintained by the remaining families.

Temple of Kellentar

The largest temple in Redsrei is for the God of the Earth and Sea.

Temple of Sevi

The Temple of Sevi, Goddess of the Moon, is located on the west side of the island, three kilometers from the rest of Redsrei except the crumbling ruins of Nadia's Shrine. it can be reached by boat or a 3km hike across beaches and sand dunes. The temple's isolation is a representation of Sevi's Isolation.

Temple of Vala

The temple of Vala, Goddess of the Sun, is located on the East side of the island. Unlike the Temple of Sevi, this one can be reached by road. The Temple is responsible for funerary rites and numerous other smaller religious aspects of a person's life here. It also contains one of the country's last lighthouses.

Shrine of the Moonveil

The largest Veil Tree on the island is at the center of this shrine and is called Neria's Tree. It was planted in the year 2794 Before Exodus by Karlen Sarai. This was so long ago that the The Sunken Lands weren't the Sunken Lands yet, and Redsrei wasn't yet an island.
The shrine was built around the tree a few centuries later. The Keltari (Spirit) named Neria is said to inhabit the tree. She is said to be the forest goddess in charge of the island. She guarded the surrounding lands, preventing it from sinking and creating the island.

Shrine of the Moon Veil
Building / Landmark | Nov 25, 2022

(placeholder stub article. Will expand in the future)

Other Shrines

Shrine of the Forest Dog - The Serna Family maintains a network of these shrines all over the country to house Kesmodon spirits as they deliver messages between the gods. Built in 648 B.E.

Shrine of the Fallen - The Kenodir Family maintains this Shrine to attract lost spirits taken by the War of Purges and any other lost spirit that the Goddess Sevi has yet to find during her journeys in the void. Built in 265 B.E.

The Zhorai Clan Shrine - Very few shrines are used solely for honoring the spirits of a single family or clan, but this shrine is one of them. The Zhorai Clan is one of the largest in the country. Built in 987 B.E.

Shrine of the Wanderer - This shrine has changed ownership quite often over the years, but is currently in possession of the Tarsa Family. Built to honor Rua the Wandering Saint. This shrine has several well maintained but empty buildings around it, providing temporary shelter for weary travelers. Build in 2400 B.E.

Abandoned Shrines - Nadia's Shrine, Eclipse Shrine, Shrine of the Lost, Thesan family Shrine, Shrine of the False, Mirai's Shrine, Seluk's Shrine

Selection of Shops

Thanks to modern technology, nearly all items a person needs in Redsrei can be ordered from the internet. The Nethra Corporation Sends a carrier drone from Argen over the Redsrei area once a week, and from there, hundreds of smaller drones break off to deliver all sorts of items. Larger and bulk items are shipped through the train station and then to area stores. Still, there are dozens of local shops that have locally made goods. Thousands of Regalti stop in Redsrei every year before making the final leg of their pilgrimage to the Temple of Sevi on Mt. Blue Moon, or the continue on to see the ruins of Emnil-Wreth. So despite its isolation, the town gets quite a bit of business.

Rayde's Blades

Rayde Sarai is one of the few regalti who still makes veil swords the traditional way, by cutting off a piece of wood from a Veil Tree, and going through the long process of treating and shaping it until the blade is as tough as iron. He maintains a store in Redsrei, selling many different custom made swords and knives. Attached to the store is a Sefadel martial arts school.

Sunshine Bakery

This place sells various freshly made breads, pastries, and sweets... ((Author's note: will write more in the future once I figure out what that is...))

Tami's Clothing

There are several dozen tailors and seamstresses in Redsrei that make traditional Fevarik Robes. They get cotton and silk from local suppliers then make a wide variety of robes. Similar to other producers in the town, most of their stock goes to Argen to be shipped off to space. The rest are stocked in Tami's Clothing to be sold to locals.

Hey, we should buy you some robes while we're here!
- Elya
Why? What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?
- Ryan
Because they're adorable and comfy! Also, your human clothes fell apart weeks ago. Do you want to keep wearing those boring flightsuits, the most functional and dullest of clothing?
- Elya
I guess not...
- Ryan
Yay!!! Hey, let's do it now!
- Elya

Nearby Points of Interest

A map of the town of Redsrei and the surrounding area...
Author's Note: Map is a work in progress

Coral Forest

Coral Forests are generally only native to Intatha, a small continent that has been drifting isolated from the rest of Collena for over five hundred million years. Here, many different isolated plants and animals grew creating an ecosystem not found anywhere else on the planet. Natural corals from the ocean are seen adapted to land, sticking to the ground and trees. Balloon Jellies float between them and more complex animals are seen grazing and hunting on the forest floor or flying just above the trees. This Coral forest is located 10 km east of Redsrei and was planted several hundred years before the exodus as a tourist attraction and long after Regalti abandonded the area, the coral forest continued to grow.

Mt. Blue Moon

15 km north of redsrei is this peak. At 1450 meters in height, it is just high enough to be covered in a small glacier and it can snow any time of the year here. On the southern facing cliffs of this peak is a very large temple complex dedicated to the goddess Sevi. It was built over 2500 years ago and was continuously expanded until the Exodus started. Roughly a thousand priests still live on the temple complex, keeping it maintained and performing religious rites. Several hundred people living in the surrounding towns also perform work at the temple.



Covering the entire valley northeast of Redsrei are stone and steel ruins as far as the eye can see. Emnil-Wreth was once the largest city in the world and was a massive industrial center that produced everything from cars to phones, satellites to spacecraft, and more. Now, it is nothing more than overgrown, decaying ruins, a slowly rotting marker of what was once more prosperous times when the Regalti still mostly lived on the planet Collena.


Author's Notes

1/31/2022 - Reduced the length of the initial formatting and reduced the size of the images. It looked pretty with the oversized images and quote overload, but wasn't good at conveying information, also I want people to click on other articles rather than just stay in one place, I just need to make those articles now...

5/13/2022 - Reformatted and expanded the length of the article. The Climate chart was made with Google Sheets. Since the Planet collena has 16 months, not 12, the chart will change, eventually. Added two separate maps, one of Redsrei itself, and one of the surrounding area. The Redsrei map has most map markers filled in and described, the area map does not.      

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