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Called 'Nilra Vendo' by the Regalti, Blend the Rules was a Tavern and Restaurant in the Industrial district of the city of Enmil-Wreth, Vefaria. It served a variety of foods, and also boasted an utterly enormous drink menu, consisting of dozens upon dozens of soda and alcohols, from imports to local favorites. The name 'Blend the Rules' came from the original owner. It may be because of the drink menu, it may be because the place sold Xarn Blossoms or Sweet and Spicy Silk Bread, three things that don't generally go together for Regalti taste buds. The exact reason for naming it that has been lost to time.
It was constructed and opened in the year 125 Before Exodus, when Enmil-Wreth was exploding in growth, and factories were being built up everywhere. This Tavern mainly served workers who worked at a nearby phone factory. It had a number of large television and virtual viewing spaces showing a number of different sports games played from across the planet, and later, across the whole star system. Business gradually decreased in the years after the Exodus, until the establishment (and this whole section of town), was finally abandoned in the year 150 After Exodus, giving it a history that stretched over 250 years. Today, it is a ruin, gradually being reclaimed by nature. From a distance, it might not even look that different from a hill to most people.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Year Built
125 B.E.
Year Abandoned
150 A.E.
Seating Capacity


When Elya was exploring through this building, as part of her first job for the collena Preservation Society, she came across an old laminated menu. It greatly resembles the food she eats, even 200 years after this establishment closed down. Unfortunately she wasn't able to find the cocktail menu and she's pretty sure the drink page itself was supposed to be longer.
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