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WorldEmber 2021

After Summercamp 2021 Swordtember and Mapvember 2021 I took on WorldEmber. I had been collecting new ideas for my world, as well as locations, characters and other details of my world I have not written out yet fully on WorldAnvil. This was the first time I would participating in WorldEmber but was aiming high.


For WorldEmber I'll continue working on the region of Wolfsbrunn. I'll focus on a couple of the major cities such as Rornach and Morhan. I will probably rewrite the main articles of these cities and expand by creating articles for the districts, buildings and people within it. I'll also be looking to creating a bunch of items, potions, plants and creatures (even though statblocks don't count towards total word count).  


I'm shooting for the 10k at the very least, but honestly I want to see how far I can go with this. So I'm keeping my eye on that 50k as a stretch goal. I think a lot has to do with planning, making sure that I have enough ideas to write out and setting aside enough time for me to write. I'll also be looking to plan some days on which I'll be streaming my writing to get into the habit and share my process. I'll be drawing simple illustrations for some of the articles, but i'll mostly use existing illustrations and maps. When WorldEmber is over I'll look at illustrating more of my world.  

Prompts and Ideas

I've been collecting ideas on a digital whiteboard for WorldEmber articles. Below is an (incomplete) list of potential articles to be written during WorldEmber in no particular order.  
  • Collapse of the Temple of Ardev
  • Creation Myth
  • High King Volodar
  • Son of King Volodar
  • Wife of King Volodar
  • House of the Silver Hands
  • Three Spires
  • Amphal
  • Midwol Sheep
  • Temple of Sylvanis
  • Moon deity
  • Sun Deity
  • Stars Deity
  • Altenport
  • Veror
  • The Origin
  • Verelatok
  • Regents of Rornach (6)
  • Ranks of the regents of Rornach (7)
  • Island districts of Rornach (6)
  • Variants Potion of Giant's Strength
  • Lake Cardys
  • Tidal Torture
  • Baron of Hartloch
  • Daughter of baron
  • Himmelfort
  • Grey Cartel speakeasy
  • Twin forts of Entari
  • Pearl Guard units
  • humanoid species articles
  • Cecilia Whitner
  • Hilda
  • Spiderclimb Potion
  • Cider farm of Hartloch
  • Shoes of tippy tappy
  • Signal Arrow
  • Amniteum Mirrors
  • Tears of the Scarlet Lady
  • Lightning Arrows
  • Sandsailer
  • Wizard's War of Talvald
  • Law of Divine Ascendence
  • Quicksilver Elemental
  • Madness of king Ervol
  • Palace fire of Morhan
  • Midwol
  • Flinn Brett
  • Varic
  • Zandramor Industrar
  • Illikan
  • Mallum Vatis
  • Family members Mallum Vatis (4)
  • Friends Mallum Vatis (2)
  • Erin
  • Bands of the Vaultkeeper
  • Summer elemental
  • Regions/provinces of Wolfsbrunn
  • Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn
  • High king of Wolfsbrunn
  • Special fruit from Stratos
  • Special vegetable from Morhan
  • Popular drink Morhan
  • Popular bread Morhan
  • Harvest Festival
  • Harvest Deity
  • Traveling circus
  • Rot Deity
  • Food deity
  • Midwoll sheep mutton dish
  • Cliffies
  • Mirror deity
  • Beauty deity
  • Skill boosting potions
  • Sparks (Shop)
  • Sparks owner
  • Azure Flame
  • Theodeus Nubel
  • Father Dur'mel
  • Mother Dur'mel
  • Morhan Black Label Whisky
  • Rornach Red Wine
  • Architecture style: Morhantine
  • Architecture style: Neo Morhantine
  • Architecture style: Classic Athorean
  • Architecture style: Esquan
  • Architecture style: Royal Brunn
  • Architecture style: Gardean
  • Architecture style: Classic Entarian
  • The Bear and the Bard (Myth)
  • Document of the Black Bastion

  • Reading Challenge

    I took on the reading challenge to get inspiration from other writers and worldbuilders. It was really cool to see the ways people detail the various aspects of their world. I especially enjoyed to see the creativity and unique parts of people's worlds that were interwoven into the articles, making me want to read more and click through to other articles.
      I wrote a bit about my goals for 2022 in my 2021 Annual Review, but after reading these articles I want to focus more on building out the flavor and tone of my world (or parts of it). I realize through reading other people's worlds that this flavor and tone can be in the seemingly small and insignificant things like foods and plants which are direclty tied to species and cultures. The big things like, how the universe came into being, how it works and what the influence of the divines in my world is, is also something that I want to write about in 2022. In that way I want to approach my world from the macro and the micro. In time, I would like to connect those extremes to eachother with more and more articles and information.   Articles Read
  • Tatzel by PrincessESH
  • Office of the Archdruid of New York by SoulLink
  • The Soul by VoxT1
  • New Taxation on the Growth of Clysseme Creeper Plants by AmélieIS
  • Chalk: The Invented Emperor by AwsmChimera
  • The Paper Trail by Theiket
  • Haus der Vampire by CrazyEddie
  • The Realm of Eternal Slumber by ShadowPhoenix
  • NoodleSnoodle by DapperCapricorn
  • Clouds by Rumengol
  • Results
    250 Articles
    61.1k Words
    2021 Annual Review
    Adrin Nuram
    Aegis of Atonement
    Amniteum Mirrors
    Anko Draconic
    Arcanist's Diamondtip Arrow
    Archduke of Morhan
    Astonishing Yodel
    Azunean Elephant
    Baron of Altenport
    Battle for the Talvald Valley
    Beneath the Waves of Woe
    Bindy Stoutfern-Brett
    Blowgun of Bolts
    Bottled Wish
    Bracer of the Emerald Stag
    Brenner Estate
    Brew of Devil's Charm
    Brukovik Distillery
    Buzzbee Candy
    Cecilia Whitner
    Children of the Waves
    Chime of Closing
    Conceal Lore
    Counter Curse Brew
    Dazzle and Blur Potion
    Determine Origins
    Detonation Dart
    Didgeridoo of the Stormchaser
    Divine Judgement
    Draught of Celestial's Intellect
    Duke of Rornach
    Duke of Stor
    Dusk Pine
    Dynamic Soul Theory
    El'mari Del'aelen
    Envoy of Aceda
    Envoy of Avaritia
    Essence of Monstrous Agility
    Festering Cudgel
    First Walker
    Friend's Factory
    Garnet of Embers
    Grasping Shadows
    Himmelbreak Trail
    Honeypaste Haul
    Hope Elixir
    House of Peace
    Hysor Irataman
    Inverted Exhaustion Complex
    Jean-Pierre Panache
    Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn
    Kinship Bread
    Levitation Enchantment
    Lilypad Token
    Liquid Blessing
    Living Bomb
    Magic Mine
    Malachite of the Mountain
    Mercury Smoke Grenade
    Midmuntz Stables
    Mor Deco
    Nalberto Stoutfern-Brett
    Neo-Traditional Entarian
    New Ankoyan
    Northan Gate
    Old Oyster
    Old Sternean
    Paper Pig
    Pearl Guard Griffon Rider
    Pearl Guard Knight
    Pearl Guard Ranger
    Pearl Guard Scout
    Pearl Guard Warden
    Phantasmal Lasso
    Piano Figurine
    Picker Eggs
    Polyglot Potion
    Potion of Shielding
    Power Word Impede
    Quartz of the Breeze
    Quicksilver Elemental
    Quicksilver Flail
    Quiver Cure
    Reflection of the Divine
    Ren Milbond
    Saltstone Cups
    Scarlet Ivory
    Seeker's Vision Tincture
    Shoes of Tippy Tappy
    Slingshot of the Trickster
    Small Fleet
    Smokesculptor Pipe
    Snorebeast Fur
    Snout Stout
    Spidersilk Elixir
    Spiritual Determinism
    Summer Elemental
    Supreme Vaultkeeper
    Sweet Scallop
    Talvald Pathway
    Tea of Respite
    Terrorscream Shell
    The Bear and the Bard
    Thelis Point Crossing
    Theodeus Nubel
    Thief's Mark
    Tidal Torture
    Tincture of Fey's Knowledge
    Tomas Brukovik
    Tonic of Dragon's Vitality
    Topaz of the Well
    Tower of Power
    Traditional Entarian
    Tribe of the Singular Spirit
    Trident of Murky Waters
    Twin Forts
    Valdian Pumpernickel
    Verrelatokian Bond Agreement
    Vest of Slow Descent
    Voronian Rangers
    War of the Towers
    Wardens of Entari
    Waters of Guidance
    Westhan Black Label
    Westvaldian Rye
    Winged Legion
    Zilnean Road
    Zipback Bolt


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    Nov 16, 2021 10:19 by AS Lindsey (Pan)

    Best of luck! Looks like you've got plenty of jumping off points to keep you inspired.

    Nov 16, 2021 10:22 by Dimitris Havlidis

    Absolutely great start

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    Nov 16, 2021 12:42 by Annie Stein

    So many amazing ideas! I'm especially excited to see those architectural styles!

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    Nov 16, 2021 17:20 by TJ Trewin

    Excellent pledge! Good luck in your plans for WorldEmber this year :D

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    Nov 20, 2021 15:33 by Dani

    Oooooo lots of ideas percolating! I can't wait to see which ones will have the honor of earning a place in your WorldEmber! (I'm putting a vote in for Shoes of Tippy Tappy bc that one made me laugh and I'm still grinning) :D

    You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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    Nov 22, 2021 18:51

    Whoah, you got so many interesting ideas already for World Ember! I sense you'll have a lot of fun this December. Best of luck! :D

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