Divine Judgement

The theory of Divine Judgement states that when a mortal dies, their soul is judged by a divine or otherworldly being after which it is sent or taken to the place where they belong. Many religions in the world are based on the belief of Divine Judgement, teaching their followers to lead their life a certain way so that when their soul is judged, they can join their deity in the afterlife.  
You may try to seek judgement here,
but only my gods have that power
— A cleric standing trial
  Those that believe in Divine Judgement often adhere to the principle of the Dynamic Soul Theory, believing their own actions in life have a direct effect on how their soul develops and is valued. Even though this belief is held by good natured people that act virtuous and harmoniously, those with bad intentions have also gone to extremes to prove themselves to evil and chaotic deities to gain their favor in this life and the next.   On the other end of the spectrum of Divine Judgement is Spiritual Determinism, which states a soul is free to choose where it goes in the afterlife. Some believe in Conditional Spiritual Determination, which takes in account Divine Judgement to determine whether or not a soul has a free choice or not.
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