Dynamic Soul Theory

The Dynamic Soul Theory is a belief that is held by various cultures, religions and people around the world. It states that the soul can change by the actions of an individual in life. It somewhat related to Spiritual Determinism, which states that a spirit can choose it's own destination in the afterlife. However, most believers of Dynamic Soul Theory believe that the influence one has on their soul stops at the point of death, after which Divine Judgement determines where the soul or spirit will end up.   The Cycle of many Lives is an example of a belief that is built on the Dynamic Soul Theory. Where in each life, the persons soul takes shape until eventually it may ascend or end up in the realm of a deity.   The antithesis of the Dynamic Soul Theory is the Static Soul Theory, which states that the contents of a soul are determined by the divine or genetically through their lineage.
Metaphysical, Divine


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