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Pearl Guard

Their armor shining and glittering in the light of the day and the moon, the Pearl Guard safeguards the Entarian people from harm.   The Pearl Guard is the millitary and protective order of Entari. The Pearl Guard serves Entari by protecting the borders, culling any harmful creatures from the lands and keeping the peace in the city itself. The pearl guard is not just a city guard but is the full fledged millitary order of Entari. They are recognizable by the Regalia of the Pearl Guard, a finely crafted leather armor studded with pearls.   Entarians choose to become a member of the Pearl Guard because they value to keep their society and the people they love safe. Depending on their talents, the members are trained in various skills and divided in the three divisions of the order. Those talented with ranged weaponry and the ability to survive in the wilderness through stealth and survival skills often become Voronian Rangers. The individuals more comfortable with a sword in their hand and with a sense of order become a Warden of Entari, and those people that exhibit both of these talents as well as strong communication and leadership skills are selected to become part of the Winged Legion.


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