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Twin Forts

The Twin Forts of Entariare two identical forts to the north and south of the Court of the Triglomerate at the base of the Everfrost Spire. The Twin Forts are mostly a base of operations for the Pearl Guard rather than a defense by themselves. The primary defense for entari is the Frostward


From afar, the pale grey forts are hardly noticable against the white snow that covers the region, but from up close the forts are a great example of beautiful but functional Neo-Traditional Entarian architecture. This style is known for it's simplicity and efficiency, but the gates and doors of the fort are adorned with carvings of feathers and wings and the roof is decorated with a few ornaments and gargoyles shaped like heavily stylized Arctic Griffons.


There is no difference in design or standing between the forts, the only difference is that during times of peace each fort guards its own region. Quite logically, the northern fort is responsible for keeping the regions north of the city safe, and the southern fort is responsible for the safety of the regions south of the city. Friendly competitions and tournaments between the two forts are not uncommon and are used as a way for the members of the Pearl Guard to maintain and improve their skills, as well as a great form of entertainment for the citizens of Entari. Interior In the main keep of each of the twin forts is an armory where all the weapons and the Regalia of the Pearl Guard are kept and maintained. Private quarters reserved for each of the representatives of the Silver Triglomerate can be found in each keep. Usually, the members of the Silver Triglomerate only utilize the quarters in one of the forts, traditionally this is the fort in which they have had their training. In the top of each of the keeps is a griffonry, a stable for the Arctic Griffons of the Winged Legion. From these stables, the pearl guard can send out their Griffon Riders to patrol the border, or when needed, into battle.
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