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Citizen's Hearth

The Citizen's Hearth in Entari is the home of the Harvesters Circle and is the primary building of hospitality and gathering for the Entarian people. It is a place of warmth, friendship and compassion.
  Many people go to this public hall to meet eachother while having a traditional entarian drink or a hearty meal prepared by the members of the Harvester's Circle. The main hall features a large central hearth that is always kept burning throughout the day and night. Because most Entarians are Elves who need little to no sleep, so there are people in the Citizen's Hearth at any time of the day. The wooden walls, doors, beams and pillars of the building are decorated with entarian stylized carvings some of which depict agriculltural scenes, crops, animals and farmer's tools. The hall is warm and inviting, having plenty of couches, booths and tables to comfortably spend a few hours to relax and unwind.
  The Citizen's Hearth also features a small number of guestrooms. These rooms are used by Entarian's who's house has been destroyed or is being built or renovated. Entari is not often visited by outsiders, but these people are also housed in the Citizen's Hearth during their time in the city. Goods provided by the Harvester's Circle are stored in the building, these are also traded and dispensed on the courtyard of the Citizen's Hearth and on the market across the road.
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