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Palace of Justice

In Entari, far beneath the thick layer of ice covering Lake Voronis still stands the Palace of Justice. in 6221AV the palace sank to the bottom of the lake. This palace was used by the Entarian people as a place where laws were written and justice was served by the Court of Ice.

Halls of Justice

The palace was a large building by Entarian standards. In contrast to members of the other factions of Entari who live in their own houses, the members of the Court of Ice lived in the private quarters of the palace itself. The palace also featured freezing cold cells that were located below the waterline where those harming the wellbeing of Entari were kept until they were judged. There was one single oval courtroom in which the Court of Ice passed judgement, which could range anywhere from a form of community service, to banishment, or even the death penalty.   The latter was almost never carried out, but when it was, the person who was sentenced to death was brought to the Garden of the Last Breaths. This was a simple garden in a courtyard of the palace where the person could see the sky one last time and smell the fragrance of the flowers and plants that are native to Entari. They would be administered a poison and left alone in the garden to die in solitude.

The Sinking of the Palace on the Lake

The palace used to float in a hole in the ice next to the peninsula on which the city of Entari is located. In 6221AV a dispute escalated between Casator Naldorec and a wizard from the Three Spires who were competing for the love of an elven woman from the Court of Ice. Legend tells that in a fit of rage the elven wizard magically sealed the palace and destroyed the enchantments keeping the palace afloat on the lake, sinking the building and everyone within it into a watery grave.   The palace was connected by a single bridge to the city, the remnants of which remain standing to this day as a reminder of the palace and the Court of Ice. After the sinking of the palace, the other factions of Entari formed the Silver Triglomerate as a way to pass fair judgement over the people and lead the city into a brighter future.  
Alternative Names
The Sunken Palace
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