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Sanctum of the Moon Mother

This large temple in Entari is the main gathering place for the Moon Seers and the main place of worship of the Moon Mother for the Entarians.   The temple has a large dome consisting of curved pieces of glass held in place with silvered beams and rings. Through this dome, the daylight and more importantly, the moonlight shine freely onto the floor of the main hall. In this hall, large ceremonies and events such as weddings and funerals are held during the day. At night, the moon seers pray and perform rituals in the light of the moon.   Around the main hall there are four additional circular chambers connected by curved corridors. Each of these halls have a glass and stone domed roof. Where the dome of the main hall is a full circle of glass, the glass sections of the domes in these halls are crescent shaped akin to the phases of the moon. These four halls are reserved for private ceremonies and prayers, studies and healing the sick. Underneath the sanctum lie the Crypts of the Moon where Entarians are buried who wish to be laid to rest beneath the place where the light and love of the Moon Mother is the strongest.
Alternative Names
Temple of the Moon Mother
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