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Neo-Traditional Entarian

Architectural Style

Neo-traditional Entarian is a style of architecture known for its use of straight lines and utilitarian character from Entari. The style is derived from Traditional Entarian which makes more use of different types of materials. It became a popular style after the Frostbitten War when resources became more scarce and some of the knowledge and craftsmanship required for Traditional Entarian architecture got lost.

Simplicity and Elegance

Buildings in the Neo-traditional Entarian style are very square and straight, using only a few diagonal lines but hardly ever rounded corners. Buildings in this style typically feature grey marble walls, and use white stained pine wood for doors and shingles. A prime example of this type of architecture are the Twin Forts.

Stylized Designs

Ornaments are kept to a minimum and are more iconic and symbolic than intricate. For example, doors in Traditional Entarian architecture feature detailed carvings of landscapes and animals, whereas in Neo-Traditional Entarian these doors feature the same types of subjects but are far from realistic and heavily stylized. Instead of carving all of the details of a feather or tree, in Neo-Traditional Entarian architecture these are reduced to their base shapes. This is not to say that these shapes do not have a certain elegance and beauty to them.
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