Traditional Entarian

Architectural Style

Traditional Entarian architecture has a distinct look to it. Buildings in this style have a characteristic open gable roof which often extends to the ground, making it appear as a tent of sorts. True Traditional Entarian is mostly used in Entari but the main structure and construction of this style has been introduced by Entarians in cold places around the world a long time ago.

Cozy and Warm

Because of the style of the roof in Traditional Entarian architecture, houses are usually not very wide but are quite long. Large houses may feature two floors but single layers are not uncommon especially outside of the city of Entari. The Traditional Entarian style features interior walls and a supporting structure of stone that is traditionally clad in pinewood. Additional wooden poles and pillars may be used to support a secondary floor. The interior wood can be found to be stained in a variety of colors but is most commonly stained in a warm shade of brown. The diamond shaped or circular windows are small, and light is usually provided with the use of lamps or Moonjade. As the Frostward does not lower the temperature in the city of Entari these dwellings are not decorated to preserve warmth, but buildings outside of the city often have thick drapes as well as shutters in front of the windows and doors to keep out the cold. The diamond shaped shingles of the roof as well as the doors and the windowsills are made of the same pinewood which turns into a deep dark brown over time as it is subjected to cold winds, snow and rain.

Ornamental Details

Dwellings in this style often feature wooden beams, doors, and windowsills with intricate carvings of traditional Entarian motifs reminiscent of snowflakes and dragonscales, as well as nature scenes or symbolism pertaining to each or one of the five factions of Entari to which the occupants belong. A house belonging to a member of the Pearl Guard may feature scenes of battle or names of fallen allies, whereas a dwelling of an Entarian of the Moon Seers would depict the stages of the moon and religious texts to honor the Moon Mother.
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