Noodle Snoodle

While staying with the local Kobold den to learn more of their culture, I've been introduced to a favorite dish of theirs. Before we can make it, they wanted to show me the eel used to prepare the food. We'll be heading out before dawn to try catching these slippery fellows.
— A snippet of Essie Prixo's food blog.
  The noodle snoodle is a common, fresh water eel. Its name was given by the kobold cultures who typically rely on them for food. They live mainly on the southern islands, but have been found in the warmer regions of other lands if conditions are met.    

Physical Description

  Noodle Snoodles have a long, thin body. They range from a solid off white to pale yellow in color. Darker asymmetrical spots line their body from the head to the tip of the tail. They have short, blunt snouts. Their heads appear to meld into the body.   They have small fins, one on each side of the head near the gills. Their teeth are short and needle sharp. Snoodle eyes are typically bright orange or yellow.    


  These eels use sexual reproduction and typically mate during the rainy seasons. They need the extra water to ensure there's enough room and protection for offspring. It can occur between once and three times a year. Females gestate for four months before giving birth to live young.   Males with the "best looking" patterns and who perform the best mating ritual are chosen the most. They are not monogamous and females are often seen living with several males. Non mated, but still healthy males are left to watch over baby eels.  
I was combing the lake one day to clear out some trash and debris. A funny sight caught my attention and I took a moment to watch. A snoodle was meticulously placing a rock display, using their mouth to pick up and drop objects. Once it seemed satisfied, it began to wiggle about and do a weird dance of sorts.
— A lake diver watching a male try to win over some females.


  Noodle Snoodles are carnivorous. They'll eat anything including smaller fish, amphibians, crustaceans, and insects. Their favored hunting method is to lie in wait either in sand tunnels or among their rocky abodes. When a target swims by, they'll lash out and snap their jaws around the body. Then they'll drag them into their burrow to eat out of sight.    


  They live in warm fresh water. Snoodles are typically found in lakes and river systems. They often live in cave like systems and other rocky areas. The more crevices and tunnels the better. Larger enclosed areas are reserved for the offspring.
Southern / Tropical regions
10 - 18 Years
Protection Status
Least Concern


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