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Warmage is the title given to magic practicioners who have perfected their abilities suited for the battlefield. They are most often skilled in Evocation magic but are also known to make use of Abjuration and even Necromancy. In some cultures the title has to be given by a military authority or an instution of arcane knowledge. Strictly speaking a warmage is usually only titled as such when they have taken part in a war or large scale battle.   Warmages are known to be almost as skilled with weapons as they are with magic. Swords and staves are often the weapon of choice for a warmage. Heavier blunt force weapons are not often utilized but axes as well as spears and bows have been known to be favored by warmages in some cultures around the world. Some warmages prefer to shield themselves with Abjuration magic, whereas others wear special armors that enhance their arcane power.   On the battlefield, warmages are a force to be reckoned with, with a few words and gestures, a warmage can turn the tides of a battle in an instant. Because of this immense threat, battles can often come to a hostile, long lasting stand-off because of weaponized magic on either side. A famous example of one of these long lasting battles is the War of the Towers that took place in the south of Wolfsbrunn.
Alternative Naming
Battle Mage
War Wizard


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