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Picker Eggs

Picker Eggs are a Brunn food often enjoyed on (kid's) birthdays and family gatherings throughout Wolfsbrunn. Traditionally they were eaten as a full meal and were made with the eggs from the Brunnian Gardener's Goose, after which the dish was named. This type of goose is also known as the Picker Goose for their habit of 'picking' weeds. However, the eggs of this type of goose are rather large and these days regular chicken eggs are used more often to allow for an easier preparation of this treat. High society even uses quail eggs or other more exotic eggs to prepare small and delicate Picker eggs as an amuse-bouche during fancy dinner parties or events.   Picker eggs are made by boiling the eggs to a point where the yolk is still soft but not runny. Ground beef is mixed with green herbs, salt and pepper and a little bit of breadcrumb. The herb mixture depends on the season, occassion and preference of the chef but garlic and cloves are almost always included. Other popular herbs that are sometimes added are parsley, sage, thyme, basil and rosemary. After the meat mixture is prepared, the eggs are peeld and wrapped in a layer of the meat mixture. Next, the wrapped eggs are coated in an egg wash and covered with breadcrumbs before being fried in oil until golden brown. A picker egg is supposed to be crunchy on the outside, with a nice herbal meat wrapping and a soft egg in the middle.
Alternative name(s)
Brunn Eggs
Gardener Eggs
Related Species
Brunnian Gardener's Goose
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities


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