The Understreets are what the many passages, sewers, caves, chambers and rooms beneath the city of Morhan in Wolfsbrunn are called by the citizens of the city.   This labyrinth of interconnected subterranean structures is mainly used by the Grey Cartel to move through the city and do their dealings in the gloomy dark without prying eyes of the Department of Preservation and Security. Many hideouts and homes of members of the cartel on the surface of Morhan are connected to the understreets through hidden cellars or passages. These entrances are cleverly hidden from both sides so that they cannot be discovered from within the understreets either. The understreets can also be entered from the streets through various wells, manholes and storm drains in the city, but doing so inconspicuously might require a distraction or the cover of darkness.   Many attempts have been made to clear the understreets of the cartel, but these have been mostly unsuccessful. The original pipes and subterranean structures have been replaced, expanded and destroyed throughout the centuries and only members of the cartel know how to find their way through the maze of the understreets. Since the cartel also brings in coin to the city, the Department of Preservation and Security has been instructed to only interfere with what happens in the understreets when it is absolutely necessary and of vital importance for the safety of the city of Morhan and the Kingdom of Wolfsbrunn.
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