The xenolily is a type of flowering plant that sprouts from a bulb and grows a large trumpet shaped flower during the spring. The plant continues to blossom throughout the summer months into the early weeks of autumn and grows primarily in cold and temperate climates on forest floors as well as on the southern and western sides of mountains.   The peculiar thing about Xenolilies is that its flower points towards portals, rifts, gates or openings between the planes of existence. Depending on the size and amount of energy coming from such a location, these lillies might point towards it from several miles away. When within approximately 200ft. of such a location, the white flower might even take on a particular color that corresponds with the plane of existence the gate leads to. A bright red xenolily might be a sign a portal leads to hell, whereas a soft golden hue could be interpreted as the portal leading to heaven.   Some explorers have attempted to use a potted Xenolily to find portals to different planes of existence but have found that the lily needs at least 24 hours to acclimate to its new surroundings before it starts pointing towards such a location. It is possible to uproot a lily that is already pointing towards a portal, as it will continue pointing towards that location. It is advised to replant the lily in a vessel, as plucking it will result in the flower losing their abilities within 24 hours after plucking it.
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