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The Realm of Eternal Slumber

Wakoma, it is time I take you with me to the place where you will rest. The place, where you can finally recharge your batteries for as long as you need. You, I will take to the realm where you will slumber forever, until the world is in need of you once more. Come, and let's venture to the Realm of Eternal Slumber.
— Priest of Death during a Dwarfish funeral ceremony
  Dwarfs and humans do not believe in many realms beyond the mortal world. However, the Realm of Eternal Slumber is the only one they believe to exist. It is where their dead will go once they leave this mortal world where they can sleep forever.  
The dwarfs trust that Hemonga, the deity of death, will accompany their beloved to this realm where they can recharge their batteries for an infinite amount of time. When the world needs these individuals most, they hope that Hemonga shall release them once more to come and help them.
The humans believe that Zeronis, their deity of death, guides their loved ones to the next realm. They think that the behaviour of their loved ones and what they have done during their life determine where they will end up on the realm. They also hope that once they pass to this realm, they can join their loved ones.
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While the name suggests people in this realm sleep, they do not have to do so. Some people choose to sleep in their favourite place, others seek adventure longing to live forever more. Most people seek to explore the world, and perform other professions that they have never done. Now, they have all the time to do it in peace.   Many people take their time in this realm to explore places they have never been. To see more of this large world and venture to spaces they never could have reached in their lives. The magic of the realm allows people to use any means of travel that they can imagine. They can fly, swim, walk over water, or just do it simply on foot or with an animal.   The people coming to the realm are guided by their Deity of Death. Just before entering through the gates of the mists, the dead can state at what age they prefer to stay at the realm. It is a choice not made lightly, since it is an eternal one. From there, they can decide where to go and what they want to do.
My dear friend, your time has come to venture to the Realm of Endless Sleep. Let Zeronis guide you there, so you can sleep where you best belong. I suspect that soon, I will join you in this adventure as well. Farewell, my dear Jacobus, and may we see each other again on The Other Side.
— A friend saying goodbye at the funeral


No one who has been to the Realm of Eternal Slumber has returned to tell the tale of what it looked like. However, Dwarfs have always had their visions of what the realm must look like. They believe that the realm to be an endless sea of clouds where Dwarfs sleep left and right, forever recharging their batteries.   Humans, on the other hand, believe that the realm is similar to the world they live in. They think that   Be Warned, clicking this button will reveal major spoilers of this place! Are you absolutely sure you want to read this?
The Realm of Eternal Slumber is a magical place. It is filled with hills, plains, and mountains as far as the eye can see. It is an exact copy of the world, but mistier with a dreamish green hue all over the world. The people coming here for their forever slumber see the environment they want to see. The world twists and turns to whatever they desire, so they can rest where they feel most comfortable and most at home. However, if a person wants to change the environment, they can choose to travel to that place or to shape it to their liking.

Fauna & Flora

Many people believe that the grasslands of the realm is filled with beautiful flowers, mushrooms, and animals. They think that the realm only has the most beautiful species wandering around the plains. It is unthinkable that anything dangerous, poisonous, venomous, or really anything that can harm the dead lives in the realm.   Be Warned, clicking this button will reveal major spoilers of this place! Are you absolutely sure you want to read this?

The Realm of Eternal Slumber has all sorts of flora and fauna scattered over its lands. Most of these are dreamy versions of their mortal counterparts. Many have more vibrant colours, or completely different colours. Still, everyone travelling through the landscape will recognise the plants and animals that they have seen before they stepped through the misty gate.

However, that doesn't mean that the dangerous beasts are any less viscious in this realm. One can still get poisoned or even killed in this realm. The biggest difference is that they simply... respawn.


While many of the flora and fauna come directly from the world, the Realm of Eternal Slumber does have a few plants and animals that are exclusive to this plane. Most of them are harmless and serve as simple guides for the dead who wander their grounds. Others are less friendly, and the dead should be cautious around them.

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Dec 22, 2021 11:54 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

That sounds like a really cool place! Why doesn't anyone want to go there immediately? Though like you said, it's all only beliefs, right? Is any of this really true???

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Thank you! ^^ Everyone believes that you have to be dead to venture into this realm and no one has seen anyone come back from death either...   But... who knows? Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. There's only one way to find out. ;)

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