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Summer Camp 2021

Let's start off by saying, I've never participated in WorldAnvil Summercamp before and I'm what you may call, a bit terrified. I wouldn't call myself a writer, more of an illustrator who started writing as an extra. In this article I'm going to set myself some goals and rules on how to deal with all these writing prompts. In any case, I'm super excited to get a lot of things done on my world and can't wait for the camp to begin!  

The Scope

The goal of the Sea of Starlight is to offer a complete campaign setting for 5e. If you are a gamemaster, you can use it the full setting, or use pieces of content and implement them in your own campaigns. Items, traps, creatures, npcs, or even complete cities. As a player, you may find some interesting character options or inspiration for your backstory. Previously I only made random magic items, but now I try to create things more ingrained with the lore and culture of my world. Regalia of the Pearl Guard which I made for the costume challenge was a great example of approaching it in that way.
In terms of location in my world which I'll be writing for during this summercamp I'll be mainly focussing on Wolfsbrunn, this is where my current campaign takes place. It is a small piece on the world map but because I am already pretty familiar with it and have a few concepts for it already in my head, I thought it would be a nice place to start for my first summercamp. Wolfsbrunn pulls inspiration from a few scandinavian, germanic, anglosaxan and celtic cultures.  

Quantity and Quality

I've seen a couple of people warn about summercamp burn-out. Of course i want to complete all the prompts, and i think I may be able to. But i need to spend my time wisely. Not all prompts are created equal and so, some will reach those 300 words barely, while others i may fully illustrate and engrain in the rest of the world. If I am not inspired by a prompt I will not force myself to have it be equal in quality as the prompts that I am inspired with. I will spend my time where I have most fun with it.

The Timeline

I am lucky enough to have actual summer vacation in July, There are a few tasks I need to complete for my teaching job at university but I will commit to writing on 2 weekdays. I've learned not to plan the specific days because my schedule is really flexible. I usually get my inspiration in the evenings and it may happen that I spend some time writing late at night. I will not beat myself up for waking up late if it is because I spent the night before writing a lot.


My support network is definitely the players in my campaign as well as my patrons on my discord server. I'll also keep in touch with the sages of WorldAnvil and the challenge channels to get some feedback and inspiration from the WorldAnvil community.


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