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Small Fleet

The Small Fleet is a pirate fleet consisting of three individual ships that mainly sails between the continents of Esca and Azuno. The name does not come from the fact that the fleet itself is small, but because the largest part of its various crewmembers consists of the smaller humanoid races like gnomes and halflings.


The goal of the Small Fleet is simply to amass wealth for all its crewmembers. This is done through trade, piracy and theft. Members of the crew are paid a share of the profits for their efforts. They may choose to store these earnings in the Small Fleet's 'bank' vessel: the Big Barnacle. When a crewmember leaves the employ of the small fleet, they leave the crew.


The Small Fleet has ties and roots to the Grey Cartel of Wolfsbrunn through the leadership of its commander, Nalberto Stoutfern-Brett. Because of this, they uphold a similar code as the cartel.   I. Do not harm or steal from the harmless or those that are living a life of hardship.   II. The captain has a right to half of the earnings. The other half is divided between all other people, each of whom have equal rights on a part of the earnings and profits made from cartel business. They may spend it as they seem fit, unless hard times ask for frugality. Every person can be removed from the list of people that share in the profits by a vote done by the crew on the same ship as them.   III. If a crewmember had their belongings stolen by another crewmember, they may take back their property if they can prove it was theirs.   IV. A person's health is to be in good condition, all information is to be kept organized and all equipment is to be kept clean and operational.   V. Whoever betrays the fleet with actions that have caused direct harm to their members or belongings, is to be marooned. If their actions have threatened the existence of the fleet, they are to be put to death by drowning.
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