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Honeypaste Haul

Underneath the city, the current owner of the Friend's Factory has a task for those in need of coin or a favor. Those willing and able to help them are expected to covertly transport some illicit goods into the city of Morhan, no further questions asked.


In this short quest, the adventurers are tasked with retrieving a cache of Honeypaste outside of the city of Morhan for the owner of the Friend's Factory speakeasy. You can easily adapt this quest so that it is given by a different character or for it to take place in a different city. It can also be played as a thieves' guild themed one-shot adventure.


When the adventurers first enter the Friend's Factory they might be asked to perform this quest by the staff or current owner of the inn. A character with ties to the Grey Cartel or a character who owes the cartel a favor might also be summoned to the Friend's Factory. The owner of the inn will explain the task to the adventurers in a concise and quick manner as he is busy running the inn. After the owner is done explaining the quest, they will hand over a document written in thieves cant which outlines the task, dangers and rewards.

The Task

The adventurers are to find and retrieve a stache of Honeypaste from stash in the Blackvald about an hour walk from the city of Morhan. The stash is located in the hollow trunk of an old oak tree. The person who was responsible to smuggle the goods into the city has gone missing and the Honeypaste was promised to be given to a member of the Grey Cartel by the next morning.

The Goods

The honeypaste is disguised as jars of regular honey and the stash consists of a medium sized crate that two able bodied humanoids can easily carry. Honeypaste is illegal within the city and the Department of Preservation and Security will arrest anyone caught in possession of the narcotic. The innkeep requests the party that they do not attract attention from the department. They would rather have the party drop the goods and flee than fight them in the streets of Morhan which could attract unwanted attention from the department to the Friend's Factory. However, if they screw this up, they will owe the Friend's Factory a lot of money.

The Rewards

The reward of this quest depends on the success of the adventurers, but if they are able to deliver the crate before sunrise to the Friend's Factory, they are promised that they will be rewarded with 200 gold pieces. A character that owes a favor to the Grey Cartel or the Friend's Factory can pay of their debts by completing this quest.
Quest Details
QuestgiverFriend's Factory
Unspecified favor


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