Goa Hall

A Goa Hall is a communal gathering place for the Yen Sha people. The Yen Sha people live in small comunal villages composed of 1-10 Rish and they use the seasonal floods of the rivers to irrigate thier feilds. The Goa Hall it the central hub of a Goa, the building that houses a Rish.

Purpose / Function

The Goa Hall is the most communal room where most of the Rish gather. It is used as a comunal dinning hall for shared meals. The room functions as a room for Rish delibrations on important decisions. Many stories tell of Rish comunities debating for many Ock Cycle when delbrating on important descions, for example what the apprpriate punishment for a transgression is.   Due to the central gathering place of the Rish. The room recives the most heat in the night and it is the one room that the Yen Sha will use Night Ice to cool and dehumidify when the few humid storms come through.


The Goa Hall is a narrow room much longer than it is wide. It is dug into the earth by a meter and a half and has a very shallow sloped thatched roof. There are often time no or very small windows. The design allows the room to be heated an cooled easily. The long nature of the room allows many bed chambers and other room to lead directly into the hall. The hall is often filled with tables chairs and recrational activities.
Inside a Goa Hall by quang-nguyen-vinh
Parent Location

Cover image: Goa Hall by natã-romualdo


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