Summer Camp 2020: Summary

An entire month of World Building!

Written by ninne124

Summer Camp is once again upon us and you all know what that means: WORLDBUILDING GALORE! I've been looking forward to this since World Ember and I'm so excited that it's finally here!   This article is going to contain my personal goals for Summer Camp 2020 as well as an update on all of the prompts I've completed so far.  

Goals for Summer Camp 2020

My personal goal is primarily to complete all 33 prompts and get the diamond badge. I've done all prompts the last two years and I'm not about to back down now!   Other than that, my goal is to expand on this world only, unless a prompt fits perfectly into my other world and not here at all. Though I'm not expecting that to happen.      

New Profile Picture!

I've gotten a new profile picture, just for information.   I hope it's close enough to the other one so I don't confuse everyone here and on the discord server.   Just wanted to let everyone know!


Summer Camp Prep Articles

Summer Camp Prep 1

The Meta of Dark-Fall
Generic article | Jul 13, 2020

Meta Information about the world of Dark-Fall.


Summer Camp Prep 4

Enter the World of Dark-Fall
Generic article | Dec 19, 2023

An introductory article to the world of Dark-Fall.

Thank you to Rynn for the BBCode for the article overview, it saved me some time!
If you want to grab it yourself, here's the article with it in: Summer Camp Articles BBCode.

Summer Camp Articles!

Here are the articles I've written so far! They're ordered after prompt number. If you're interested in seeing my complete progress on the Summer Camp Page then you can click this link.  

Prompt 31

Prompt 32

Prompt 33


More Summer Camp!

Check out these lovely world builders, all of them are currently doing Summer Camp!  

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