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Summer Camp Journal - 2020

Hello everyone!
  Summer Camp 2020 has started and it's already going crazy. There's so many awesome articles to read, so little time! I'm going to try my best to keep show-casing other people's stuff here, too.   And hey, if you didn't know, I've been running a series of articles called the Imaginaerium full of bits of inspiration for all happy campers. Check it out!  
Imaginaerium, Day 1 - Hype!
Generic article | Apr 3, 2022

Your daily dose of Summer Camp inspiration!


Goals For Summer Camp Articles

  My goal for Summer Camp is primarily to have a good time and hang out with the community, try to lift up and encourage new writers, and help them have the same awesome experience I had when I first joined Summer Camp.   To do that, I'm going to be reading and commenting as much as I can, provide resources through the Imaginaerium, raid streams with sunshine, and be around as much as I can in the Discord to help inspire, give answers and all around give back to the community. <3  
So come join us in the WA Discord!

Summer Camp Articles

Prompt 6

Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world.

Prompt 7

Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place.
Ethnicity | Jan 1, 2022

When disagreement is a way of life. No, that's not right.

Prompt 8

Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.

Prompt 9

Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design.

Prompt 10

Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for?
Document | Jan 1, 2022

That thing that nobody reads, and lets Corporations get away with bloody murder.

Prompt 11

Prompt 12

Prompt 13

Prompt 14

Prompt 15

Prompt 16

Prompt 17

Prompt 18

Prompt 19

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Awesome People & Articles

First of all, special thanks to Rynn for sharing the BBCode with everyone so we only had to do this once!

Cool People

Summer Camp 2020
Generic article | Oct 18, 2020

A collection of articles written for Summer Camp 2020.


Awesome Articles


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