Comperator Mk III, the Pope of Computers

All hail the Computer, our very best friend! Without the Computer, where would we be?  
— Sermons of the Computer Cult, 1.001.A
The Comperator Mk III is the leader of the Computer Cult and guardian of the Omegaplex against threats both physical, digital, and memetic. He is the Voice of the Computer and director of Its will - or at least according to him. He is the third Comperator to hold the title since the founding of the cult, ruling over the Omegaplex like a petty tyrant. Unlike his predecessors, Mk III has a vision for humanity beyond just the cult.   Under the Comperator's direction, the Omegaplex has become a frenzied hive of activity, mysterious research, and unscheduled "upgrades." Computer Cult evangelists have taken to the digital streets of Megacorpolis to spread a new word, the Gospel of Upgrades, and the destiny awaiting mankind.
And it'll be for the best - you can always trust your friend, the Computer.


by SolarCat

The Gospel of Upgrades

Humanity can't be trusted. Just look at the way the world was - environmental disaster, injustice, nation-states. It's better now; we've found a better way. The Computer's way. You can trust the Computer.  
— Blog-bible of Comperator Mk III
From a humble beginning as a simple corporate worker for Java Inc, a short bout of Javamania and the cybernetic reconstruction that followed, the Comperator had a revelation on the glory of the computer. According to the Cult blog-bible, the Comperator Mk III heard the voice of the Computer sing in his new neural implant that he saw the truth.
I've seen the future, and in it the Computer smiled upon humanity
by C-Level Magazine
Though the exact details of how he came to be the Comperator, with all records of the incidents expunged from Cult records and all corpses quietly disposed of, the rise was meteoric.   So was his impact. Once Mk III took control, the Cult transformed into an active force in the mega-city, working tirelessly for the Gospel.   From this first day as the Mk III, the Comperator has started what he calls the Gospel of Upgrades, a grand spiritual and cybernetic uplifting of humanity towards a wholly digital existence.
Whether people wants to or not.
  With that, the Computer Cult has aggressively been recruiting for a variety of nebulous goals - sometimes by force. Squatters and unregistered citizens that venture into the lowest level of the Omegaplex slums sometimes disappear, and only the Computer knows where to. So far, the Comperator Mk III hasn't impacted corporate profits, but some think it's only a matter of time.

The Computer

Run from the Omegaplex Sector of the Megacorpolis, the Computer is an AI of enormous processing power and cognitive ability. It uses all these gifts for the betterment of mankind, with no ulterior motives or hidden corporate influence.   The Computer is what passes for a government in the Megacorpolis, giving a digital face to big brother. A friendly, helpful big brother, always looking out for you.    
The Computer
Character | Mar 11, 2020

Your friend, the Computer. It knows what best and will only make decisions for the Megacorpolis that is for the best. Your best. Trust your friend.


Origin Story

By the mid 21st century, it had become pretty clear that humanity wasn't very good at governing itself - always bumbling from one disaster to another, ruled by emotion and ideology. Something needed to change. When the nations fell and corporations took over, that change finally came.   In a rare moment of Megacorporate cooperation, they created the world's most advance AI - the Computer - and tasked it with running the day-to-day details of Megacorpolis, leaving them free to do what corporations do.  
by 2001: Space Odyssey
  The Computer still runs the show, and that its laws and regulations just happen to benefit corporations is just another example of its flawless logic and exemplary work.  
Thanks, Computer! You're the best!
unnamed (1).jpg
by Joseph McLamb

Corporate Interests

Although the MegaCorps aren't supposed to meddle too much with the Computer's work, we all know they do. A steady flow of corporate dignitaries enter and leave the Omegaplex every day or speak to the Computer through the web. The Cult is still beholden to a dozen different interests that supply them with the money and equipment necessary to keep things running.   The Comperator Mk III is starting to rattle those chains, and its got everyone spooked.
That's when things will get interesting.
But don't worry! The Computer has it all figured out!   Just trust the Computer.   It'll be fine.


by SolarCat

Cover image: by Hyperforma


Author's Notes

Special thanks to SolarCat for all the awesome Computer images she made. :D

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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
9 Jul, 2020 13:34

Q, your articles are just so visually beautiful, detailed and funny. This is article is no exception - it's wonderful! The line "always bumbling from one disaster to another" cracked me up so hard!

Cait x
9 Jul, 2020 20:15

Thank you so very much :D I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the read!

9 Jul, 2020 15:51

I trust the computers!!

9 Jul, 2020 16:22

Yes, the Computer is our friend. All hail the computer!   :D

9 Jul, 2020 16:12

I trust in the computer, and The Comperator speaks the truth!   I love that it's called a 'blog-bible'. Excellent :D The "Gospel of Upgrades" is really interesting too, pushing for that wholly digital existence. I wonder at what point it'll affect the corporation's bottom lines, and what they'll do about it... I'm sure they'll likely find some way to boost profits with it xD

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9 Jul, 2020 16:22

Either that, OR:

9 Jul, 2020 16:28

Ah, excellent, the mega-ALT-F4!

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
10 Jul, 2020 00:50

Always trust in the Computer. O.O   The image of a throne-APC is wonderful. :D And a blog-Bible. You have so many good ideas!

10 Jul, 2020 07:05

The pope mobile for the megacity, needs to be sewer gator proof after all :D   Thank you so much <3 :D

Grandmaster CoffeeQuills
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10 Jul, 2020 02:25

I'm really curious to know how the Gospel of Upgrades will affect me - and how far away I'll need to be so it doesn't :)   As always, a beautiful article with great quotes and pictures!

10 Jul, 2020 07:06

Well, if all goes according to plan, your whole self will be uploaded into a digital informationsphere, and what are the chances that something will go wrong?   Thank you so much for reading and commenting :D

10 Jul, 2020 16:04

Q, as always, this article is top notch! Hilarious! It's the little details that crack me up. I open one of your articles here in this world and I just *dig in* to look for all the little things. The off hand comments are the BEST.   I think this one almost made me sputter my java...  

Though the exact details of how he came to be the Comperator, with all records of the incidents expunged from Cult records and all corpses quietly disposed of, the rise was meteoric, and so was his impact.
  Nice going, Q!

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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15 Aug, 2021 10:54

I totally trust the computer! :D   "that its laws and regulations just happen to benefit corporations is just another example of its flawless logic and exemplary work." the ultimate proof that all of them are good laws :p

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15 Aug, 2021 21:24

The system works! Thanks, Computer!! :D

16 Aug, 2021 15:08

I feel so calm after reading this because I know the Comperator Mk III wants the best for all of us and is trusty servant of our friend The Computer. All is fine! So fine!!!!!

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Aren't we lucky to have the Computer?

26 Aug, 2021 17:22

I love Computer - all my friends are in it! I hope to one day join them ~ =D

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Thanks, friend Computer! :D

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Cute animals + message = blind faith

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