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Imaginaerium, Day 1 - Hype!

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
— Jack London
  With Summer Camp drawing ever closer with thunderous steps, I thought it would be nice to share with everyone some of the many things that I draw inspiration from. I believe that creativity and inspiration really is a sum of all the things you see, read, listen to, and know that just digests in your brain. For that reason, I think it's tremendously helpful for an writer to always be absorbing new and interesting information. And here's some of stuff that have inspired me!   In addition, I'll include some tools, tips, and other handy things that'll help us get through Summer Camp.    

Book Recommendation

by Sarah Painter
Stop Worrying; Start Writing is a short but pleasant book about the struggles that most of us share when it comes to writing. Sarah Painter (who was on the WA Stream at one!) talks about anxiety, worry and procrastination.   It offers encouragement, advice, and a supportive structure from someone who's been through the wringer a few times now. It's highly rated on Amazon, with a pretty lenient price tag.
  Get it here:    


  There's a ton of interesting content on Youtube, Netflix, and other streaming sites, with all kinds of awesome documentaries or nuggets of cool lore that is great for ideas.   Today I'm going to recommend Overly Sarcastic Productions, a great youtube channel that has videos about myths, legends, famous stories (like Dracula, Frankenstein, and so on) with a humorous style and wonderful animations.   Almost everything in their library is worth watching and most of it is pretty short, so it's easy to get through a whole bunch of interesting topics.    

Shows, Movies, Anime...

  Cells At Work! is an amazing example of great high concept world building. The core concept is that of the inside of a human body, where all the characters are the various cells and the locations are the organs, the enemies are virus, bacteria, and trauma. I believe the show is available on CrunchyRoll, and it is well worth watching to see how they have a body into a world.   As an added bonus, it is also pretty educational and highly entertaining.       For extra credit, you can also watch a real doctor react to Cells At Work!        


  Nothing like a good tune to really get the writing going. The best kind of music is the kind that makes you feel, or something tha helps you tune out the world. So, how about some D&D-inspired/focused metal?   Gygax

Images to Inspire

by Ohara Kaigan
by Mathieu Latour-Duhaime
by Phil Tippett
Stay tuned for another daily dose inspiration, but tomorrow!


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