Enter the World of Dark-Fall

Welcome to a world of Magic and Night Terrors

Written by ninne124

Welcome to Dark-Fall, it's the year 1585 ADF and the world is filled with war, pestilence and despair. The continent of Dysvoll has fallen into darkness, in the most literal sense. Shadow creatures roam when darkness falls, terrorizing the inhabitants and leaving towns in ruins.    
Greeting traveller, what brings you to these parts?   Nevermind now, we must get to safety before the sun sets - quickly, in here!
It was once a more peaceful place - back when the Fae and Humans both kept to themselves and worried more about their individual survival than power and riches and dominating one another.   The world has been invaded by malicious Dark Entities for over a thousand years, but their behaviour has changed. In the past, the creatures resided far from any cities or locations, but now they overrun cities leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.
If an invasion of shadow creatures wasn't enough, war is looming on the horizon. The peace between nations and clans are crumbling and the tension in Dysvoll is rising, rapidly.   One misstep could send everything into chaos once more.

The Theme of Dark-Fall

  War and Peace
War is a central theme in Dark-Fall along with peace. Currently, most parts of Dysvoll have a state of peace, though multiple regions are on the brink of war.   Overcoming the Odds
The world is dark and grim, but where there's a will there's a way. The odds are against everyone and survival is not easy. However, hope is not lost. One person can change the world in a meaningful way, however, few manage to do it.   Everything has a Price
Magic is not just some easy way out of sticky situations. You could just conjure up gold and gems and make yourself rich, you could also master the art of controlling others, but everything has a price.   The people who don't respect magic and aren't cautious about using it often end up Mind Flayed.

The Meta of Dark-Fall
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Meta Information about the world of Dark-Fall.

Conflicts in Dark-Fall

Corruption and Greed

The mind can be so easily corrupted; a whisper in the dark night, promising glory and ascension to a higher mental plane.   Some of the humans gave into their fantasies and sought out the Fae, hoping that one of them would be naive enough to grant them a Fae Mark.   However, most humans have no idea what they're dealing with when they first tap into their new affinity for magic and many fall into insanity.

Hate and Narcisism

The Fae let themselves be divided by hate, claiming that they each were better than their siblings.   The different clans fought violent and gruesome battles that never lead anywhere but to destruction and despair. They isolated themselves in small pocket dimensions, plotting their next move.   The conflicts between the fae lasted for hundreds of years and drained them for resources, leaving many fae in poverty.  

War and Bloodshed

The Thousand Year War was fought between the fae but it also affected the humans tremendously and created conflicts between the human nations.   The war ended with the Treaty of Kloevendal and the High Fae Court was created to make sure the peace between the fae would last.   However, with the strained relationship between humans and fae, war seems inevitable.
Where would you like to go now, traveller?

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30 Dec, 2021 21:54

What a well crafted world! I like the magic system and hope to see a sort of spell book or archive of magic. Keep on Keepin' on!

5 Jan, 2022 16:41

I love the creativity in the layout and purpose of this article! I love how it hook you in, making you want to read more. Also, the use of quotes is really good! Overall, amazing article!

Corvo Branco
Corvo Branco
19 Jan, 2022 14:50

Your choice of colours and visual identity is pretty. Clean and attractive.   The core notion of a world where night is extremely dangerous, far more dangerous than day, is a strong first step. A word with monsters in the shadows and some means for protection that makes homes somewhat protected against the hunters of night is not exactly new as an idea, but is that sort of theme that never ages. Perhaps at least in part because it is so familiar.   Night is more dangerous than daylight, because our specie really isn't well suited to face low light situations. Nowadays the difference is less relevant, but is easy to imagine how strong the diference between day and night must have been in rural areas before electricity. And that is extremely recent, in the History of our specie.   Your setting suggests to me the question about how those night terrors deal with daylight. Are they as afraid from humans when the Sun is high on sky as humans are afraid of them during the dark nights? Are we the monsters in their nightmares too?   One question that I like to play with is that: imagine an intelligent specie like ours, but instead of evolve from animals that favour day hours they evolved from nocturnal animals. In the light of day their senses became worse, they feel blinded. Their prey can escape them more easily, and many of their predators can catch them. Being out during light hours means danger and death for them, since before the development on spoken worlds.   Would this specie use "light" as a metaphor for evil and "darkness" as metaphor for "good"?

14 Feb, 2022 19:06

How can I get out the thing and play this

15 Mar, 2022 13:46

Where you wrote the main conflicts, the corruption in 'Corruption and Greed' is missing an r and only says 'Coruption and Greed'. Sorry to be that guy because your world is so well crafted and I can see that you put a lot of time and dedication into it.

20 Mar, 2023 20:35

This is great